June 15, 2010

Top 7 Tips for Looking & Feeling Great (see poll)

                                            1.  Eat organic whenever possible.
                               2.   Drink gallons of water - it's good for your skin.
3. Wear lightly tinted lip gloss or a pale shade of lipstick..to keep lips kissably soft..
4.  Wear V-necks often - they make you look thinner
5. Moisturize - using one that contains SPF - sun damage can be brutal
6.  Have a positive attitude and smile..
                           7. Don't toss & turn all night like Lucas - cells are renewed with plenty of sleep.


tyme_4_t said...

LOL - words (& pics) to live by!
Made my day!

Ricrar said...

Happy to make your day, tyme4t.

Had to find a way to include the 'good night's sleep' pic. You're welcome!;) Others have their priorities - we have ours...right? teeheehee