September 21, 2010

Bristol Palin on DwtS: Twitter is now A-OK: See Details Below...+ Viewership for Spooks, Ep 1

Need to remember the other John...RA in SB by the genteel MissHale. :)

Received an email this evening.  Perhaps you would like to vote for RA at the following website.  There's a stand alone category for Spooks...then the individual under 'Digital Choice' you'll find 'Chris Ryan's Strike Back'.  No need to vote in each category - simply skip to the next..
Here's Bristol Palin's 1st wk on DwtS.  She's a 19yr-old single mom.  Her mother's political opponents tried to make it seem that particular situation only happens to people whose parents should never hold political office.  Yeah, right! Fact is it almost only happens to the more circumspect young women...the others plan ahead..are well prepared to see that it does not.

Twitter is all clear - back in action - hackers have been exorcised.

If you’re curious about Michelle Malkin, the link to her profile follows.. The only detail she doesn’t mention is that she was born in the Phillippines and adopted by her American parents.  She's today a female political powerhouse in the USA, at an unusually young age. The best-selling book that catapulted her to national attention is entitled “Invasion.”

>Techie advice of the day:

By Michelle Malkin • September 21, 2010 09:33 AM

For those of you who use Twitter, be advised to stay off and stick to third-party apps like Tweetdeck or Twhirl.

Twitter’s website has been hacked. Visitors will contract a malicious “mouse-over” bug that causes pop-up windows to open merely by pointing your cursor over infected links. Do not be a silly looky-loo. Stay away from the site and avoid mousing over Javascript-embedded tweets from your friends.
Update: As of 9:35am, Twitter safety folks say they’ve “identified and are patching” the attack.<
Good numbers for..
Spooks, Ep 1 viewership:


Anonymous said...

It's great that Spooks had good ratings. It totally deserved it. Have you watch it?

I'm so worried about Lucas, plus next ep we'll be introduced to Laila Rouass.

OML :)

Ricrar said...

Hey there OML:)

Hope you noticed the twitter warning - best to avoid it for today until they're certain the hacking problem has been patched. I'm wondering if the available trial for their new version allowed the hackers to slip through. Have you tried the new version of Twitter? It looks to me very much like an 'if it's not broken, don't try to fix it' situation. They've finally become successful and decide to tamper w/ the reason why that is so. Hopefully this incident will make the decision makers reticent about the 'new but not improved' twitter;)

As for Ep 1...yes, it's very exciting. If you've read the BBC synopsis, you already know most of the storyline. There is a very surprising detail(for us) that was not revealed and is the topic of the most recent poll. So, I can't tell you what it is, or I'd have to kill you. hehe That would be quite a challenge, wouldn't it?;) Would need to resort instead to killing you with corny jokes.

Don't know where the 'have to kill you' joke originated - it's used heavily in the US on every topic imagineable.

Will Maya & Lucas manage to get into the most important part of the plot - or will we need to wait until ep3 for the most interesting action(for us;) They've had great luck w/ep 4 when it comes to that particular scenario. I won't mention her name..begins with an 'S'..because you might still be percolating over that blonde's scintillating clash with Agent Adorable;)

Oh yes...just to peak your curiosity a little. One of Lucas's lines in ep 1 is (with a very dry delivery) "don't get me started on blondes." Ha! Only series8 viewers would get it - which means, of course, that most in the audience joined in the chuckle.

Can you envision the city of London about 9:15 last evening...soft glow of TV screens shining from millions of windows...and suddenly a low cheery chuckle can be heard all over the city. A very large group chuckle:)

Ricrar said...

p.s. ep 2 preview looked very fact, already worried about a newly introduced character...teeth chattering:)

Anonymous said...

I have watched it, I couldn't help myself.
I don't get your poll, as far as I know, Lucas is called only one of those names? Or are you asking that, which name did Vaughn called Lucas?

(I think my brain isn't working at its full after this 1st ep.)

OML :)

Ricrar said...

Yes, OML, the poll refers to the name used by Vaughan to address Lucas. Another John...was it pure coincidence or the steady hand of someone deliberately or glibbly guiding writers to that particular name?

RA's professional slate of characters could almost start with John Standring, Thornton, Mulligan, Porter, and now ??? what could be his last name? Maybe Lucas? John Lucas?

Did you hear Vaughan explain that his stroke "curtailed his plans for ________." Don't want to spoil it for those who've not seen it;)

Might explain why Lucas was comfortable muttering to Sarah..."take me with you." Apparently she wasn't aware of his past or....oops, might have said too much already;)

Anonymous said...

Being a non-native english speaker, with the first viewing I just focused on keeping up with what was happening, I have to watch it again (and maybe again) to pick up all the lines, because I'm not sure what Vaughn said.

Actually in that scene, when I heard him call him that other name, I had to rewind to hear more closely exactly what was the sentence containing that name (LOL).
Well, RA is also to blame 'cause his face of with those strong emotions really distracted me :P

OML :)

Ricrar said...

OML, Did you notice the MI5 offices background has drastically changed? It's a much more somber, drab gray atmosphere. Perhaps it's a deliberate adjustment so the setting matches the murky subject matter of Spooks.

I was sort of fond of the former turquoise & grey walled set...wonder why???teehee Maybe because the blog's colors coordinated so well. Look above at Lucas...doesn't the background contribute a certain more interesting something, rather than a dreary, greyish aura? Not planning to switch to blacks/greys anytime soon;) As I've said often to my photographer hubby - life is in color... therefore, my first choice when given the option is more lifelike rather than stark black & white or shades of grey.

Noticed today that the correct spelling for the character is Vaughn(your's). Read the other spelling somewhere yesterday and was actually surprised because Vaughn is an American surname as well.

How long will it take for Lucas & Maya to rekindle the old flame?..Ep 2 or 3? These crucial issues need to be discussed in advance. *wink*