February 23, 2011

Peter Jackson & Crew Offer Help + Video: Christchurch NZ Damage - Not of the Victims..simply infrastructure Damage

There has obviously been quite a hunger for more Tolkien after the LOTR trilogy.  Here's an interesting project entitled 'The Hunt for Gollum'.   In this particular story, it's Aragorn hunting the spooky and spunky creature highlighted in a post below... 

NEWS: The Hobbit production offers help:

This vid gives an idea of the devastating quake damage in NZ without exploiting any of the victims in their moment of extreme duress..



Sue said...

The problems for NZ are just beginning, there will undoubtedly be aftershocks, which will bring down more buildings already weakened by the earthquake. Also the need for clean water as sewer pipes etc. will have been damaged along with many other essential infrastructures. Whilst I applaud the crew member for showing the world the devastation in Christchurch I really don't advocate film crews driving around making a nuisance of themselves and generally getting in the way. On a more practical note perhaps Peter Jackson and producers of the Hobbit film may be able to use their high profile in the media to appeal for help for New Zealanders, that is where their talents lie. A famous face/name can do wonders to gain attention as to the plight over there.

I know England has already despatched experienced search and rescue teams to help in NZ. This is the type of thing they need now, trouble is with everything happening in the Middle Eastern countries we aren't hearing too much about NZ over here in blighty. It must feel strange carrying on filming as normal in the North side of the country knowing that in Christchurch such carnage has happened.

Ricrar said...

Sue, the lamestream lib media(worldwide phenomenon) is famous for almost ignoring natural disasters in those nations considered western & developed. They know those inhabitants have ingrained cultural traditions of helping each other and pulling themelves up by their bootstraps after this type of tragedy. Melodramatic media would much rather focus on stories where they can shake their fist at the West and pretend to be holier than thou as advocates for the globe's downtrodden.

CNN/CBS/NBC in the US have that attitude and BBC does as well (we see bbcA new reports). All those lib-elitist networks have the attitude towards Western developed nations that those determined to help themselves are boring - there are too many responsible, industrious people in NZ for that type of global media to take much interest.