February 16, 2011

Review:THE EAGLE(starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell) + RA Mention in Fascinating New Hobbit Article + THE HOBBIT Not a Prequel + 2005 GOLDEN HOUR + RH Interviews: The Siege & Witchfinders

Interesting comments & artistic renderings of RA as Thorin from the onering.net website

Comment #1   >As for yesterday's Hobbit press conference, I was just thrilled to see Bilbo and all the dwarves together. The enthusiasm and the camaraderie was wonderful to see. Some look kinda dwarvish already!

I'm really geeked about Thorin, though. Richard Armitage looks very regal and stern, and when he was on screen, I just felt like I was looking at the King Under the Mountain.

I'm not as concerned about his age as some. First, he'll be in makeup and prosthetics. Then, Thorin isn't supposed to be an ancient dwarf anyway. He was very young when Smaug attacked the Lonely Mountain. I just finished reading "The Annals of the Kings and Rulers" from the appendices of ROTK, and I think I remember reading that he became king at age 95, upon the disappearance of his father. So while he's not "young," neither is he supposed to be elderly.<
[Ricrar:   Next one is actually about Sean Bean as Boromir in LOTR with high hopes for RA to have an equally fine performance. IMO, RA’s acting is on the same skill level as SB's. I’ve enjoyed almost everything both actors have been part of]

>Sean Bean - okay, I really liked him. I have often argued in the RR that Boromir was both good and actually highly intelligent - and it was great to see that in the movie. I hope Richard Armitage will do as good a job with Thorin.
I wrote once a fairly long post regarding what I loved about the way Boromir was portrayed, and I find that after two years I still agree with myself. So I give him a 5.<

                                         Artist Donato Giancola's rendition of Boromir..

Ravenry's heavily bearded vision of Thorin..

Coley's imaginative Thorin - makes one wonder if Richard's hair is currently very short in order to fit a skullcap over it? YIKES! Please NO! :)

During an interview RA was once asked how an actor prepares for scenes requiring smolder.  His reply were words to the effect "you gather as many loving thoughts and feelings possible towards your partner in the scene."  Some early pics caught a master craftsman honing his skills...

See link below to a very informative Hobbit article with an RA mention...

Article stating THE HOBBIT is not a prequel...refers to *nerdgasms* hahaha

Press Conference uploaded to youtube by bccmee...

RA interview: RH, The Siege

                                                            The Witchfinders


Somehow the following 2005 interview managed to fly under my radar..perhaps it did yours as well...
Richard was asked what a 6'2" SAS operative(Ultimate Force) would be frightened by and he again mentioned water.  Quote: "..in my next role as Monet I'm going to have to dive into a river.  I think at that moment you're supposed to feel bad for him because he's trying to commit suicide!"  That scene must've either ended on the cutting room floor or was written out of the script before filming.  Was surprised to learn Monet had attempted suicide.

REVIEW of THE EAGLE: Starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell..

Time for a trip back in history with a different actor...What?? you say..how can this be?? :)  It can be when another actor is starring in a film about a Roman Centurion who dares to travel beyond THE WALL...no not the wall of China;) nor Game of Thrones 700ft high wall of ice.  This time it's Hadrian's Wall, which at the time was considered to be the end of the civilized world.  Well, as civilized as the world was when all roads led to Rome.  The actors are Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell as the restless Roman soldier and his seething-with-anger Brigante slave.   The centurion is determined to restore his father's honor and his slave is equally as determined to be free.  It's an extremely exciting adventure into the unknown wilderness where face-painted, ferocious picts lie in wait around each of the thousands of glens.

THE EAGLE cinematography is spectacular...gorgeous misty mountained landscapes.  Found myself examining the authentic looking costumes--in particular the woolen garb worn during frosty windswept scenes of what was meant to represent the Scotland highlands (have yet to learn if the shooting locations were actually elsewhere).  Both actors gave excellent performances expressing passionate loyalty to their ethnic roots.  The movie is sprinkled with well placed battles, including the factual Roman military exercise of using their shields almost as early tank protection.  As Uhtred of LOTN uttered on nearly every page - "the shieldwall!"
A few photos and a very interesting interview with the film's director - Kevin Macdonald..


Attended the movie with my two fav RL men - DH and son.  Whereas going to the film was my suggestion, was relieved that they both very much enjoyed it.   As we walked toward our cars together, I decided the time was right to take action - said "let's come back on July 22 to see CAPTAIN AMERICA."  Our son looked at his dad, then said "she's serious...OK - it's a date."  Plans made to see RA in 3D...check!!  Yay! ;)


Past Post of the Day: Apr 15, 2010: Strike Back Premiere photos and links...


Musa said...

Thanks for posting the old interview, I don't remember seeing it before either. I see he's mentioning corsets again. Didn't he mention corsets in another early interview-LOL. Feel the need to buy a corset now.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

I hadn't seen it either... Oh, dear God, he can do "mouth-to-mouth"? REALLY?!?!?!?!

I'm drowning here!!!

Coming here first thing in the morning always makes my day a little better. Have a nice day, gals ;)

Ricrar said...

Good luck w/that corset search Musa:)

Yeah, BEG, had the same thought when reading his mouth-to-mouth remark. Who was the lucky person he practiced on...if female, she probably tried to stay permanently incapacitated...
milked it for all it was worth. haha

mubashar said...

nice post, best of luck.articles

Ricrar said...

Best of luck as well with your business mubashar. Assume you happened upon this blog due to the Liverpool mentions from months ago.

Sue said...

I was having a bit of a mooch on Amazon uk and discovered a book entitled "Richard Armitage (Actor)". Had to have a look didn't I? Here's the link:


Not sure what to make of it! It says underneath the title "Leicester, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art". It's by Betascript publishing. Don't say they're teaching the subject of Richard, I must enrol today if so! I think the course might be over subscribed don't you?

Ricrar said...

Hi Sue, a new class on RA you say - will enroll asap..hope they provide online classes;)

Perhaps the new amazon product reflects a trend in publishing - on demand publications. Whenever they notice an audience of any appreciable size for a particular subject, they gather information and print after receiving the order.

I've recently received local history publications that were printed the day after they received my order. Suppose that makes it more economically feasible - rather than printing many copies and having them sit on a shelf if the appetite isn't quite as strong as originally imagined.

It's amazing how far ranging everyone's visual images are currently on Thorin. I'm about to post two sketched examples and a couple comments about RA as Thorin.

Musa said...

Oh please, not a skullcap for Thorin! I don't mind if he has a long beard and long hair, prefer that look.

Love the Boromir one. Sean looked very handsome as Boromir, though the drawing looks more like Aragorn.

Ricrar said...

Hey there Musa,

I've just checked grrm's journal and enjoyed all the wedding photos. Then tried to answer your dm but twitter is over capacity at the mo.

You're correct about my heart melting while looking at Geo and his new brides wedding photos after 30yrs together. He said it appears the relationship might work afterall:) Sweet. Her medieval green/gold gown is an unusual choice - apparently Parris is into that mindset as deeply as her husband.

The Thorin look - keeping asking myself why RA wouldn't have longer hair than that during the press conf. Ian Turner's must be grown for mos - why not Thorin? eeeeek...getting worried it might be a skullcap. Only thing giving me hope that won't happen are director Jackson's words when he referred to Richard as Thorin giving the LOTR hotties competition. Let it be so - middle earth could use the heat;)

Musa said...

Hi RicRAR,It is sweet that GRRM and his bride share the same passion for the medieval and Westeros!

Aidan Turner started out with long hair, so for him it's the usual look, except even wilder! But we know Richard looks lovely with long locks as well (RH3). I agree, don't think PJ would cast RA and the other hotties without something in mind. Big task though, he has to make The Hobbit and Tolkien fans happy, then make us happy...don't envy his task. I think RA said in the press conference they were still experimenting with what type of prosthetics for them, and with the beards. Too bad we don't get a progress report every week :)

Sue said...

I've been listening to the Hobbit which was dramatised by the BBC for radio (never read the book when I was a kid, more for boys I think that one!) and it seems when the singing starts (which happens an awful lot) it is usually instigated by Thorin! I think if Richard does sing (and it looks pretty likely) he will probably decide to send himself up, and sound similar to the dastardly Lovelace in Clarissa. (That'll do for me, I ain't fussy).

I think Thorin is likely to be slightly greying (hope he's not completely grey). No wig or bald patches please director!

Ricrar said...

Hi Musa & Sue,

Wouldn't RA almost have to wear a wig as Thorin when we consider the fact his hair was such a short length for the news conf. Really doubt PJ would ever consider that length hair for the dwarf-in-chief. Perhaps it will be hair extensions similar to those mentioned by Musa(RH3).

Just last evening I learned that Aidan Turner already had longer hair. Remembered someone mentioning he appeared in the show Being Human but had no idea what it was about. Well, The Tudors is showing on BBC America, so checked last night to see if it was new ep. Lo & behold what was playing but BH and there was Aidan & his middle-parted hair. Why? the middle part--don't care for it. haha..as if he cares;) Still don't understand the fascination w/vampires - not even the dark, nice looking variety.

Aidan's acting is intense - many *hard stares*, unsettling outbursts, etc. Should make for a volatile mix once RA's Thorin gets in his face...as we know he will:)

Do either of you know if Clarissa is still available for online listening? Would enjoy revisiting it after all these mos.

Sue said...


Sorry I don't know if the recording of Clarissa is available to listen too. Perhaps the BBC will eventually make a CD available for people to buy.

I think Richard may well get a wig as his hair is a little short to attach hair extensions. I'm sure he'll look great whatever.

Even though the start of filming has only been delayed by about a month I'm sure it will have cost quite a bit of dosh to do that and rejuggle things. Considering MGM registered for bankruptcy protection they can't afford to have too many things go wrong like that surely?

Peter Jackson will still have to take it easy otherwise he's likely to suffer from more ulcers. Stress can be a real killer (in more ways than one!)