September 25, 2010

Another RA Pic from Hobbsy

Interesting recent tweet by RAdotNet:
>"Richard Armitage Hero or Villain?" article in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine today:
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Reference to 'ruthless John Thornton'...hmmm...interesting assessment of the man.  IMHO, he was not ruthless - rather he demonstrated the practical sense necessary to keep a business viable and therefore capable of providing jobs for workers.  hehe...same controversial topic it was in the it not?  Not quite so simple as assigning the character assassination word 'ruthless' to the business owner.

Interesting pics of CA's stunt double on top of a yellow cab in Liverpool...

LATEST: Many details for CA including the scenes to be shot in Liverpool..

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Musa said...

I don't think whoever wrote that John Thornton was "ruthless" really watched North & South.

Ricrar said...

How could she possibly come to that conclusion about JT, Musa?

Yes, he was determined to do whatever it takes to keep his business functioning, but he didn't abuse his workers. Everything is relative of course, and JT's remarks at his Mfgr's dinner made it clear that he was more considerate of his workser than the norm for that stage of the Industrial Rev.

Possibly the writer was thinking of the early factory scene when JT was enraged and kicked the cigar smoking laborer. Must admit that scene shocked me as well. Thought to myself that a decent man never kicks another man when he's down.

Believe I'd read awhile back that Eliz Gaskell indeed did not write the kicking passage. It was added by the same writer who penned the lovely train station scene. Her reasoning was that Margaret definitely needed a strong motivation to immediately turn drastically negative towards JT. Considering who played John, it's easy to understand Sandy Welsh's rationalization for the kick, isn't it;) It was the only scene in the book that to me didn't seem to be in sync w/John Thornton's stellar character.

IMO something less drastic might've worked just as well, considering that Mgt did have rather delicate sensibilities as a result of her circumspect family circumstances. It would have been just as believable if JT had hit the man, as he did, and then angrily informed him he would never again work in his establishment. Mgt probably would've developed just as negative a reaction to the mill master. Wonder if Sandy considered what Mrs Gaskell's reaction might've been to the kick?

Musa said...

I agree with you entirely about the scene in the TV version of N&S when Margaret first meets John. To me it's the only thing that doesn't ring true to his character, as you say.
Still, even if you take that scene into consideration I would never think of the part of John Thornton as a villain. That surprised me in the article I must say. Plus she seemed to miss the fact that N&S is ultimately a love story.
Well, we certainly can see things differently.

Ricrar said...

Oops, Musa;), just noticed my post faux pas of the kicking scene 'in the book.' Must make a pledge to not post close to bedtime. I've as much chance of holding to it as promising myself to never use the yummy word again when referring to RA...impossible;)

Reminds me of another really dumb comment of mine recently in one of these 'written in blood' editing-challenged blogger posts. I'd incorrectly read Namor was mute instead of 'a mutant' and of course proceeded to blather the misconception. hehe...c'est la vie;)

What does the upcoming wk hold RA-wise? First of course, ep2 of Spooks. Will Lucas & Maya simmer or sizzle...inquiring minds want to know. Then there's shooting in Liverpool---hope we have a fine spy like Hobbsy there as well.

I agree thoroughly that N&S is ultimately a love story, but as a history nerd, for me, the Industrial Rev background was almost as fascinating as the wibble-inducing romance between JT & Mgt.

For instance, when M opens the workroom door & the camera panned slowly towards JT...first thing I'd noticed was all the antique spinning jennys. Had never seen so many of them assembled in one location and whirring away. In the scene at the Hale's, when her father introduced M to JT, was the first "Whew!..look at him & listen to that deeep voice!--hmmm..I like!!" moment for me.