September 5, 2010

Richard Armitage:US Fans Organize Postcard Campaign to Bring North&South to PBS + New Spooks9 Set Pic + Week Ahead Alert

DETAILS as copied from fan website:

join in by: (1) Email your name & address to Within 24 hours the pre-addressed postcard will be mailed to you.

(2) When you receive the card simply add your comments, put on a 44 cent stamp & off to the mailbox you go! Please sign it with your name, city & state, not your screen name (Your email with your name and address will be deleted once I send you your postcard – your privacy will be honored!)

Please help spread the word to blogs and websites that you frequent, hoping that they will want to help. The more postcards that go out, the more attention we will receive, and more likely to succeed. One postcard per email will be available.

The email address is:<
The beautiful postcard designed by Heathra:

New photo from Spooks9 set--posted on a UK entertainment website.  Obviously RA on occasion takes a better candid pic than professional...interesting phenomenon...This one is definitely droolworthy..

Following Vulpes Libris website link is posted on Twitter - See RA mentioned for Friday..
>Friday: Hilary has been meditating on the very great pleasure which a fine voice in an audiobook reader can bestow, as she contemplates Richard Armitage reading Bernard Cornwell’s The Lords of the North<

'Time' Vid(Inception soundtrack) by 7Bellaxoxo..


Judith Johnson said...

Brilliant plan, thanks for posting!

Musa said...

Interesting phenomenon indeed RicRAr!
Reminds me of fans that have met him and say he's better looking in person than the RA we see on screen. The mind boggles - HA!

Ricrar said...

Hi Judith,
Hope those who organized the postcard campaign are successful in getting PBS's attention. Why should multi-millions of US females be deprived of John Thornton...seems like a crime against half of humanity, doesn't it:)

p.s. actually, our N&S copy was a Christmas gift from my older sister & her spouse, so my OH did watch it with me. He managed to take a nap after the first 30min:) but woke up just in time to see the workers gathered to protest at the mill. Jim's(DH) reaction was "oh, it looks good and I missed part of it...will need to re-watch."

He appreciated the saga in a personal & professional sense as a result of having a great deal of practical experience with labor management & relations. One of the best bosses ever...if I do say so myself, and I do;) haha Other less biased women have attested to that fact as well.

p.s.#2 - My father's name was John, so really appreciate RA's long list of those characters (as well as his own father).

Ricrar said...

The Spooks 7 & 8 promo pics were scrumptious, but upon viewing 9's my first thought was - "how did a professional photographer manage to make all that gorgeousness look so severe?" The candid one above makes it clear there must've been excessive tampering w/the original photo. Perhaps adding the two side pics managed to dull his usual shine:)

Lynne/NnS Postcard Campaign said...

O, thanks so much for helping spread the word. Received my google alert today. I want to share the beautiful postcard that is being sent out and encourage everyone to email for a postcard. The more cards - the more attention - the better chance of success!

Oddly enough my husband enjoys watching it too. He much prefers it to Pride & Prejudice '95 and of course I have to agree!! Richard's John Thornton is the most romantic of men and his kisses are the hottest to light up the screen!
Feel free to post:

Ricrar said...

Happy to help such a worthwhile cause Lynne:)

I've also posted a couple JT pics on Twitter along w/the email address.

I'm about to check to see if PBS has a Twitter presence. If so, will send them a tweet requesting an airing of N&S.

Best of luck w/your campaign.

Laura said...

I have a problem. If that is, indeed, the postcard that is to be sent to PBS? ... I want to keep it! How about she sends me that postcard, and then I send one of my OWN to PBS, and keep that one for myself??? ;)

Ricrar said...

Hi Laura, did you pull yourself away from Richard's intoxicating Lords of the North voices to comment on the beautiful postcard?;)

Lynne would be the one to give the go ahead for not forwarding the postcard to PBS. Maybe she'll return soon and comment on your query.

You could try printing the image to photo quality stock...that might work OR open a PhotoBucket account & keep the photo there....along w/any other RA pix you might collect(if you have not already done so).

Laura said...

Alas... Lords of the North doesn't fit into the budget at this time. I'm still hoping that my library can locate a copy for me. I'm making do with The Vicar, and soon, will have my very own copy of North & South in my hot little hands!

I've ordered the postcard, hopefully, PBS will listen. A cool thing I discovered, my local PBS station has been running MI:5 (that's American for "Spooks") over the weekend, buried at Midnight on Saturday nights. I'm trying to convince them to run it at a more human time. I think it would crush CSI or other network prime-times.

Has anyone heard about if/when Netflix is going to catch up and start carrying Spooks/MI:5 season 8?

Ricrar said...


Have no idea about Netflix & MI5.

Good luck w/your PBS efforts...between your's & the N&S postcard campaign, that network might get the 'We Want More RA!' message;)