February 12, 2011

RA Characters & Assorted Valentines + New LN Vid by JulietD001 + Choose Your Valentine Crumpet Poll..

and tragic endings....

1.  JT

NZ press conference - tad more shown of RA's entrance - have yet to see a video showing the full extent of what the reporter described as a "testosterone charged lope"... 

                                                          2.  JP
                                                   3.  JS

                                                     4.  LN


Musa said...

Well, I did choose, but I really would have taken all of them!

Ricrar said...

Sometimes we must make difficult choices, right Musa;)

More pix to come later today, in order to celebrate the spirit of St Valentine. Found some interesting historical background on the origins of the day.

Is Rob Kazinsky married? His tweets sound rather lonesome, altho' surely there are legions of females in NZ happy to befriend him.

Musa said...

I don't know much about him, but I'm also assuming he's single :)
Yep, I'm not worried either about him finding a date in NZ! I'm sure they're all being well looked after.

I remember from the LOTR Extras that some select male members of the cast had female crew members going beyond their regular duties to make sure they had all they needed. PJ even had a name for one of these group of helpers, can't remember now :) PJ was very amused by it.

Ricrar said...

Viggo and SB probably received most attention from the assistants:)

Can't tell you how uninterested I was in the LOTR series until this development w/Richard.

Now, whenever one of the 3 films is playing, which is almost non-stop on STARZ, I've stopped to watch at least for awhile. I'm enjoying studying the Viggo character in order to compare what PJ might have in mind for Thorin. They're both stunningly handsome with huge penetrating eyes, although Richard's are far more expressive.

What nationality is Viggo?.. was surprised to not hear an eastern european accent.

Musa said...

Thanks for the video of RA entering the room. At least we get to see part of his "lope"-LOL.Too bad most of the other videos cut off the entrance of the rest of the cast once Martin Freeman came in. (OK, he is the star, but still!)

Viggo has had an interesting career after LOTR and fame, a path that might be what RA follows, or I think would be a smart one to follow :)

You know I'm not a fan of Viggo's in particular, but he's an interesting man. I know he was born in the US and his father is Danish. He speaks several languages fluently,English, Danish, and Spanish being one since he was raised in Argentina part of his childhood, and in the US of course. I know from a friend in Spain he now spends lots of time there since his current lady love is a well known Spanish actress.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

I am a Viggo fan :) He's not only an actor, but also a poet, a musician, a photographer and a painter...
He's very intense and that's exactly why I love him. Also very masculine and simultaneously soft and sensible.
I would love to see him and Richard do something together :)

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Here's my Valentine song for RA :)

Ricrar said...

BEG & Musa, blogger is determined to make me blow a fuse..grrrr:) I've just typed out a lenthy comment replying to both your remarks and it was zapped away upon posting. Will attempt a repeat in next comment.

Ricrar said...

I'll need to watch at least one more Viggo film in order to comment on his acting prowess, but as far as the visual impact on screen - believe he was never hotter than as Aragorn.

Did you make note of the reporter's post conference article when she said the writers/director were studying each actor's unique talents.

Who else could possibly match Richard's mellifluous deep voice, powerful yet dance-like physical action scenens, expressive large eyes and of course excellent acting ability? Hope they find a way to display a romantic side to Thorin altho' that's very doubtful.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Ricrar: I don't which films with Viggo Mortensen you've already seen, but I recommend:
- To see what an amazing actor he is, "Eastern Promises"
- To see how sexy he can be (although you're absolutely right when you say he's never been hotter than as Aragorn): "A Walk on the Moon" or "A Perfect Murder".
Just as a curiosity, in "A Perfect Murder" he plays a painter and the paintings that are shown are actually his :)

BEG :)

Ricrar said...

Thanks for the list of Viggo movies, BEG. Will watch for them.

RA world must've been traumatized during the press conference by the delicious Thorin beard and voice. They've been acting almost comatose since then;) *very quiet*

Did you notice one of the middle earth twitterers today asked who is more likely to be the next hobbit heart-throb Armitage or Kazinsky. Naturally they received some decisive opinions stating our fav actor will be. All 3 hottie dwarves will no doubt win huge followings and become heart-throbs. Don't know the size of the other two actor's fandoms but RA certainly has a head start.

Sue said...

I remember that Kazinsky when he appeared in the British soap Eastenders seemed to have a following, although to be honest I never really saw the attraction myself. Obviously I prefer the tall dark good looks of RA instead, who has a delicious voice to boot!I wonder what the songs some of the cast are going to be singing are like, and will our Richard be giving his tonsils an airing do you think? He must have a good voice as he was in musical theatre after all, (there is singing in Cats by McCavity, which was the character Richard played on stage).Obviously he's been hiding his light (or should I say voice) under a bushel.

Ricrar said...

Kazinsky & Turner are unknown quantities to me as far as their previous roles and personalities. They definitely fit the visual requirements for heart-throb, but that's not enough to make us swoon, is it;)

Nope...we need the entire package - visual, auditory, emotional touching of our hearts and heads to finally say "OK...I give up...this actor is worth spending some time marinating in his on-screen effortts.

We had a brief taste of RA's singing voice in Clarissa - sounded pleasant...not nearly as powerful as his speaking voice however.

There are snippets of the Cats roles on youtube. Perhaps the McCavity singing excerpt is available as well.

If you get a chance, check the new RA pic scavenger hunt on twitter. First category was finding one of RA in shorts.

Just read about Daniel Radcliffe's next roles. Good to see his talent is finding outlets beyond HP. He's so darn cute. Going to post a pic above.

Sue said...

I've just been reading about the character of Thorin on the rings website and I don't know if it's just me but it seems there are elements of Thorin's backstory that are very similar to Guy of Gisbourne's character don't you think? Judging by the character description Richard will have a little grey in his hair and beard. Hope they just put a few stray grey hairs at the temples etc., not too much, although I think they'll quite suit him.

It also mentions the singing. I think he'll have a ball playing and writing a diary for this character! I think those that are not familiar with RA's work will be pleasantly surprised and enamoured.

As for Kazinsky and Turner they have no way near the amount of experience and talent of RA. I'm not putting them down, just that Richard seems to give that extra 110% and it shows. He has a very business-like approach to acting and at the conference he reminded me a little of a British George Clooney, without being smarmy. I found him very charming indeed.

Ricrar said...

Oh Sue, you don't realize how deep my heart sank to hear a fine gentleman like Richard compared to a dunce like Geo Clooney;) *winks & chuckles*

Is it obvious Clooney is one of my least fav actors/people/LA creatures w/diahhrea of the lip :)...in other words...in all honesty, I can't stand the man and therefore have never watched one of his films in it's entirety. Tried to accomplish that feat yrs ago but couldn't manage to make it to the end. Besides being a political blabbermouth espousing the usual liberal tripe(panders to the majority in his audience) Geo always seems to me to have a "am I not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen" attitude towards the viewing public.

Will comment on your Thorin remarks along w/the new RA class in the post above.