September 27, 2010

Interesting Article in New Yorker Mag - Men & Reading


Judith Johnson said...

can't imagine anything more pleasant that RA reading aloud to me!

Ricrar said...

True judith. Isn't it serendipity that the man w/the golden voice has narrated so many books & documentaries? Richard would probably find the US voiceover market a gold mine as well - if he ever has enough free time to give it a go:)

Judith Johnson said...

Yes, and we know his favorite books because he told Alice what they were in VoD!

Ricrar said...

I found the topic of the article interesting. It pointed out there might be a shortage of books publishied by writers who appeal to male readers due to the overwhelming presence of females making those decisions for publishing cos.

DH never seems to have any difficulty finding books that appeal to him.

He surprised me with a kindle for our anniversary. First thing I did on it was browse in the kindle shop & download some of his fav authors latest ventures. Was pleasantly surprised to find Bernard Cornwell's latest is being released today. Next time I connect, it will no doubt be there waiting for hubby. Cornwell's topic this time is the American Rev. I'll no doubt enjoy it as well--that writer is quite a stickler for historic accuracy.

Believe I'm going to need a protective slipcover for my new playtoy - the reading window can scratch. There must be a selection of at least 2doz patterns:)