March 15, 2011

RA's Infectious Laugh +Thorin's Beard Gone Missing? RACentral on Twitter Captures Pic of RA at the Cricket Match for NZ Earthquake Relief


RA_Central RA Central Tweet:

>Richard Armitage and British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell at the #Fillthebasin cricket match - #hobbit   1 hour ago<
Hobbit happenings -- Sir Ian posts to his blog about the recent cricket match:

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RobertKazinsky courage!
14 Mar
So adorable….the penguin is as well;)
Past Post: RA Spooks fans held their breath:
Thank you for another Strike Back review from Australia.  Amused at the way AU female reporters don't mind wearing their hearts on their sleeves..hahaha, and why not?

And those words were probably written before she viewed the following...

Past post of the day..Musa suggests some smart producer would be wise to make a movie starring RA as Uhtred in Bernard Cornwell's 'Lords of the North'...

Play it a couple times each morning to get the day off to a bright start..RA's laugh by Britu21.  It was one of the first things(while watching bbcA interview for first time) that struck me as...well...deep :) about him...

Short-lived beard revisited...

Past posts of the Day:


Musa said...

So good to see him looking so good - beard or no beard :)

Ricrar said...

Very true Musa. My first thought upon seeing the above pic was "there's the proof positive..Richard's eyes are a naturally vibrant blue. In all his shows over the years, sometimes they'd appear their natural color and others a more subdued bluish/grey.

He does look extremely happy, doesn't he?...beautiful sea never far away, surrounded daily by many humorous, creative people...immersed in a prized role he'll play for many, many mos..under the direction of one of the world's most celebrated directors. There's a farmer's expression for how truly joyful he must feel - but too graphic to repeat. *winks*

Can't help but wonder what Sir Ian meant by the dwarves will be essentially themselves, or Aidan's exclamation that they're looking good. We'll believe it when we see it;)

Laura said...

Content. He looks content. You're right... it's a good look for him.

Musa said...

Hi RicRAr!

Yes, I still hope a smart producer will make Lords of the North with Richard- LOL

He does look very happy and relaxed. That's a good sign that things are going well on The Hobbit. He's a man who enjoys his work (and we can enjoy his work too!)

I hope it means they won't use any prosthetics on the dwarves, but I think probably they'll have beards and long hair. I like your idea of the Legolas look, with a beard.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

I love the new picture, he looks absolutely perfect! Relaxed, happy with a hint of a tan in that gorgeous face... *sigh*

It's like you say, he and all the rest of the cast, must be having the time of their lives. At least I hope they are and that they enjoy every single minute of it.

Sue said...

So what happened to the beard? That can only mean one thing, that he is going to have to wear a massive false beard down to his knees! Mind you he will have to get rid of the designer stubble otherwise it will be hell taking the false beard off if it's glued on. Mind you maybe we will get a clean shaven or five-o-clock shadow Thorin? Glad to see Richard doing his bit, although most of the New Zealanders attending the cricket match probably won't know him from Adam. Does Richard play cricket do you think? I can just imagine him dressed all in white.

Ricrar said...

5 o'clock shadow Thorin sounds almost designer-stubble-like, Sue. That would be too good to be true if Sir Ian decided to take that route. RA would no doubt be disappointed as well--he sounded in his Christmas message as though he was looking forward to a beard. Perhaps that toying with us..keeping us abuzz and thereby interested over a verrrry long wait to finally see middle earth's designer dwarves.

Laura says Richard look content, Musa finds him happy & relaxed while BEG says he's perfect. Do believe we have a crazy for RA consensus going here :) with a side of very happy ourselves to see his joyfulness.

Only a few more days until hobbit shooting begins..Yippee!

Enjoy all the green tomorrow--here's a virtual shamrock shake toast to all. Fav tshirt I've seen for St Patrick's parties reads "Kiss Me I'm Not Irish"..hahaha Cute!

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