September 22, 2010

Spooks Ep 2 Trailer + Capt America - Is the Role Namor the Sub-mariner?.."dark & murky waters"

Meet comic superhero Namor the Sub-mariner...
Never found comics the least bit interesting before tonight...wonder why not???
Description of the character from the following website...
In this snippet from his first cover appearance (Marvel Mystery Comics #4, 1940), Namor's facial features and head shape look fairly normal, with his pointed ears and angular eyebrows the only sign of his exotic heritage… a character better known for a steely-black head of hair.

After a several year hiatus, the Sub-Mariner briefly resurfaced during the mid 1950's...this time with a much less cartoonish cranium and a major league hatred for Commies.

Following this brief return, Namor once again vanished from the newsstands... and wouldn't return until Stan Lee and Jack Kirby reintroduced him in Fantastic Four #4 (1962).
There's twitter talk that Namor the Sub-mariner might be RA's role in Captain America.  Looked around and found
By Devin Faraci - Published 02/7/2010

Last summer I talked to Marvel Studio's Kevin Feige, and he told me that The Invaders would appear in Captain America. In the original comics The Invaders were a WWII superteam that counted Captain America and Bucky amongst its members. In the movie universe it looks like The Invaders will be a European team that works alongside Cap. The question at the time was would The Invaders just be a cameo or would they have a real part to play in the movie?

Yesterday I talked with The First Avenger: Captain America director Joe Johnston at the press day for The Wolfman, and he revealed to me that The Invaders were going to be a major presence in the film. 'They'll be in the entire second half,' he said.

That's a lot of screen time that Cap will be sharing. Johnston also told me that The Invaders will be six members strong, so if you add Bucky and the Red Skull The First Avenger: Captain America might very well feature nine costumed characters, surely some kind of a record outside of a straight up team franchise like X-Men.

Earlier during the press conference Johnston had said that his Captain America would be played (hopefully) by a newcomer and that he would surrounded by name actors. Could The Invaders be roles for better known actors? The European team is definitely included as a way to sell a movie with Captain America overseas (Feige said as much at Comic Con), so why not throw some name actors in there?

Who will be on The Invaders? Johnston wouldn't say, but here are some possibilities, based on the comics:

Union Jack. I'd more or less bet money on him being on the team. In the comics, Union Jack is an older adventurer who was active in WWI. He had no superpowers but wore a bulletproof outfit and was exceptionally athletic.

European Defense Initiative. It's also possible that the film will go with a concept floated in The Ultimates, the EDI. Although set in the modern day and not in WWII, EDI is made up of heroes from multiple European countries, with characters like Captain Italy, Captain Spain, etc. To me this would be a cheap and easy cop out, though, and if The Invaders are important in the second half of The First Avenger: Captain America, it would make more sense to create full characters for them rather than simple Captain America knock-offs.

Namor, The Sub-Mariner. Incredibly unlikely, but possible. Fox, holder of the Fantastic Four characters, has Namor, but might that just be the Silver Age version? Namor actually first appeared in Marvel Comics #1, in the same issue as the android Human Torch. He was a founding member of The Invaders (which was actually called The All-Winners Squad back in the 40s), so he really belongs on the team. Of course even if Marvel does own the Golden Age version of Namor (which is essentially exactly the same as the Silver Age version), they may not want to confuse matters by using him in The First Avenger: Captain America while he might yet turn up in a rebooted Fantastic Four or his own film.

The blogger, who took the now famous to the RA universe video, said on his website that as of today the public has been banned from the set.  Wondering if 1000 RA followers might've flooded the area after the secret leaked out. hehe Wouldn't be at all surprised if they small item keeping me from doing the same - that deep, dark inconvenience called The Atlantic. 

Bit of trivia about the Captain America set.  When I  saw the first 2 pics from the vid, I'd noticed the shop saying "Brooklyn Antiques" and thought to myself - "don't tell me there's a Brooklyn in No England as well??  After seeing all the 1940s classic cars on the Captain America set, it finally dawned on me that those blocks in Manchester are today Brooklyn, NY.  Good luck with that....teehee...I only visit NYC when it's necessary to fly out of JFK.

The classic 40s cars are really cool.  It's the type of vehicle you'll see in this area's 'Cruise Nights'.  The collectors enjoy showing off their hobby in organized parades(cruising around) of the highly prized vehicles.  Afterwards, a good time is had by all at local watering holes and outdoor fun.  Scroll down to see the sedans..
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Musa said...

I feel your pain about the "deep, dark inconvenience called The Atlantic" - I love that!
I had to look up Namor in Google Images, have you seen the costumes he wears, or doesn't wear - LOL- in the comic books:

Ricrar said...

Musa, take a look at the comic covers found at a website dedicated to Namor. We're starting to get a warm fuzzy feeling for him already and not even sure if it's the one. BUT, the clues do point to him. Didn't Richard mention "deep murky waters" in one of his interviews?

There's a description above and it says he had a head of black hair. Check...well defined pec, abs, biceps..check:)

Never dreamed we'd ever be researching a comic superhero, did we? haha...can't imagine where he'll lead us next, can we;)

Laura said...

Wonder if they'll resurrect The Pants from RH... or if he'll be in.... *gasp*... TIGHTS?????

Laura said...

OH. wait... not tights... Speedo??? Really???

Musa said...

Just saw this on another website. According to the comments, it's Richard running out of the shop in a couple of vids and, even if too far to tell clearly, it could be him:

Ricrar said...

Thx for the sleuthing Musa...found the page - there must be at least 6 vids. Appears we also have many eyes & ears working for our best interest in Manchester:)

Laura, I'm with you...he does speedo so well, doesn't he;) If this isn't the character we'll feel blue. haha
It appears Namor has/had? a love interest...this role has RA written all over it...we hope.