February 3, 2011

Hungarian Newspaper Comments + Latest Edition:Hobbitin5 + Moviefone Website Refers to Nasty, Nazi Scumbag:) + The Longing by JulietD001 + YIPPEE! Heinz Kruger Photo--Everyone on the Dancefloor..Let's Move It!!:)

A Hungarian newspaper reviewed Robin Hood, which was filmed there - following excerpt from the translation graciously provided at link below...

[Translation: When evil takes it all With Richard Armitage, the actor playing Sir Guy of Gisborne, a new Mr Darcy was born. The actor, who mainly displayed his talents on the British stage, was discovered by television in 2004. He achieved a breakthrough as the noble-hearted but scowling textile manufacturer in the drama serial based on the novel North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, a 19th century British Romantic writer... He appeared in several series of Spooks (only some of which have been shown on our screens), and in the action series Strike Back, which was a big success last year in the UK, and where he was admired for rock-solid action scenes and character development as John Porter, an ex-SAS officer who had served in Iraq. Now he's shooting Captain America, a movie based on a comic strip, and he has a leading role in the new Tolkien adaptation, The Hobbit. Soon the name Richard Armitage will no longer be primarily associated with the ex-Deputy Secretary of State of the USA.]

Sincere thanks for the translation - provided at http://www.acemarsupial.co.uk/

Channing Tatum comments on his latest venture and in the process makes it clear that he's another hottie actor who has managed to keep his ego in check
 despite all the public adulation.  He describes his upcoming film and rationalizes why it has compelled him to watch -  although at first he was nonplussed by the genre in general..

  >Channing Tatum was interviewed by Collider when they got onto the subject of Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire. That is the film that stars Gina Carano as a spy who goes on the run.

Being a Soderbergh movie you know it will be a bit different from the other spy movies and that seems to apply to the soundtrack.  The subject cropped up when Collider asked if Haywire would be shown at Cannes.

Tatum: Maybe. I don’t know what’s going on with it - they[studio and director] might have been disagreeing because he scored the entire movie like a spaghetti western. Literally I get out of the car and [the actor whistles like he's in a Clint Eastwood-Sergio Leone film] ..I don’t know if this works but it’s frickin’ awesome. It sounds great - that’s Soderbergh, you can’t really put him in a box. You can’t put him in a genre or a type. He’s going to do Soderbergh. I can’t wait - haven’t seen the movie yet.

What’s your character?    Tatum: I play a Blackwater agent. We are commissioned to kidnap someone - everything goes wrong in a way, and Gina Carano who plays the lead character is set up for it. It’s sort of like a female Bourne Identity. My wife always hates when I say “just don’t love female action movies!” I don’t know why - just don’t rush to see them.  I said "if they'd find a girl that can, pardon my French, whoop my ass then I will go to the movies and watch it. They did! They found one. And she did! It  was awesome - I truly loved it! So yeah,  can't wait to see it myself to be totally honest."<
The Playlist have the news that Haywire will be released on 22 April 2011.

From website linked below:  Hopeful for Action Soon at Hobbiton
February 4th, 2011 -  The bickering is over, the director is on the mend, and The Hobbit is about to start shooting. Hobbiton, near Matamata, has announced it will be closed for five weeks from February 14. While Matamata locals were tight-lipped about any goings-on, Matamata-Piako Mayor Hugh Vercoe confirmed filming was due to start and that the Hobbiton site – used for Shire scenes in The Lord of the Rings and now rebuilt for The Hobbit – would be a closed set.
“I’m just aware that filming is about to start,” Mr Vercoe said.
Ye shall reap what ye sow :)...the moviefone website made the following remark about below photo..haha..
>Now, here's Rogers completely out of uniform, roughing up what we can only assume is some sort of nasty, Nazi scumbag <

Past post of the Day: Sept 2010 w/pics of RA filming in Manchester.  Tweet reports as fans discover Heinz:) http://allthingsrarmitage.blogspot.com/2010/09/richard-armitage-is-heinz-kruger-its.html

Sincere thx to Musa for her early morning alert and to http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/ for their tweet about the above article in Empire magazine.  Must have a quiet moment with the Capt;) and request 'special relationship' status for our fav nazi spy:)   Everyone up and out on the dancefloor in celebration of this momentous event.....happy feet...


                                         In Memory of Lucas North by amuehlenkamp


Brown-eyed Girl said...

He was reading "The Hobbit" in his trailer :) Gotta love him, right?

Laura said...

The man knows how to prepare.

I couldn't read the whole article... do we have any idea when CA is set for release?

Ricrar said...

Yes, Richard said about Eliz Gaskell's N&S that he fell in love with the novel and referred to it constantly during filming.

The only reference to RA in the above article is the remark about him reading The Hobbit in his trailer.
Opening day for Capt America is July 22, 2011.

It's getting close enough to wonder how those of us without a child younger than their twenties will manage to join all the young fanatic comic book fans;) They'll fervently yell in support of Capt America while he struggles with the evil nazi spy. Then they'll wonder why all the older women in the audience seem to be swooning over the baddie. HeeHee This will be a challenge:)

Laura said...

"they'll wonder why all the older women ... are swooning over the baddie"

THIS is why I have Netflix. I can swoon in peace. And pause the good parts!

Ricrar said...

But Laura, you'll only see Richard in 3D at the theatre;) If we want to soak up that special effect, it can only be done among all the overexhuberant popcorn guzzling rugrats. haha Of course we'll be squealing as almost much as them, but for another reason.

See new link above to the moviefone website where they refer to RA's character as a nasty nazi scumbag:)

Musa said...

I plan to see RA in 3D, even if I have to borrow a kid to go to the movie theater!

Loved the early morning surprise of a new RA pic at last. Good to see what he looks like as Heinz Kruger, without the submarine. Kruger certainly had a makeover from the comic book version:


Laura said...

It would probably be best if I didn't see RA in 3D. I might embarrass myself...

Brown-eyed Girl said...

3D?!?!?! Oh, I'm SO there!

Sue said...


My post is nothing to do with The Hobbit movie, but may have everything to do with our Richard. After having just logged on to my ISP Homepage to check my emails I was intrigued to discover a headline entitled "10 Weirdest Erotic Foods", so obviously I had to take a peak didn't I? Couldn't help but chuckle to discover what the number one food was for an aphrodisiac! Yes, apparently its porridge oats!!! Remember Richard mentioning in an interview about making porridge in the microwave? (I also remember him recounting eating lumpy porridge during his time at Miss Patts college too, so obviously he's been partaking of a certain pulse for quite a while).

Here's a snippet of what it says and the link to find out what the other nine erotic foods are:

Porridge oats:
We Brits eat 47 million gallons of porridge each winter, and according to some, it could raise pulses in the bedroom. Experts have found that oats (avena sativa) help to free locked testosterone in the body, rebalancing levels of the hormone and increasing sex drive.



Seems we've discovered Richard's secret to keeping fit and fruity!No wonder he likes his women naughty!

Ricrar said...

hahaha..Musa's borrowing a kid for Jul 22...actually that's a great idea. We'll need to screen them for one that can be bribed into not mentioning all the sighing & drool they noticed when a certain nazi spy appeared on screen;)

Ahhh, Laura, you know you wanna see those piercing blue eyes in 3D.*thud*

That's the spirit BEG. We'll need to control the urge to reach out and try to run our fingers along that yummy stubble - in 3D.*slurp* heehee

aha! Sue..might oatmeal porridge deserve the credit for Richard's smoldering stares into his female co-stars eyes? and those trembling-inducing purring growels from Guy whenever Marian came into view. Best of all, it's probably far less expensive than viagra.

Which reminds me--one of the first posts I'd ever made about Richard to other fans was "he's female viagra!" They replied "Yes, that's definitely the effect." *wink,wink*

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Ricrar: Winter is Coming has posted the casting for Stannis! Go there, NOW!

Ricrar said...

Thx BEG--just read the speculative WiC post re casting of Stannis Baratheon. The writer seemed to be impressed w/Richard's credentials to play the part, but more or less concludes he either won't be interested in it - or will be unavailable due to The Hobbit commitments.

RA's name has been mentioned to GoT's author, Geo Martin, therefore we can hold out hope that Mr Martin might find RA the best match for his morally conflicted/backbone of steel Stannis. Perhaps, under that scenario, we could still find our wish granted:) fingers crossed. Everything hinges of course on Season2 getting a greenlight. From the previews we've seen so far, can't imagine it not being a huge hit w/HBO audience in Apr.

Laura said...

I might have to lift my personal 3D embargo for him...

As a rule, I avoid 3D movies. First because they give me a headache, and second, because I'm really not into anything faddish, and that's what 3D feels like to me. Seems they're doing EVERYTHING in 3D regardless whether it would be good/appropriate.

Or maybe I'm just old fashioned. But I think I'll see if I can scare up a friend or two to see this one as a "girls night out". Shouldn't be too hard.

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