February 14, 2011

Peter Johnson's Quote on RA as Thorin + Kiwi Peeder Jigson's Latest + Daily Mail Typecasting Article + Crooked Smile Poll + N&S 2004 Trailer + Donato Giancola + Press Conf Caps Courtesy of RACentral + Attention Class! Sit up Straight While Enjoying This Clever New RA Video:)


Lest anyone forget, here's Peter Jackson's comment upon announcing RA will play the Thorin role:
"Richard is one of the most exciting and dynamic actors working on screen today and we know he is going to make an amazing Thorin Oakenshield," Jackson added of Armitage. "We cannot wait to start this adventure with him and feel very lucky that one of the most beloved characters in Middle-Earth is in such good hands."


Might one of the reasons RA has so much sparkle in his eyes in the above photo be due to the fact that he's no doubt enjoying the beautiful NZ landscapes/seascapes - including ones like this typical sunset..

North & South trailer by Alenanok...

It's amazing what one can find on twitter.  One result for a hobbit search lead to a wonderful article about an oil painter who specializes in Tolkien works.  His name is Donato Giancola.  A quote of his and then a couple examples of his work, followed by a link to the website..

Donato writes. "The admirers of Tolkien know no mercy when it comes to deviations and inaccuracies, myself included! I know those books inside and out, but still found myself making a few mistakes. I now run my sketches past my friends as a double check to catch any errors. Luckily, Tolkien provided artists with large loopholes for illustrating his novels–there's very little physical description of either characters or places. His descriptions are generally emotional and, for that reason, resonate with the reader more than the offerings of other authors. This is what I love regarding the works; there's a strong emotional foundation upon which to build a very broad range of physical interpretations."

You can view more of Giancola's art at DonatoArts.com.
                  This article by George Beahm originally appeared at TheOneRing.net.

                                    Above is Boromir - Below: Aragorn sheltering Frodo

English grammar class is about to begin--pay close attention--in case the clever instructor imposes a snap quiz afterwards;) Sit up straight, remove chewing gum, those passing notes during class will be kept for detention :) Enjoy the following unique valentine for RA...

Interesting article on typecasting in today's Daily Mail..


Can't allow Valentine's Day to slip by without a classic RA *hover, hover* at female lips...

                                  Another entry for the Robin Hood contest - by refgeek...


Lucas North, John Porter & Guy of Gisborne in one vid - The world with a ring around it..Bilbo take notice;)


Game of Thrones trailer for UK and Ireland.  US start date is Apr 17..probably same everywhere...


Crooked Smiles Poll - which one occurred at Locksley Manor:
                                                                       1.  Guy (a)

                                                                    2.  Guy (b)

                                                              3.  Marian

Kiwi Peeder Jigson returns with his sneak peek at the hobbit dragon...sort of;)

Daniel Radcliffe fans will be happy to learn that he's found new outlets for his talents beyond HP.  Many people prize miniature collections, and it's in that positive spirit that I've often thought of Daniel.  To me, he's a miniature RA - both visually and in acting ability:)  Do you agree?..

Here's Daniel in THE WOMAN IN BLACK...

The former HP will also appear in Christopher Monger's THE AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love! No pop quizzes (all quizzes in my class are pre-announced), but I will slam you against the wall if you cheat :)

Ricrar said...

hahaha...slam me against the wall, teach;)...is that all? I've suffered through many yrs of parochial school - the dear sisters considered that taking it easy on us.

LOL...I'm really enjoying your clever vid and probably learning something each time it's played--I've no doubt you'll be happy to hear that Ms Servetus.

Now it's time to diagram those da#% sentences for homework;) If I'd ever said that to one of our teaching nuns, it's very doubtful I'd be here today.