September 17, 2010

New Photos + SATURDAY Interview(posted on youtube by BCCMEE) + Friday: Vids from Chef Tryout:) on Lorraine: Uploaded to youtube by HeathDances

Sincere THX to Musa for the tip:
Believe this one was taped months ago.  That's the reason RA says he isn't sure if Lucas survives for Spooks10.  By now, of course that probably is no longer the case.  Remember the still shot that was released immediately after the interview...

SATURDAY: UK time 6:15pm, BBC Radio4 interview  at:
Paragraph at that website says RA will discuss Lucas's tattoos.  This time it's a male interviewer - Clive James - so, Mr A. won't have another opportunity to use what he today referred to as his tattoo chat-up line - when asked if they're real by the lovely hostess, Richard said "come over and find out." WooHoo!

[SAT: also see at link below LN included in SKY's 20 fav spooks list]
Video Part II (see below): Watch master chef RA:) slicing veggies w/a pro's chopping flair..licking his fingers, mmm;)  eating  what must've been a super hot chili...resulting in his mouth getting even hotter than the rest of him.  Very tasty dish indeed....the recipe as well. haha;) Here's the link... 

Interview afterthought:   Must listen to part 1 again to confirm whether or not Richard replied "why don't you come over and find out?" when the woman replacing Lorraine asked him if Lucas's tattoos are real.  Did he actually say it or was that my vivid imagination putting those words in his mouth?  Could easily have been the latter.

2nd item:  Where's the stubble?...channeling cookie monster --  ME WANT STUBBLE!  hehe....seriously, it would be cruel of the man to permanently take it away from us, wouldn't it?  Didn't John Porter have stubblelicious?....going to find some evidence...
Oh yeah...that's more like it.  Not sure if it's Porter or North directly above but, whichever,  it's divine.  Most men love to go unshaven for weeks at a it too much to ask? ;) ....don't think so.  Businessman hubby makes it a point to grow out his whiskers every chance possible...especially on extended vacas.  Makes him feel 'free,,,free at last!'.  No suits or religious-like morning shaves.  Perhaps it works in reverse?? actor who feels required to grow heavy stubble when shooting a role for mos at a time might be relieved to shave more often during project breaks.  hmmm...different stubble for different folks.  Suppose that's possible.  The topic was most definitely worth an entire paragraph, wasn't it? teehee

Part II - Chef RA...

Followed a tweet link that looked as though it might be a new SKY interview - turned out it's a recycle from last wk.  However, found the following..

Top Twenty Spies

As Spooks hits screens for a ninth series, we thought it was about time to take a look at the best espionage agents on the box.

Take a look at our favourite TV spies of all time.

p.s. It’s a photo list of SKY’s estimation of the 20 best spooks/spies, with luscious Lucas North as pic #1.(replaced it here w/one more tantalizing) Two other recent Bourne-type favs of mine are included on the list as well. 
and brandishing a real gun..err,,,stage version...


Enrich2 said...

I like Richard any way he cares to present himself, but I do admit to a partiality for stubble. He's endearingly sexy without, but seriously hot with!

Ricrar said...

Hey there Enrich...are you soaking in all the luscious RA marinade?:)

As you say, he's adorable whatever way he chooses BUT I am rather partial to stubble as well, maybe because DH's job restricts any appreciable growth beyond 5 o'clock shadow, unless we're on holiday.

RA's longer hair on the forehead isn't as attractive as a slightly shorter length...not necessarily as short as Lucas's. Between lack of stubble and the longer forehead hair, Richard looks about 17yrs old, doesn't he? He's mid-project and might be enjoying trying different looks prior to assuming the Porter image for SB2.

Did you notice the chef didn't use the veggie Richard had dutifully chopped for him? Apparently he didn't realizing the viewing audience was thinking - "put it in the pan man! Why ask for help & then ignore it";)...maybe that was just me. hehe

Anonymous said...

I would like a ringtone of him saying "Come and find out", please.

Thanks for the clip.

Yesterday I was sitting at a cafe table outside the library at school and some guy came out and sat at the other table. I kept looking at him, wondering why he looked so familiar, when I knew I did not know him.

He was the spitting image of... Richard Armitage. With the dark blonde hair in the spiky cut. Shorter, maybe 5'9", and younger, in his 20s, but other than that, a twin. I just kept staring and then looking away. Eyes, nose, mouth, hands, face shape, body build, everything. Wow.

I wish I knew who he was, but I was too busy trying to not be caught staring to think of even saying hello. Wow. Poor guy was just sitting there trying to eat a sandwich while some creepy woman stares from the other side of the patio.

He even chewed like him. It was mesmerizing.



Enrich2 said...

I prefer the shorter hair, too. You see his amazing features better. Really love the John Porter promotion pic with the short glossy hair, delicious stubble and khaki jacket . One of the best pics this year, I think.

Perhaps the recent hair signals that he's preparing for another role that's still under wraps, the Captain America British aristocrat part with floppy hair when not wearing a mask? Or a stage play?

Anonymous said...

I watched the cooking segment and I will say that Richard Armitage definitely knows how to cook. He has a very good knife technique.


Ricrar said...

Hi again Enrich...and a warm welcome to the blog Michelle:)

Did you notice the interviewer said she dropped all her papers on the floor before they were on camera, then charmingly admitted to Richard that it was due to him being there...honest woman:) I'd have been beet red at that point, but she handled it with poise. She mentioned a daughter...wonder if there's also a husband in the picture. teehee...matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...

I've watched the cooking segment a second time and realize why I'd missed RA's chopped coriander hitting the skillet. It was due to the fact I didn't look once at the chef during the entire segment...had my eyes glued to Richard:)

Yes, Michelle, noticed RA's chopping technique as well--it was obvious it definitely wasn't his first time. Some time back he admitted watching the buxom, raven-haired chef's TV show...last name Lawson?..can't remember the first. Believe that was the interview when he mentioned admiring 'well-endowed' females, and that he'd enjoy kissing,,,is it Nigella? after she'd eaten chocolate cake. So, perhaps he was mimicing her chopping style.

Didn't he seem slightly sheepish when the segment began, but gradually relaxed and got into the cooking process. The program hostess admitted she'd missed the chef adding you think she might've been distracted as well? Can't really blame her, can we;)

Do you know if there was news about the Capt American role today? I've downloaded the afternoon radio interview but haven't had time to listen. Noticed a tweet about it with mention he said there's a new 'secret' role in his future. Is that right? Must listen to the interview asap - will add some notes in the post above when I do.

Do you agree Richard seems to be moving beyond his comfort zone with the agreement to participate in the cooking segment? Between that and his earlier "come and find out" reply about LN's tattoos, I'd say Mr. Armitage is no longer a shy guy...not brash either...pleasantly assured of himself. What man wouldn't be with half the women in London trying to catch his attention...right?*laugh*

Musa said...

He looked very boyish, yes, and so very adorable. I thought he was very "Harry" today, the hair and the sweater. He can come over and cook for me anytime! Plus I like the fact he's not afraid to try new things, and likes spicy food! I just got home from work, so will now go to listen to the radio interview.
....oh yes...I love stubble too...but I love his sweet boyish look as well...and love his laugh!
Yes, its Nigella Lawson.
One of the articles he mentioned his next job required him to be in dark and murky water (something like that). Does that sound like the Captain America movie?

Ricrar said...

Hi Musa, today it looked as though Richard's adventurous taste buds needed a fire extinguisher:) My father loved hot everything...
sausages, pepper pot soup, strong horseradish,etc. The more it made his eyes water the better. I've always considered dishes made w/chili peppers to be a physical experience - not a taste treat;) although, I do enjoy strongly seasoned dishes...oregano, basil, garlic, chives, ginger, pesto etc - yummy!

..."dark & murky water"...interesting - is it a metaphor for something other than the 'deep' water he claims to avoid? Will need to rummage around at the Capt America websites to see if there's mention of that being part of the new movie's plot.

Did anyone else become a puddle of drool, when RA leaned forward today with both elbows on the counter, and the biceps instantly bulged beneath his black knit shirt? *meltdown*...that's the type of 'hot' I can really appreciate;)

Musa said...

I became a puddle of drool when he was chopping the coriander-LOL - yes those muscles bulging under the black sweater...
Stubble Alert! New Spooks interview on YouTube posted by bccmee. He looks gorgeous and is his lovely, funny, sweet, thoughtful, smart, self. Finally good interview questions. All about love....oh yes!

Ricrar said...

Found it, Musa:) Agreed he's very thoughtful in this one. Especially so at the end when asked why he does these action characters. Appreciated his practice reply "that's fine...whatever keeps me at work"; but then quickly added.."I'd like to do something nice and calm..all about love." *deep sigh*

We're hoping as well, with baited breath, to see richard in another N&S type lovestory. Ah yes, wouldn't that be heavenly... Or as an alternative a modern romantic comedy. In that way, he kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. Love & comedy...and all of his fans squealing/squeeing & swooning with delight:)

Ricrar said...

correction: read 'practice' as 'practical' kingdom for a edit comment gadget;)

Ricrar said...

LOL...'an' edit....this could take all day...:)

Anonymous said...

I guess I am a "bad fan" because I was really watching the cooking segment. I tried keeping my eyes on Richard, I did, but I ended up paying more attention to the chef. I'll have to watch it again. I have a fantastic recipe for a Thai stir fry with shrimp or chicken with basil and red bell peppers, using those hot Thai peppers, fish sauce and hot chili oil for flavor and served over over coconut rice. I also have a non-Thai recipe for pan chicken like in the segment using coconut milk and dried coriander with fresh mango chunks to make the sauce. So I was really interested to see him using coconut milk and fresh coriander and lemon grass with the hot peppers. Plus I have a whole jar of that green Thai paste and I want to use it up. If they had picked a recipe I did not care about I would have been a better fan for sure.

I am not surprised anyone likes Nigella; she's hot and stacked. If I swung that way I'd be into her as well. And since I am also raven haired and stacked I'll just take her compliment for myself and enjoy that! :-))) However I do not have her gorgeous dark eyes or perfect bone structure, sadly. I love how she ends every show by standing in front of the fridge in her pj's in the dark, eating the leftovers. Totally me!

I did not know about the Captain America thing but I will hope my favorite British actor gets cast in some major film role so I can see it here. The TV stuff is hard to get.

Thanks for the great information. I wish I had more time to read all the blogs and websites and keep up on it all. I haven't even seen more of Robin Hood than season one and I am not done with season 7 of Spooks either. Graduate school waits for no (wo)man. I appreciate having something fun and light to look at for a few minutes here and there.


Ricrar said...


To see all RA's work, you can purchase an all-region dvd player(reasonably priced at amazonUS OR download the VLC player(free) and watch on your computer. US is region 1..UK region 2.

North & South, The Impressionists, Vicar of Dibley and all 3 Robin Hood series are available at US Amazon website. Everything else is available through AmazonUK. Delivery via The Royal Mail(hubby tells me I've received another package from the Queen;) takes 7-9days.

p.s. the Capt America rumors might be just that. They startyed months ago and nothing definite has surfaced to date. It would be wonderful if RA were cast in a US series(retaining his natural accent...they'd be foolish to expect otherwise;)