February 23, 2011

We Need a New 'Seduces Me' Vid + New Spooks Vid + Oscar Ceremony Schedule + S9 dvd Promo + RA Radio Interview + Award for Casting Directors of THE HOBBIT + LOTR Paintings + Spooks9 dvd Promotion: Become a Spook - Mission Briefing

Every End has a Start by JulietD001

From Sept 17, 2010 uploaded by Britu21

Interesting news: The couple who discovered RA for the Thorin role, plus Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom, etc will receive an award.  Excerpt follows from the article:
>For the husband-and-wife team, there is nothing quite like the moment when they come across an unknown talent and realize that the actor is going to be a star, such as when they first met Winslet when she was 15 as they were casting Peter Jackson's "Heavenly Creatures."

So what do they look for?

"It's a mix of intelligence and strength, and a sense that there is something special," says John Hubbard.

"Alan Parker says it is a word called 'magic,' " adds Ros Hubbard. "You get excited by it, because you feel this guy or this girl is brilliant and they are going to make it."<

[Ricrar comment:  We know exactly the feeling, don't we ladies :)  Yes, we definitely did get excited about discovering the magic of someone special on screen.  It's been an exhilarating journey, every step of the way for some of you (past 2.5 yrs for me) up to the moment when the Hubbards recognized  Richard's unique talents as well - high fives all around *slapping each other on backs*]

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Would appear someone, besides RA, sometimes uses the thumbs up signal...(director Jackson:)

 If the upcoming start of filming for The Hobbit doesn’t get you excited that a new Tolkien movie is being made by the same people who brought us the LOTR trilogy; here’s something that may. One of the spies for TheOneRing.Net got extremely close to the sets at the Miramar studios and managed to snap some shots. While the sets are still being constructed, the general consensus is that the pillars are part of the Lonely Mountain set.

The LOTR trilogy used Alan Lee and John Howe’s previous paintings as a basis for its look. That’ll naturally continue with The Hobbit, and some people have pointed out how the top of the pillars look a lot like Alan Lee’s paintings...(see photos at the onering.net website)

Read an article describing this year's Oscar Ceremony's schedule to see if there's anything of interest and found that Cate Blanchett will introduce a clip from Lord of the Rings prior to her presentation of the Best Makeup and Costume oscars...other items of some note:

--Long-time superstar Tom Hanks will present early in the program - after that most others are either in 2010 films or upcoming movies for 2011.
--Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman will partner for the Best Original Score award
--An undisclosed guest host will introduce an excerpt from the first televised oscar program..it's black & white
--Robt Downey & Jude Law: Best Visual Effects oscar
--Gwyneth Paltrow sings a nominated song 'Coming Home' (couple yrs ago when asked which American actress would be the best co-star for RA, decided to see how they might look together on screen

--Jeff Bridges: last year's winner will present the Best Actor award
--Sandra Bullock: the 2010 Best Actress will do the honors for that oscar
--Steven Spielberg: Best Motion Picture
A few commenters at the oscar article website suggested it would really be interesting if Charlie Sheen was hosting the show this year.  Those who've seen recent entertainment headlines get the joke :)
The audience for the past ten years is much smaller than it had been for many previous decades; although, for 2010 it was about 40 million viewers - that's just domestically


Well, I've just discovered a sad situation when it comes to our appreciation of RA fanvids.  It seems the videographer who created the lovely one entitled 'Seduces Me' (song of the same title sung by Celine  Dion) has chosen to make it private at youtube; thereby removing one of the most popular and enjoyable fan vids from his supporters enjoyment.  It definitely presents a void that needs to be filled - perhaps by a good-hearted RA video creator?  In the meantime, we can listen to the following and mute the sound while watching one of the above vids.



Laura said...

Just had to come out of my cave to check in and say, I've FINALLY got my hands on Spooks 8!! I'm halfway through, and finally got to see the "glove biting" scene. Swoon. But you know the one that *really* got me? When Sarah was kidnapped by the Russian, and the Russian told Lucas that he had Sarah tied up. The anguish on Lucas' face... I felt it. The ability of RA to convey that kind of emotion sneaks up on me and hits at the most interesting times...

Brown-eyed Girl said...

I'm also hakfway through on Spooks 8 and you're absolutely right about that scene with the russian guy... and about the glove biting one. I'm pretty sure that whole scene, Lucas in leather from head to toe, the glove, was a wink to hardcore fans of Sir Guy :)

Ricrar said...

Top o' the morning to you Laura & BEG,

Spooks 8 is my fav of the 3 series I've watched. 7 and 9 are very entertaining as well, but the American factor made 8 especially appealling for me. Won't spoil the remaining eps for you - they're a treat as well.

Check today's news in post above. The Hubbards will receive a special award. They're the casting team who found Richard for the Thorin role - and many other well-known performers as well. Read the remarks they made when asked what they look for in an actor. We can all high five that we recognized his special talents as well. They said it's a combination of intelligence and strength that makes you realize this person will become a star. *slap, slap, slap* :)

Laura said...

BEG... OH, the LEATHER!!! I replayed that scene like six times JUST so I could watch the - what did that reporter call it? - "testosterone-charged gait" all clad in black leather. Dang, I am such a goner.

And it's about time someone besides us fans reecognized his Star Power!

Ricrar said...

There are currently two Guy of Gisbornes on twitter. That's not really the most ridiculous situation - there are at least 3 Lucas Norths:) Apparently splinter groups want their very own.

Ian McKellen tweeted today that he attended a party for the hobbit dwarves. Then he gave clues for 3 of them. Last one was "he drinks only apple juice and has been voted UK's sexiest actor many times." Could it be you know who?

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Laura: the leather... sighs... the biting of the glove... sighs...

As for the UK's sexiest actor, I think it's Rob Kazinsky, he's been voted a few times apparently.

I can't wait to know more about Sir Ian meeting Richard, I don't know exactly why I'm so eager, maybe because I love them both so much :)

Ricrar said...

We might have to wait until Sir Ian writes his memoirs to know the details of his first meeting w/RA. By then, he no doubt will make the comment "didn't realize at the time that I was talking to a future mega-movie star";) Then again, The Hobbit's Gandalf does seem to enjoy communicating with the public, so who knows what he'll see fit to next post at his journal.

Rob and Aidan both fulfill the visual requirements as heart-throbs. But our fav has added bonuses, doesn't he? For example: unusual reticence about the celebrity spotlight, extremely strong work ethic, enough intelligence to realize he needs a fan base in order to achieve the pinnacle of his profession; and enough humility to want to acknowledge that fact.

Hope everyone has a great wkend:)

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for the YouTube video of the radio interview...

I don't know how to say this in english exactly, but all the hair in the back of my neck was up when he said to the fan "oh, come on" and then he HUGGED her?!?! Could he be any sweeter?!?!

I'm lying in a pool of drool here, honest to God!

Ricrar said...

You said it perfectly BEG and it's difficult to imagine how he could be any sweeter;) isn't it.

Hope we'll get steady reports from discreet kiwis once hobbit filming begins.

I've just read an article outlining the schedule for the upcoming oscars ceremony. Evidently a clip from Lord of the Rings will be introduced by Cate Blanchett as the lead in/background for her presentation of the Best Makeup and Costume oscars.

After faithfully watching the oscars for many yrs I'd ignored it and all actors for a decade - prior to watching N&S. Have not resumed viewing the entire program but might peek in now and then for particular portions. I'm about to list part of the schedule for this year's show - it's on Sun or Mon evening.

Sue said...

Apple juice! Somehow I can't imagine RA with a glass of that somehow, although you never know, he may have had an early start planned in dwarfdom. I think a glass of wine would have been more likely (or a pint of Yorkshire ale?Do they have that in NZ?)

Ricrar said...

Pint of Yorkshire ale Sue..will order it when/if we ever get serious about the long-time threat of visiting Northern England. Would enjoy traipsing around the old stomping grounds of a few C19 ancestors.

You can verify if pubs here that advertise selling "authentic British brews" are observing the truth in advertising laws. While on a trip last yr, I'd enjoyed Samuel Smith's oatmeal stout...according to label it's made Tadcaster, N.Yorks. Is that true?