March 10, 2011

Lord of the Dance:Watch for Dark Haired Man w/a Beard(sort of;) + Richard Armitage Pix

Guy of Gisborne visits Game of Thrones locations...

Thorin's in grave danger of one of his admirers losing their heart to Gollum ;) after seeing this..LOL



Sue said...

Michael Flatley is doing a round of interviews over here in England promoting his new "Lord of the Dance" 3D movie. Here's the link for the trailer:

It looks absolutely fabulous!

Getting onto the subject of Richard (did we ever leave it?)I remember him mentioning in an interview that his mum took him to tap dancing lessons because he was pigeon-toed as a child. Poor little wretch. At least we know who to thank (blame) for introducing him to dance! I bet he was the only little lad there, poor thing! (Lucky girls!)

Ricrar said...

Thx for the link Sue.

Didn't Richard say he loves to dance - always the first one on the dancefloor. His fav is argentine tango. That training is evident in his action sequences, when he needs to raise all 6'2" off the floor in one smooth motion...or Porter tumble setting backwards during prison fight.

Takes me back to school dances, when we never sat down for 3hours straight and the most exciting moment was whenever a guy unacquainted with my group of friends would walk across the hall towards us--ea girl wondered which one of us he was planning to ask to dance. Afterwards we'd gloat w/smugness and get pummelled w/ friends' questions about the fresh meat;)

My most frequent dance partner these days is the Wii. Can get quite a workout with those digital dancers.

DH didn't really dance until he met me, when he says he realized that he didn't stand a chance of sitting certain songs out. Even discovered he actually had some rythmn after being dragged unto the dancefloor for the umpteenth time:) After the first year he was a natural, and still shakes his boody w/me at weddings/on crusies etc.

Laura said...

Heh... something I have in common wiht RA! I was horribly pigeon-toed when I was a child. Still am, although not as bad. But my doctor gave my parents the ultimatum - you have to put her in leg braces. My mom said 'no way', and enrolled me in ballet the next day. I spent the next ten years learning the pas de deux, even advancing to pointe.

And in all of that instruction - ballet, pointe, tap - I never learned to "group dance". Put me out there with Blue Danube playing, I'm graceful as a swan. Put on "Celebration" and I turn into a chimpanzee with six legs. Pathetic!! Complicated steps? I get them immediately. Dance in a group at a wedding? Scares the crap out of me!

Bet I'd rock the Argentinan Tango, though... ;)

Ricrar said...

Bet you'd rock that tango as well Laura..especially with the right dance partner - perhaps 6'2, eyes of blue;)

We'll have to have a virtual dance party here at the blog on Jul 22..Capt America premiere.

Brings back a funny memory - as a member of one of the RA forums, Richard had recently stated in an interview that he was always the first one on the dance floor. So, believe it was for the first new RH episode, might've been 3rd series, we had a virtual party with the accompanying dancing smilies, etc. Of course, we had to have a certain guest who was riding from Nottinghamshire as soon as he was free. Other RA characters showed up and everyone demonstrated their best moves. One member disappeared with the pizza delivery guy. hahaha

Everyone get their virtual dancing shoes on for July 22. It will be time to party!party!

Musa said...

I'm ready for the dance party July 22 - a good way to celebrate RA on the big screen!

Ricrar said...

If only we had use of smilies here at blogger, Musa. That silly virtual RH party was really fun. We'll need to use words instead (describe our best moves & RA characters as well) in this forum) e.g."oooh, look at Guy swivelling his hips--all that horseriding no doubt keeps them limber--well lubricated to move it!move it!";)

Oh no, now the Madagascar song "I like to move it, move it" will play non-stop for hrs in my head.

Ricrar said...

p.s. meant to mention last evening's 'Capt' Sharpe ep. Now that he's married, there's a definite upgrade for his personal appearance. Always handsome of course, but in the first 6 eps his uniform was always soild, tattered, etc. He married(2nd wife) last wk and she's had a positive effect on his physical appearance as well as temperament...well kept & combed hair, snappier looking uniform.

She's concerned that Richard will be lost once he's retired from the army and wonders how he'll fit into her former lifestyle as a landowner's daughter who enjoys entertaining and discussing literature w/dinner guests. So far, Mrs. Sharpe does eventually get her priorities in order and appreciates his intense enthusiasm for her - rather than place utmost importance on shallow affectations.

With each passing ep, becoming more and more concerned for her safety - as we know, the track record for their survival is dismal;)

Laura said...

That Virtual Party sounds like SUCH fun!! I've already informed one of my friends that she'll be accompanying me to see Capt. America if they run it at our theatre here in town (I will cry on your shoulders if they don't...) She's always up for a good movie, and like us, appreciates a good lookin' man. Although I think Chris Evans is more her cup of tea... which is fine by me.

Laura said...

I just now got a chance to watch the Riverdance clip. My feet are twitchy and itchy now!!! I want to get up and dance!