September 20, 2010

Richard Armitage Pix - Spooks 9

Beautiful lighting for a very sad scene...
Clash w/another blonde...Lucas: "dont' even get me started on blondes" :)
He had da&n good reason this time to let the temper fly... 
Don't smile too soon...


Anonymous said...

So you have seen it! I grinned at that line about blondes.

I was really happy he *is* over Sarah, in fact I chastized myself for I had to remind myself she is dead: 'She's dead OML so she is not coming back. Ok, now keep watching' lol.

OML :)

Ricrar said...

teehee OML...the actress who played Sarah would be highly complimented that her performance made such a strong impression on you;)

As an American, found her accent to be an uncomplimentary stereotype, but that happens in all cultures. Which reminds me -- are you observing all the Spooks wannabes on twitter? After reading Lucas's(pretender) tweets for a few days, suspected they might all be least him in particular, because the quality is extremely descriptive while keeping word count to a minimum.

I felt devilsih yesterday prior to premiere of ep 1, and posted the same fan graphic here(below) of Jack Bauer(US) & Lucas North. It received a very icy silence. hehe..which makes me suspect even more so that those wannabe characters on Twitter might have a huge personal stake in the future of the series. That's perfectly understandable -- protection of national treasures et al.

Are you hoping Lucas never again refers to Sarah? Realistically, however, how could a human being totally forget someone who didn't kill them, even though strongly tempted - with what that person considered good reason? Obviously, she couldn't kill him because she really loved him...ahhhh, admit it:)..wouldn't it be extremely difficult to ever totally forget that person?

Anonymous said...

I'm a terrible spy so the only impression I have from Twit-Lucas is that it is a woman playing him, still I couldn't swear it. I know at the beginning at some point 'he' gave himself away and a couple of ppl noticed it but promised to say nothing.

I haven't read all the twitters before Ep1 airing so can't really give you an opinion. You mean they could be show writers or in general people who are writers?

If someone would have tried to kill me and then didn't, I would be glad and try to forget soemone tried to kill me in the first place. Only if it was someone I cared about, then I would find hard to forget.
The thing with Sarah is that I can't believe possible for Lucas to fell so hard for her so can't see why he should mention her again.

I find kinda funny, that he says 'don't get started on blondes' because is like something a fan who did not like Sarah could say, 'don't get me started on Lucas relationships' Tehee


Ricrar said...

OML, Twit-Lucas & friends would let down their guard in the evenings when things quieted down. They must've been sipping some of the liquor they flashed(possibly other clients if they work for a viral marketing firm, as Musa suspects.

Anyway, in the evening Lucas & Tom traded tweets that included more than suggestive comments including slang words foreign to me. In fact, I searched and found a long list of those words - had a great time reading the meanings(list gave American equivalents) - most of it sexual. Point I'm making is that I highly doubt the Lucas wannabe is female UNLESS they have shifts for each character. Day & night shifts:)

I've heard men divorced several times say they still love all their wives. hahaha Perhaps Lucas is the same...never falls out of love---just moves on;)

More than looking forward to the next complicated relationship. Never easy for a spook...their cross to bear. How about the poignant remarks about only 6 people showing up for Ros's funeral? If they knew, half the women in London might've been there...right? Many seem to feel strong affection for her.

He##! My hubby said more than once after Ros forcefully put some manners on one baddie or another..."I like her." hehe He always goes against the typical male preferences. Prefers strong women who are sometimes high maintenance him, love him, love him. Our anniversary is almost here...can you tell?;)

Anonymous said...

That theory about a 'marketing firm' is not so unlikely, I just thought about how last season we as fans on twitter reminded people about Spooks, now this year it came from the 'MI5-newbies', it could be just a coincidence...

Congrats on your anniversary!

OML :)