September 12, 2010

Ivy Tattoo Poll + Link to RA Interview Below + HBO Presence on Twitter

A scrumptious new pic...either Richard is a Dorian Grey clone or has some interesting lifestyle tips everyone could use for physically improving w/age.  Probably same could be said about the mental aspect, but you need to personally know someone to make an accurate assessment of that.  Entire RA interview can be found at the Twitter link below.  Excerpts from it will appear here tomorrow. 

Tweet by RAnetdotcom
Sunday Times interview with Richard Armitage 'A Life in the Day': about 3 hours ago via web - Their Twitter site:

                                     it the same as oatmeal?...the word sounds endearingly very Dickensian.  Mental image of the holiday tradition of  watching Mr. Scrooge along side his hearth, wearing his stocking cap, eating his lonesome dinner in that huge, dark, dreary house.  After his former business partner Marley's spirit appears, Ebenezer rationalizes the event with the words "must've been something I et"...haha (That line has made me chuckle everytime I've heard it)  'Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat'...:)
Tried to find the answer to the above question re porridge & oatmeal but the best item found is a microwave recipe for the former.  Question before the RA court is - Does RA prefer his porridge thick or runny?  Personally, my preference for the American equivalent - Quaker Oatmeal - is thick...with a dollop of melted butter & sprinkled w/cinnamon...hmmm, temps are finally below 70deg...time for a bowl of smooth, comforting thick oatmeal.  A cozy reminder of childhood winter mornings. See porridge poll;)

>LOUISE:  How do you cook porridge in a microwave?
If you follow the instructions on the Quaker oats packet (4 minutes on full power) it boils over. What's the perfect microwave porridge recipe?

DELS:  First get a large enough container or bowl. I use a 2 pint pudding basin, Pyrex or earthenware. For one person half a cup of oats, a full cup of milk and half a cup of water. The amount of water can be varied depending if you like the porridge thick or runny. Micro for 4 minutes, Mine is a 750 watt, so if yours is more powerful you might give a Little less. Also for the fist couple of times, watch through the glass window. You Will see if it is going to boil over. Open the door quickly to stop the micro. Let the porridge subside, then close door and restart Still watch it... You Will be able to assess the best time to suit your power of microwave. Main thing is , the porridge will rise so make sure the basin is large enough to start with.<
WORDS and MUSIC: Did you remember?  yes, well that's great :) I didn't until the last 30min:(
However, the good news for anyone else who also forgot - it will soon be available for our listening pleasure on iPlayer.  Website:

>Just missed:  Symphony of a City

Broadcast today, 22:45 on BBC Radio 3 and available soon on BBC iPlayer.

Emilia Fox & Richard Armitage read poetry & prose on the theme of a 'Symphony of a City'.<

Some fans believe they might've snapped a pic of RA's ivy covered house prior to his cut back - we'll know for certain whether or not it's the right one, if a chair comes flying through that window. haha  (see his remarks re his temper :) couldn't resist after spotting the ivy enshrouded house:)

IVY  TATTOO  POLL:  are you tempted by one of the following?
                                        1. Tiny Rose & Ivy - on one shoulder?
2.A more delicate ivy vine than this one along foot instep?

3. Not a half measure - Ivy Enveloped?
Official HBO Twitter account initiated their presence by introducing the following Game of Thrones website.  You'll find an interview w/Sean Bean (half down the page)


Enrich2 said...

Yes, he certainly looks good enough to eat and very fit! Hurrah for Mum's homecooked meals and philosophy!They've given him a head start. I can see why he might not want a cleaner snooping in his stuff. Can't wait for Spooks 9to begin! Lucas, Lucas, LUCAS!

Laura said...

YESSS!!! Thank you, thank you, RiCrAr, for posting this. It was driving me nuts, not being able to find a "back door" into the article to read it for myself.

Musa said...

You are right RiCrAR - Wow, if looks could kill indeed!!!!!!!!!! LOL. If he's going to look this good in Spooks 9 I'm going to need medical assistance to get through the season.
Fantasizing about being his "cleaner"...poor baby...he only has to say the word and I'm on the next flight to London :)

Ricrar said...

Hi Enrich:) Richard always manages to reveal a few more delectable details for us, doesn't he. For instance, housecleaning...if he doesn't do it, it doesn't get done. Wonder if he vacuums(hoovers:) in his undershorts. That's a stimulating mental image, isn't it. haha

His loving remarks about his family & northern roots are always interesting. Mentioned again that there were many miners & weavers in his family tree. The coal miners aspect mimics mine(emigrated from No England to US in 1862) however most of my female ancestors, who worked outside the home, were teachers or nurses.

Could provide him w/many other salmon recipes--it is super yummy & has the highest content of heart-healthy omega3 fish oils.

Can't post my thoughts while reading his description of losing control & feeling as though you're in flight or on fire while performing on stage. Same words could be used to encapsulate a happy marriage...teehee, oh well -- hope naughty but nice applies to that last opinion of mine ;) *giggles*

Actually, there was a personal occasion for me to somewhat experience the feeling (on a far more modest scale) upon winning the lead role in a school play. Believe it or not, it was as Mother Superior of an orphanage:) Loved the scenes when verbal discipline of the students was necessary--never sounded so self-righteous & holier-than-thou in my entire life before or since. hehe

I do recall the surreal feeling of stepping outside my own personna despite the fact it was a very amateur setting. In fact, that feeling was strongest while trying out for the part...sitting at a classroom desk reading lines for the play's director. Perhaps daily observations of teaching nuns helped win the role. It was definitely an exhilarating, outter body experience.

Richard's fascinating interview again managed to trigger pleasant thoughts & memories. Sincerely hope he will one day write a book cataloguing his fascinating life & career. Wouldn't that be delicious?:)

Ricrar said...

Hi as well to Laura & Musa. It took me so long to write my last tome that the two of you posted in the meantime. *laughs*

Musa said...

I have a feeling thousands of women around the world will be making Jamie Oliver's salmon, couscous,and tomatoes recipe soon! I would love to know how popular Jamie Oliver's app is today as compared to the day before - LOL.
(OK-I don't have an iPhone, but I looked up the recipe on JO's website!)
Loved your comments RiCrAr about your own feelings on stage being similar to RA's. Have you ever thought about returning to the stage as a hobby? I think RA would be an inspiration to anyone thinking of doing so.

fellowRAfan said...

Could you please have a link to the RAnet site. These women go through the trouble of being on the lookout for any mention of Richard in press, buying the magazine, scanning it and putting it online for us.

It is not only fair but incumbent upon us to direct the traffic to their site as an acknowledgment of their hard work. It is not fair to make a copy of their work and post it whole on your blog. All of this falls under "Fair use" doctrine if the net. In common parlance, many rude words are used for the practice of posting complete content.

You are within your rights to transcribe sections and discuss the article.
But please, please refrain from posting whole artciles and please, please link to the site where the article is posted.


Ricrar said...

First to the last poster. The link to the article was posted on Twitter which is mentioned in the post above. You can check past posts and you will find the link & website mentioned and thanked as well.

Granted, this time, in the excitement to find the new article, yes, the website is mentioned but the link was neglected.

To reiterate - simply check past posts and you will find both the website and link are mentioned & provided. Hopefully allowances are extended for human error.

The link will be provided asap as in the past.

Now, I have a request of you. Please do not make an additional post on the subject or I'll be forced to remove it. Certain tiny portions of the RA universe tend to get very dictatorial in certain respects. It's extremely unattractive and a complete turnoff for new RA fans. Therefore, as stated previously - the link will be, AS IN THE PAST, provided asap. All that's incumbent upon you is to refrain from additional preachiness on the subject. It never fails to take the joy out of an otherwise happy moment for fans.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Ricrar said...

Musa, I've watched Jamie Oliver's program on BBCA - he does have droolworthy recipes. Maybe Jamie will invite Richard to guest on his show after seeing his name mentioned in the Times article. Fingers & other assorted body parts crossed;)

As for my reminiscence of the school play - the memory often triggered the temptation to seek the same type of experience again, but life grew busy & there always seemed to be something more pressing to do. Who knows - there are amateur drama clubs in this region...perhaps one of these days;)

tyme_4_t said...


Ricrar said...

LOL..Stop suppressing your feelings tyme:)

Agree totally with your eloquent words. Are you planning to volunteer for laundry or ivy vine clipping duty?

tyme_4_t said...

I would do laundry - that way I could encourage him to do the outside work on a hot day where he may or may not have to take off his shirt....see I'm always thinking! LOL
(I can't believe I just wrote that out loud...;))

Musa said...

"Words and Music" was wonderful! Of course, Richard's voice...lovely. A surprise that he reads one of the poems with an American accent! It was a great day yesterday, Richard's voice and then the Game of Thrones promo on HBO was more than I expected. Great to see Sean Bean and the others. Winter is Coming. (Now, if we can get HBO to cast RA as Stannis!).

Ricrar said... the way you think, tyme. Be sure to take pics and share w/us when he's doing yardwork. *laugh*
Thx for the mental image;)

Ricrar said...

Oh Musa, my chin dropped upon realizing I'd forgotten Words&Music until RA's last 2 readings. Will listen asap to the entire program on iPlayer.

Has Geo Martin returned to his journal? Must check. If GoT is a blockbuster hit for HBO, we can seriously start dreaming of the possibility of the sexiest Lord of Dragonstone ever imagined in season2;) He's already singeing the page corners of my copy of Clash of Kings. haha

We can plan our strategy at the Westeros & other ASoIaF sites in preparation for casting for GoT2.

Sue said...

I can't say I fancy the porridge in the microwave thing much. It's better made the old fashioned way, especially with a bit of honey drizzled in it. (Not to mention full fat organic milk - no semi skimmed rubbish). With Richard's sweet tooth I'm surprised he didn't have the odd choc bar, or did he miss that out do you think?

Ricrar said...

Hi sweet Sue;) trying to keep my composure after blogger zapped my original reply to you. Where's the nearest chair?...hehe..RA's bad influence temper-wise. LOL

Will try to quickly repeat it.
Is your porridge 100% oat grains? That's true for our Quaker Oats which is centuries old. As the name implies..introduced to the American continent by the Quakers who came about 1600-50.

Honey laced in anything is delish, isn't it. Mead & Baklava are 2 of my favs with rich honey content.

Richard's calorie conscience diet seems to be a natural requisite, as he said, when you never know if a shirtless scene will be crucial to the plot.
THANK YOU Spooks & SB writers, we'll be forever in your debt. LOL

Better post this quick or another chair might be in danger;)

Sue said...

You can still buy the Scots Quaker Oats, but I think the sort Richard may use is this new stuff where you buy it in a packet and just shove it in the microwave. Much better made the old fashioned way in a pan with milk. It takes forever, but well worth it and sticks to your ribs and is better for you. Goodness knows what's in the prepacked rubbish. Probably mainly made up of E numbers.Things don't taste as good in the microwave.(Bad boy Richard!)

Ricrar said...

hehe...his ears are probably ringing due to your scolding, Sue;)

Agreed most meat isn't palatable done in the mic. But have you ever tried fish? Most of the time I will saute fish in a pan in a combination of olive oil/butter, but if time is short the mic version is tasty as well. It doesn't get the rubbery texture of meat after being zapped by the microwave. Fowl as well(chicken/turkey) is not as tasty as roasting but does retain it's natural texture through that type of cooking.

Interesting that the scottish oats are called Quaker as well. The history of that religious sect is fascinating. They had a major presence in Irl during the 19thC as well, and I believe may have been the driving force behind many group emigrations to America. They were business owners and shepherded, according to their religious beliefs, the C19 downtrodden towards employment in their US factories/mills/business establishments in general.