September 1, 2010

BBC News & Photo via Musa's Tip:) + Sophia Myles Tweet This Evening About Spooks9 + Allelulia! New Promotion Pic

from BBC's website:  Yum!!

Spoiler Alert!!  Thank You for the tip Musa:)
RA interview: (tattoo pic will soon be added...after an early hike in order to avoid this afternoon's 90+deg temps) 
New pic posted by RA Central on Twitter:
A Sophia Myles tweet at 5PM US = 10PM UK - she says the new schedule will be released on Thurs.  If she's correct & it's confirmed tomorrow by the BBC's announcement, Spooks9 should start the last wk of Sept or thereabouts. UPDATE: it starts week of Sept 18. *happy dance*

>absolutely_soph tweet:   I'm only 99% sure but Spooks is premiering in Week 38. The BBC will release their new programme tomorrow, so we'll know for sure.
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck<


Judith Johnson said...

Yummy pics. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

The tweet was by the Sophia Myles fansite not the lady herself

Musa said...

Spooks 9 PR is starting!

I'm so jealous of everyone living in the UK - LOL

Ricrar said...

--Pleased you enjoyed the photos, judith. Isn't the new Spooks9 pic yummy.

--Thanks for those specifics, anon.

--Large thx to you Musa for the BBC link. Isn't it wonderful to finally have a concrete start date for S9. Mid-Sept for ep 1--last ep should air about mid-Nov. Wonder if the dvd set will be available in time for Christmas gift-giving? Hope so.

Anonymous said...

Highly unlikely. The always only release the DVD when the next series starts. If they release the DVD of Spooks 9 for Christmas it would probably mean that there will be no Spooks 10.

Ricrar said...

My reaction to that last scenario:[] Yikes!
Although, without Lucas it will become a fond memory anyway.

Perhaps, Anon, S9 preorders will be available in time for Christmas...we could print out a few pix or the dvd promotion cover & slip it into a gift bag. OH really enjoyed S7&8...know he'd welcome the latest as well. In fact, last yr his remark upon opening S8 was "'s Gisborne."

In fact, while watching SB he referred a couple times to Porter as Gisborne. No doubt the many fervent GoG fans appreciate the sentiment:)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by 'he referred a couple times to Porter as Gisborne'? Where do you saw it? :S

Love the last pic and...

YAYYY! There's finally an airdate!


Ricrar said...

OML, the OH I referred to means 'other half' - my dear hubs, hubster, hubby, husband:)

He started watching RH2 w/me & during RH3 when Guy disappeared for 2 episodes, OH asked "is that it for Gisborne?" My reply was "why do you ask?" and hubby said "I like his acting." Subsequently, as a result of his answer, he received Spooks 7&8 and SB as gifts from me. He's enjoyed all of them, but STILL sometimes refers to the latest RA character as Gisborne:) haha

I suppose Sir Guy made a strong imprint on everyone's mind:)