March 2, 2011

Original Review of Tolkien's THE HOBBIT + New N&S Vid:Weightless + Russian Lesson During 2007 Interview + Hobbit Size Barrel + New James Nesbitt(The Hobbit) Interview + Richard Armitage Pix

The original review of Tolkien's THE HOBBIT is being auctioned on ebay.  It was written by the author's friend CS Lewis and was published in The Times on Oct 8, 1937.

                                      New North and South vid byutubeacct2008..

[UPDATE: Evidently the full pilot was only available for a week.  Now there's a lengthy trailer on the website.  First ep will be April 1.]  The new STARZ series CAMELOT will premiere on Apr 1, but the pilot episode is already available for viewing at the following website.  A reading of the cast looks like old home week for RA fans.  Sinead Cusack(Hannah Thornton) plays Sybil, Clive Standen(Guy & Robin's brother,RH3) is Gawain, and the last is actually associated with Sean Bean rather than RA - It's Darah O'Malley(Patrick in the Sharpe series) is Leodegrance. Many RA fans also enjoy that show.  CAMELOT was filmed in Co Wicklow, Irl(been there..beautiful landscapes)

Upcoming new book might be of interest for avid Tolkien fans..

Listen as Richard describes that other remarkable British hovercraft - The Harriers

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Here's the most adorable story about recent filming preparations for THE HOBBIT.  Apparently barrel riding scenes will be shot at the Aratiatia Rapids in NZ.  It's a popular tourist destination which will be shut down for 4 days.  Sweetest part of the story is the following pic - the barrels are pink in order to be properly filmed and there's a wee hobbit size barrel along side the cute..

Russian lesson from Britu21 as you watch this Sept 2007 interview about filming RH2..apparently the Hungarian insects had all the fun ;) buzzzzz

NEWS: Thank you Musa for the information on today's James Nesbitt interview about THE HOBBIT..

Musa mused how RA might look with a Thorin wig and perhaps a braid(kept the latter to minimum..not fond of them on men;)  Apologies to the actor - he'll without a doubt look far better...


Musa said...

Those must have been female mosquitoes - I love the way he says "mosquitoes" I love that 2007 interview.

Glad we had some news from Nesbitt:)
Now why doesn't someone in NZ interview RA for something, the Spooks9 DVD for example? I haven't gotten the DVD yet either, but I know they've shipped it out.

Ricrar said...

We received notice as well about S9 in transit - DH asked "did you request something else from the Queen?" :) My reply: "that's the Valentine's gift I'd promised you."

We're still watching his Sharpe series Christmas present from me, so right now our entertainment cup runneth over. Just know my patience will run out - probably will start coaxing him to take a break from Col Sharpe to watch Spooks9. *enjoy Sean Bean but he doesn't make my toes curl like Lucas North--even emotionally dysfunctional LN*

Game of Thrones & Camelot start as well about 1st wk of Apr - how sweet it is..Yay!

Ricrar said...

p.s. meant to comment on your "why doesn't someone in NZ interview RA" remark. IMO, Richard is probably so wrapped up w/dwarf training, etc that his last concern is being interviewed.

I'd not be a bit surprised if the other actors had first contacted the organizations that published their recent Hobbit comments. Most actors are expert self promoters, while our fav seems to much prefer immersing himself in preparations for his next role. That could be the explanation why he won the Thorin role that all the others had tried out for as well.

That said, hoping I'm forced to eat those last words, and we wake up Mon to a new RA interview about The Hobbit;)

Musa said...

RicRAR, Our darling workaholic is probably doing just as you say, concentrating on his work and reading all about Thorin and The Hobbit.
I love Sean as Sharpe, but I understand you need an RA break and Now!!!!
I am planning on watching Camelot because of all the actors you mentioned. Saw a bit of the preview episode.

Ricrar said...

Watched the pilot for Camelot at the above link and found it better than I'd expected. Altho, as w/Robin Hood, and RA's Guy, I found the actor playing Arthur's brother(Kay) to be more interesting than the lead.

He's Peter Mooney, a Canadian w/a gread deal of stage experience. The decisions made by casting for leading roles can be very perplexing at times. Not only does Mooney's acting impress more so than whoever is playing Arthur - he's also far better looking..hotter in general. Description of his character sounds as tho' he'll be around for most of the 10eps.

Could do without the fantasy aspect of the plot, but it's considered mythical therefore must be expected. Writers probably appreciate the freedom afforded by that genre. As a fact fancier myself, I'm greatly appreciative of writers like Bernard Cornwell who take care to be accurate when writing history. Feel the same way about director of historical sagas - no creative writing, thank you, when it comes to the truth. Oliver Stone need not apply;)

Hope you're enjoying the wkend..having a li'l rain here. Spooks9 has not yet arrived so Col Sharpe and all the raping & pillaging French it will be. Amused at how evil they come off in the entire series. *chronic rivalry through the centuries*

Ricrar said...

Evidently the full pilot for Camelot was only available for a week. A lengthy trailer replaced it on the same website.

Sue said...

I must read the interview with James Nesbitt. I assume he's releasing some interviews because he has a new series starting over here in blighty soon. It's called Monroe and he's a doctor in it. Sounds okay, a bit of an English type "House" series I reckon.


That new pic of Richard standing next to a ladieeeee and a couple of men in front of him, watching something. (He looks like he's rubbing his tongue over his teeth -with his mouth closed and the woman next to him is pursing her lips in anticipation or vexation, not sure which! Probably both!)Where did you get it from and where was it taken? Looks fairly recent.

Ricrar said...

Sue, believe that pic(& others) are caps from the Spooks9 dvd extras. Will post more - probably can be found at the website. Richard even provided a TOC(tongue of concentration) for those fans who collect them. It's labeled as 'flat explosion' which I thought occured in S7 -- was there one in S9 as well? Someone is speaking to the crews & RA in front of the building. Didn't see any other cast members for that particular setting - Ros is included later with RA while crew members mill about. It must be from the S7 or 8 extras?? Was there a flat explosion in S8?
Will add more pix including one w/Ros.

Sue said...

Thanks RiCrAr for those added pics. I like the last pic of Richard walking away. Is he wearing a bum-bag at the front of his jeans (for keeping his bits and pieces in) or is that all Richard? I think it must be the latter.

Ricrar said...

LOL..Sue, I'm still laughing at the journey your 'bum-bag' remark sent me on:) Thought "what bumbag?"..I didn't notice anything unusual on Richard's backside..teehee...then added another photo of that particular candid setting and realized you must be referring to the opposite side - where in my 'studied' opinion it's all RA..hahaha *winks*

Notice the difference in the 2 pix - in one Richard's knee is bent hence the Lucas(very custom fit) jeans create the fold or bulge,while in 2nd pic both legs are straight--flat fabric as well.

If we'd put that much time and effort into discovering a cure for cancer, we'd do the world a great service;) altho' it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. *giggling*
Have we learned from which series dvd extras these candid pix were found?

Sue said...

My goodness those jeans do fit very snuggly indeed. Don't know whether you wear "bum bags" in American, but over here in England they are often worn at the front to keep you money (and other important essentials) in.

Don't know what DVD they've come from, sorry, I've not seen them before.

I notice that Richard seems to deliberately keep aloof between shots, as though he's trying to keep in character. Some actors can often dip in and out of a character and they can be having a break and laughing and joking and as soon as filming begins they instantly change back into character. It must be difficult to try and take on a whole different persona at the drop of a hat (or clapper board).

Ricrar said...

Believe you're right Sue, about Richard's professional dedication to keeping in character if possible. His expressions in those candid pix look as though he's physically present with the others but the look in his eyes seems to be adrift.

I remember during at least one interview he said having patience is an immense part of his chosen profession. There's another candid photo from Series8 where he's standing along side the Thames - again w/hands in jeans pockets patiently watching the crew prepare the next scene.