September 24, 2010

CA is Undeniably Cute BUT...

If you check one of the CA links in an earlier post, it will lead you to photos of actor Chris Evans in Manchester - he's Captain America.  Looked at them for awhile, he is rather easy on the eyes:) and then made a 'best specimen' comparison study...someone had to do it! ;)
Yum!...but not as yum as the fact, considering that I married a man w/coal black hair(now salt & pepper)...the following is definitely my preference... Snug T-shirt comparison is very favorable for Heinz as well..haha

So much for for intense analysis of face & other assorted categories...
Yes, he's certainly a nice-looking man...well, almost man..hehe..Chris looks about 17yrs old here..we really don't want to need to burp our crushes, now do we? teehee..  Marks deducted for Chris due to his barely visible stubble (*see sexy sample below)  Can't see his eyes but I'd wager they cannot compete with these...
More yummy below...and it's not even a snug tshirt...
In conclusion, my heart still belongs to da....err, RA...  Not a small thing, considering also the fact Chris Evans is an American and I'm a very patriotic woman...American men rarely come in second in my mind. That might have something to do w/the nationality of my father & bros. Therefore, the previous in-depth study is totally unbiased.  None of the evidence was suppressed or destroyed...hehe
End of Comparison Study###### ;)

Footnote:... Additional evidence gathered after close of comparison...the best specimen is...

...(speaking of feet - why do Capt America's look so strange in the pics above?..might that be a 'ticklish' topic since everything is hush, hush, top secret for the film) didn't hear it here;)

Is it Richard on the passenger side of the car - firing the pistol?  Head shape looks the same...too bad there's not more profile & there would be no doubt..
(Just dawned on me - he's a German spy in NYC during WWII...hmmm..where's the CIA, FBI??...what the he&l are we paying taxes for's almost bedtime..that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it;)


Musa said...

Agree with your independent research study. RA wins, no contest at all. The blue eyes alone. Captain America is a cute young man, but can't beat the master :) We'll have to continue our research on Heinz Kruger (and you're right about the makeover!).
I'm happy for Richard and hope CA brings him the movie career he clearly wants - though I hope he keeps reading audiobooks, and doing radio plays and poetry, and theatre, and great TV shows in the UK. I don't want him to go "Hollywood" on us.

Ricrar said...

Agreed Musa..if the Kruger role opens doors for him to more serious roles, it will be well worth the campiness he's enduring right now.

Remember, during the radio interview, when he said it was often difficult to keep a straight face while filming Spooks. Good that he's had that practice -- he might really need the discipline if Heinz indeed does make his escape on jet skis at Liverpool.

[Tangent: Just realized - genealogy never far from my mind. Liverpool is the port millions of immigrants departed on their way to the USA. Even those who boarded ship in Co Cork, Irl made the stop at Liverpool to pick up more passengers before heading westward across the Atlantic. I Had ancestors who boarded ship at both stops.

A couple married men they'd met for the first time onboard ship. My gggm's sister met a man on his way to a job in Newfoundland. He proposed and gggm never saw her sister in person ever again. They exchanged letters but it was definitely snailmail in those days.]

Back to Heinz:) Can't help but think of the ketchup's hdqtred in PA)

RA has already filmed 3 scenes in Manchester and according to that fountain of knowledge, Hobbsy, he'll be in Liverpool as well. Sounds as though it's already a substantial size role for his first toe in the water. Does Heinz speak w/a German accent or not? Comic details said, as a spy, he spoke perfect English. Will we hear RA's natural voice as Kruger? So many crucial details to ferret out...Nancy Drew would be so proud of use, wouldn't she;) *laugh*

Anonymous said...

The CIA did not exist during WWII. It predecessor the OSS was formed during WWII, and as you can imagine, intelligence and tracking people coming into and going out of the country was not as *snap your fingers* easy as it is now. No computers. All paper.

Ricrar said...

Thx for the explanation, Anon.

Actually, my first instinct would be to make a citizen's arrest and take Herr Kruger into custody.(strictly for national security purposes of course) The CIA, if in existence at the time, couldn't have kept closer tabs on him than I would have anyway;) The interrogation process would've taken at least until the war's end in 1945;) Then he'd need to be informed of the Marshall Plan,,,etc,,,could take at least another 5yrs before he was brought up to speed and returned to his homeland & wife.

Wonder if Heinz's final letter to his wife is included in the plot? Read about it at one of the comicbook fan websites.

Judith Johnson said...

Big screen at last?

Ricrar said...

Hello judith,

Definitely big screen for Capt America - American pre-teen are giddy w/anticipation. As are we, but for a different reason.

Does Herr Kruger have eyebrows shaped like this ^ ^ ? He did in the comicbooks.

They wouldn't tamper too much w/all that gorgeousness, would they? Perhaps a pre-emptive strike to derail the dreaded Guy vs Robin effect:)

Musa said...

I think not only pre-teens are giddy with anticipation at the moment-LOL
mmm....I've also been thinking about the Guy-Robin effect after the pics you posted of Captain America.
He's been filming in Liverpool today according to the fan sites. Hope we get some more pics of him as Kruger.

Ricrar said...

The security surrounding the CA set might be tighter than it was in Liverpool during WWII...hehe.

I know for a fact German subs patroled not far off US shores during that period. Although our incentive to build a secure underwater perimeter was not nearly as compelling as England's at that time.

Will we see Heinz jump aboard the hydra ski jet in NY harbor(Liverpool)? That could easily explain the recent dark, murky water reference by Richard.

Sue said...

Oh yes, I bagsy debriefing Heinz Kruger (as in removing briefs or in other words undies!)Now, now, don't fight over this idea girls, we can share this arduous task, someone has to do it and it might as well be me!

First time I've seen Chris Evans (or heard of him, us Brits don't get out much) and somehow he hasn't got the same attributes of our Richard. Well CE is only 29, maybe in ten years time, when he is 39 like Richard he will have improved with maturity. Hate those fake feet! (What a wuss, bet our Richard wouldn't have needed them!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, you can debrief him & I'll liaise(sp?) w/him strictly to obtain valuable information of course.

Now we need some full-time bodyguards for Herr Kruger...wonder if anyone else wants to volunteer?

Judith Johnson said...

Jawohl, Herr Kruger! Just getting in touch with my father's family German roots. I so identify with the sad little t-shirt "I'm in love with a Guy who doesn't even know my name" *she sighs*.
Happily I have managed to convert a good friend into a N&S groupie. She sadly had only ordered the 1st disc and I when took a bottle of wine over to her house for the screening, she became most distraught to discover that she has to wait until the precious red envelope with disc 2 shows up in her mailbox later this week to discover the outcome! She was really taken with JT's sense of duty and moral obligation, and of course, his gorgeousness! She kept repeating "what is the matter with Margaret that she doesn't see how great he is!!"

Judith Johnson said...
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Ricrar said...

judith, good to know the double vision software gremlins are not solely focusing on my posts;)

Besides, it was worth are every commenter's keen observations on all things RA.

What does 'jawohl' mean? - German, I take it?

Congrats on the N&S conversion. Now the two of you can squeal, squee, drool & sigh together non-stop on a regular basis.

The 'sad little t-shirt' will be 2yrs old this Christmas. One of the first RA tributes of mine during stage #1 - playing JT in a loop in your head:)

Sue said...


But who will protect Richard from the bodyguards? (My goodness fancy guarding that body!!!)

Ricrar said...

We can take shifts as his 'personal' bodyguards Sue;)

Some males on twitter are learning they can exploit Richard's hotness. One this evening discovered all he had to tweet is "that Lucas on Spooks is an ugly bloke" and suddenly his female follower count substantially increased.

The magical RA effect:)