March 6, 2011

Richard Armitage & Andrew Lincoln in SB uploaded by JoniaRogue + RA Profile:"King Under the Mountain Himself" + Sir Ian's Latest + Gimli Quote + Hunky is as Hunky Does ;) [despite recent blood-sucking vampire results:] Evidence Provided - You Decide...


THE HOBBIT happenings:  webmaster Rob Irwin of Sydney begins his profile with "the king under the mountain himself," and with the words "a very erudite man"  he acknowledged that he found RA's interview answers to be very nuanced and thorough.  [R:  IMO, one of the first glimmerings of beginning of the world's discovery of a super bright rising star]

Rest of quoted RA interview:

Weta workshop auction results for earthquake relief:




Sir Ian’s latest journal post:
>For someone recovering from major abdominal surgery, Peter is looking better than fine, though it's still a surprise to see a slim-line rather than cherubic PJ, remembering first time round when there was always a tempting bowl of sweets ("candy" to the Americans and "lollies" to the Kiwis) by the director's chair. His eyes seem darker, more pronounced, more purposeful. He showed me his scar and said he is raring to go.

He suggests we should start talking through the script next week. Meanwhile he showed me the preliminary make-up designs for the dwarves, each utterly himself and yet dwarvish. Lots of hair and braids and some jewellery. My first glimpse of Gimli's ancestors.<

Sir Peter Jackson’s NZ auditorium with sound-mixing control boards...

THE HOBBIT: Dwarf prosthetics comments - including quote from Gimli of LOTR who turned down the offer to reappear in The Hobbit:

Few facts about Thorin Oakenshield:
--Gandalf remembered Bilbo Baggins yearning for adventure and decided the latter might join forces with Thorin Oakenshield in order to start a quest to recapture the dwarf‘s homeland from Smaug the dragon.

--The wizard persuaded Thorin to consider a plan for a silent attack on the dragon by taking a hobbit as his secret weapon. Hobbits were stealthy, dwarves were not.

--Thorin had a haughty disregard for hobbits. He thought of them as merely food-growers.

--At one point Gandalf said to the head dwarf - “your own ideas are those of a King, Thorin Oakenshield; but your kingdom is gone. If it is to be restored, which I doubt, it must be from small beginnings.. I wonder if you fully realise the strength of a great Dragon."

--Thorin was the grandson of Thror. His Halls were in the Blue Mountains. There he agonized over the loss of the treasure of his forefathers.

--The leader of the dwarves expressed an immense sense of inherited duty to take revenge on Smaug the dragon (a sense of duty was taken very seriously by dwarves)

--Thorin was proud, obstinate and with a burning grudge.




        There's no way...*shaking head in disbelief* :) in what alternative universe is this...


hotter than...

              One of the beautiful settings to be found in upcoming Game of Thrones....
Around the world with Richard Armitage fans…Lucas & Jo…if only..

Guy and Marian...


Musa said...

Thanks for the pic of RA with long hair and braid! Looking at the pic I think he will look good as long as they leave his gorgeous face as it is, no prosthetics. Sir Ian says they'll look like themselves.
Great find the The Hobbit review by CS Lewis.

Ricrar said...

There's a recent online blurb quoting the actor who played Gimli in LOTN. He said the prosthetics were so painful, difficult to live with that he turned down the offer to appear again in The Hobbit.

I'm about to post a pic of the actor who received 181 more votes as the hunkiest brit in recent poll. The explanation certainly rings true that many US fans know Stephen Moyer as a current hot..errr..that is cold/creepy;) vampire but are not yet aware of Richard's hunkiness. We need to wait 18mos for them to be so blessed.

bettielee said...

Girl, you outdid yourself on this post. These are all amazing pictures.

There's no way that guy is hotter than Richard. No way. Unless you are blind and like... maybe he smells better. He doesn't have blue black hair. No way mousey brown beats blue black hair.

I'm not surprised John Rhys-Davis didn't return. I know the prosthetics were hell on earth for him. I saw pictures of him after he had taken them off, and don't blame him. He lost all the skin around his eyes because he was allergic to the adhesive.

Ricrar said...

"unless you're blind and maybe he smells better" hahaha...LOL..very eloquently put, bettielee:)

Happy you've enjoyed the pix - it will be a long wait, but once the majority of American females discover Richard, they'll think of the current vampire mania as bloody boring blokes;)

Laura said...

Oh, please God, not another stinking vampire! I am SO tired of this whole vampire thing. Although... there is an upside, you know. Once people discover RA, we will be the ones 'who knew him when'.

But honestly, I'm ashamed of my fellow women who would choose that... that... that... BOY over Richard!! Blind, the lot of them!!

Ricrar said...

Agreed Laura...after the premiere of the first Hobbit film, our fellow countrywomen will finally discover an actor with it all--powerful acting skills, mellifluous deep voice plus the TDH factor as a delectable bonus.

Laura said...

Yes, but they can't have him. We saw him first! So thbtbtbtbt!!!!! (sorry, I've been hanging with my 7 year old for most of the day)