September 28, 2010

Richard Armitage Pix

Whiplash Emotions
Whoahhh..we need to see this black t-shirt more often, don't we;)

hehehe...obviously she really likes my new black t-shirt


Reg said...

Oh My Gosh! Could he get any Hotter!?!

Ricrar said...

If he was any hotter, Reg, he might be in danger of vaporizing;)

Yikes! Erase that thought! right?

Did you vote the buffet table we're breathlessly waiting for will appear in ep3, or will the writers keep us dangling on a string until ep4?

Enrich2 said...

@Reg and RicRAr: Agreed, Lucas is hotter than a thousand suns! I do believe that I've said that before but he's upped the gorgeousness quotient to the nth degree. Those jeans! That black t-shirt! Those facial expressions! The kitchen table scene had better be next week. I can hardly wait as it is!

Enrich2 said...

Lucas has upped his gorgeousness quotient to the nth degree and it's off the scale! Those jeans! That black t-shirt! Those facial expressions! The acting is top-notch, too and the other characters are extremely good. Looking very much forward to kitchen table antics and more excitement!

Ricrar said...

Stop suppressing your emotions Enrich - let it all out;)

You've obviously enjoyed the first 2 eps of S9. Now for what we hope will be the main entreee...fine dining, (and as OML has said, 'rush to dessert') in ep 3.