September 22, 2012

Richard Armitage Becomes Thorin Oakenshield + Happy Birthday Tolkien

Just received this treat from maraiad and I'm ready to enlist. It looks like a Navy dress uniform. Believe he's standing in front of the National Gallery in WashDC. I've been there--grand architecture filled with exquisite works of art

RA fan maraiad has been designing her vision of military eye candy..

John Porter Mabelized..similar to carmelized--extra yum added..

Past Post: August 2011

RA German fan captures essence of Thorin in Trailer #2:
Anyone currently watching the presidential campaigns in the US, should see clearly that the choice is between those who prefer the archaic socialist attitude of the population works for the collective good of the state. OR the one that RA exemplified in his career - Yes, you the individual did "build that" with your own blood, sweat, tears and hard work. Excellent fanvid demonstrating how RA built a successful career..

Here's one of the early Guy of Gisborne fanvids that received much attention, among many, from certain quarters at that time. That's because one of the main characters, in the updated thousand year old legend Robin Hood, was garnering more enthusiasm from the audience than the classic hero of the piece.  Many viewers with a traditional sense of values didn't seem to understand how an evil henchman could suddenly become the character driving the storyline.  Perhaps it's necessary to actually see the BBC's Robin Hood to understand that phenomenon..


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. How are you?

LOVE the new photos. Wow. Beautiful eyes.

I don't understand the Pilsner ad. It seems deeply laced with meaning. And I know I'm not getting it. Is there some mythological significance? Ceres? Ops? Gods of Grains? Cyrus, the Golden Sun? Any insights? I'm trying to figure out what it means :) :)

BTW, RA should consider the Ayurvedic Health Retreat here in Alachua, FL for his post-shooting therapy. Speaking of monastic environments. It is an extraordinary place, and much more ascetic than the other options for Ayurvedic retreats in this country (it is also about 1/3 the cost). I like the folks there, so I just thought I'd mention it! It's also loosely connected with a big Hindi center.

Random facts for a weekend morning.

Ricrar said...

Happy Sunday Cleo,

First of all - Lords of The North is a novel by Bernard Cornwell. RA narrated it a few yrs ago.

Next, the Pilsner Urquell video is simply a British tv ad narrated by Richard. His seductive vocal cords have already pitched everything from Olympic promotions to engagement ring ads for a well-known British jeweler. When he's ready to retire from films, that honey-coated voice will, I'm certain, still be in demand. In fact, after The Hobbit premieres we'll no doubt start to hear American tv ads enhanced by Thorin's husky voice:) *thud,drool,heaven*

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, I may have to break down and actually consider getting cable again if RA is going to be on it :) :) I have so enjoyed the freedom from advertising, though.... :) :)

Oh, dear. And here I thought I had found a beer commercial laced with deeper meaning :) :)

The new sketching video is INCREDIBLE. Very moving. Makes me want the movie to come out sooner!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, my Heavens. The new (old) Guy video is HOT. What is wrong with Marian?? That woman is FRIGID!!!!!

(Oops. Not so Zen on the positive energies there, I just didn't know how else to say it.) :) :)

Completely off topic: do you know how to put the pageviews counter on in blogspot? Is there an easy button to press, or does it really require programming? If the latter, I am just doomed. But I'm over 3100 hits now, and I want to show it! :) :)

Thanks for the video!!! :)

Ricrar said...

Believe the counter is listed with the options for blogger 'Gadgets'. Search for Google Blogger Gadgets - that should take you to the link. Then search for page view counter among the options.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thank you so much, Ricrar!! It worked!!! You are a font of information not only about RA, but about all sorts of useful stuff, I see. I knew I was asking the right person! (I have been struggling with this for DAYS....tried to learn to program it myself and failed miserably) :) It makes me that much more appreciative of your website!

Which reminds me...I love your polls!! When are you going to have one asking which ancient or legendary figure your guests would prefer to see RA play first? Might I suggest a few options? :) Julius Caesar (the great lover); Cyrus the Great (the great Persian emperor); Salah al-Din (warrior and peacemaker in the Crusades); Xerxes the Great (the King of Kings); Dummuzi (Mesopotamian hero of legend who rescues his wife from the pits of hell -- or something like that); King David of Jerusalem (who institutes the Davidic kingdom). :) :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. Lest there be any confusion about my understanding of RA's identity position, let me just say that in the photo at the top of the current page he could EASILY pass for any great Persian King, Mesopotamian hero, Mediterranean or Roman leader/lover, and the like :). And with his beard, he is King David all over!! Just give him the shield with the lion and he's it :) :)

And, again, lest there be any confusion about my subject position (as Cleopatra, of course), any and all of the above will work for me just fine!!!

(In fact, I have a short story about Helena of Effesus who marries the great Persian emperor at 18 years old....she's 17, he's 18, and they go on to rule an empire from the Baltic to the borders of India.) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo,

Thanks for the poll suggestion. I'll use some of your historic figures and add a mix of possible Western roles as well. IMO, most poll participants are familiar with the latter but not necessarily with MidEast history.

Will make it an interesting mix of prominent characters from the history of the world. One of my fav possibilities is from the American Revolution - Thomas Paine. He was British born and as you know an inspiring writer in early America.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good afternoon, Ricrar!

You're so sweet to consider my poll suggestion!

Yes, I recognize that clearly there is a Middle Eastern bias in my pickings....but that picture at the top of your current page -- wowsers! That is the Persian Emperor all over. (, fan....I can't breathe!)

BTW, is that a new, new Guy video? HOT HOT HOT. :) :) (Similar theme as in paragraph above....)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. The story of Helena of Effesus....

(PPS...I am aware that Effesus is not the usual transliteration of the city's name, but I like this more phonetic way better....) :) :)

Sue said...


It's just been announced over here in England that first instalment of The Hobbit has been chosen for this year's 65th Royal Film Performance and will premiere in London on December 12th.


I can't help but think that Richard will be treading the red carpet once again in London for sure!

By the way Stonyhurst College in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, which is thought to have been the inspiration of Tolkien's Middle Earth celebrated International Hobbit Day. It's beautiful countryside and I can't help thinking how wonderful it would have been for the film to have been shot there.


Ricrar said...

True that it would've been wonderful if The Hobbit was filmed there Sue; however, PJ already had his studios in NZ plus those vast open spaces for 12 strange looking dwarves plus their hottie leader to wander in their quest.

We have a new tv series on the TLC network called SECRET PRINCES. There will be only 4-5 eps. It follows 4 men with claims of European "nobility"( American DNA feels compelled to put that word in quotes:) who want to find a female who will love them for themselves alone. They live in Atlanta, Georgia, take regular *menial* jobs, live in a house most Americans would sniff at:) I've enjoyed ep 1.

Of note for you - there are 2 Brits. First, Lord Robt Walters(Fullwood Manor) - one of those males so gorgeous that my first instinct is to chalk him off as not really interested in our gender(nature's ironic streak at play with a crime, IMO, against nature;) *chuckle* Although, he insists that he wants to find a wife. We'll see..haha
(politically correct police will hang me by the thumbs)

Second is only 22yrs old, a descendant of Watsons of Houghton Hall. He's shy--says he wants to find an American wife because we seem low maintenance. Oh boy, is he in for a shock:D

It's fun to watch the 4 men's reaction to their first upclose encounter with American culture.

Thanks for the royal film link and Lancashire as well. Yes, agreed we can assume Richard will be in attendance with the other cast members. Will Thorin's beard make a comeback by Dec 12? Learning the answer will no doubt be first priority for most fans. We know for certain we'll return at some point to another *beard begone!* spell in 2013.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Great new photos, again, Ricrar! You always get it right :)

The one at the top is, I think, one of my very favorite ones of him. Although, the Prince of Persia is a new very close second for me.

If he takes back the beard, I'm guessing his next role will be King David or King Arthur :) :) :) Either will work just fine for me..... :) :)

Ricrar said...

Good to know you're enjoying the photos, Cleo.

I'll include Kings David and Arthur in the upcoming next role possibilities poll.

Just added a vid of alternative The Hobbit trailer endings. There are many funny lines. I've been somewhat concerned hubby might not enjoy the film, since he's not into Lord of the Rings; BUT the humorous vid above convinces me he'll appreciate the great laughs, comraderie and action(last provided mostly by Thorin:)

Sue said...


Secret Princes sounds interesting. We have had a similar series over here, but it was American made. I forget the name of the series (yes it was that memorable!)

Shame about Downton Abbey at the Emmys. I'm glad Dame Maggie got best supporting actress, she plays a tough old bird in that series quite magnificently. Talking of tough old birds, I'm watching the latest series of Downton and thought Shirley Maclaine played a blinder. She certainly livens things up. I think if I were ever to be transported back in time to that era I'd like to think I'd be pretty much like her character, blow all the stuffy old nonsense out of the window and to hell with it. (Get rid of those starchy old corsets too! Sorry Richard I know you love them, but then you don't have to wear 'em! Maybe I'd keep one especially for him, for private showings only!)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thank you, Ricrar. I can't wait to see the poll choices :).

The new trailer is strange -- is it an official trailer? Are we to guess the ending?

Ricrar said... lace breakaway corset, no doubt Sue:) Undoing traditional laces can slow things down considerably.

Few weeks ago when reports from the Black Sky set began to pour in from fans, an American tweeted "Richard Armitage is a fine actor but he seems too American - like my Brit actors to be posh.":D

Couldn't help but contemplate whether Richard would consider that remark an insult or compliment. Methinks Guy's penchant to think "he's quite majestic" wasn't an accident. It could very well explain the trait in RA that PJ recognized when he chose him for the Thorin role.

We won't see new Downton series until the new year, but can already imagine Shirley playing a loud, overly assertive yankee verbally jousting with Maggie's somewhat stuffy Violet. Is that anywhere close to the role McLaine plays?
p.s. You'd probably have a Judy Dench(sp?) down-to-earth quality during that era, Sue:)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, The trailer above is titled an alternative ending. There's very little Richard in it, so it won't be around much longer:) Prefer to keep it a Richard rich environment.

Have you finished Strike Back? If so, were you satisfied with the ending?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I just got the complete first season in the mail this evening!!! I am about to go put it in and enjoy :) :) The first disc I got was only a teaser -- three episodes. They were great, but only three. I am very pleased to have the whole season!!

The trailer is great; it certainly makes me want to see the movie asap. You are right, though. I like that the last one was so refreshingly full of RA :) (and RA's voice, as you so keenly pointed out).

Off to commune with some John Porter.... :) :) :) Thank you for all the wonderful photos and videos!!

cleopatraascreenplay said...


:) :)

Sue said...


By saying I would be a more down to earth character, do you really mean 'common as muck' as us Brits might describe it? Actually you may be surprised, I act quite respectably but with a glint in the eye that you could well miss if not looking too closely. A mischievous minx would be a good description perhaps. To be honest I also get the feeling that could well be a pretty accurate description of our Richard too! He looks totally innocent on the surface but beware of what lurks beneath (and I'm not talking undies here!)

Your description of Shirley McClaine's character is fairly accurate but in my opinion a little more subtle than you might expect. The scriptwriters have certainly done their stuff and she pulls it off wonderfully. I can certainly identify with the characterisation. Her and Dame Maggie certainly get the best lines and steal the show when they are in the same scene. Downton Abbey is in danger of having to be sold off due to money problems and so they are trying to be on their best behaviour hoping to get some cash from SM and she's on to them. It turns out that although she's loaded (minted, well off), hubby ensured the finances were tied up tighter than a tart's corset, so no luck I'm afraid. So we are left with the question what will happen to Downton? The ratings for this series is down, and to be honest there is only so much stuffy upper class, stiff upper lips you can digest. It needs another good scandal to put back a bit of umph into it. (Another young man dying on the job perhaps?)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar!

So, I saw the first two episodes of Season One of Strike Back last night. LOVED IT.

But they killed RA in the first five minutes. That was a bit of a disappointment. Since I have seen later episodes in the first disc that I got, I am assuming he comes back sometime soon. Hopefully in episode three/season one, which I plan to see tonight!

When you ask if I was satisfied with the ending, to which ending do you refer? The disc I got before had three episodes – the one in Iraq where John Porter supposedly betrays the team by keeping a young kid alive; one in southern African where he is in a prison and then later works with another guy to get a group of kids (and a nun!) into South Africa; and the one where the evil boss buy who was the real betrayer in the first of the three episodes finally bites it in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Now THAT ending I was very satisfied with. He really annoyed me. Guys like that, I'll tell ya....

The great thing about Strike Back last night (first season), was that although RA was not to be seen after the first five minutes, the guys and most of the gals they had playing in his stead could reasonably present themselves as laudable folks. They were fun to watch as real heroes. It was great. But I missed John Porter!

Love the new photos, as always. The RA photos in military drag are great – although he does seem a bit too creative a type to fit into one character type alone. The uniform seems somehow constraining on him. But that’s just me. I love the fly-be-free of his photos best! :) :) :)

Have a great day!

Ricrar said...

No, Sue, by "down to earth" I mean as uncommon as a concert pianist who can substitute as a stand-up comedian when necessary:) Classy and cute combined! Mischievous minx indeed - recalling your plan to somehow keep Thorin company during his barrel ride. *nice work if you can get it*

Downton execs should put pressure on PBS for financial help. That's the network that broadcasts the series here about 4mos after you see it.

I just saw a tweet announcing our NBC network is filming an update of Wuthering Heights. Imagine the excitement if Richard announced he has plans for a starring role in a classic remake. Heathcliff, Mr Rochester, Darcy--we'll take any one of them.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, It sounds as though you've received series 2&3 of Strike Back. Here's RA's series:

I thought's we'd discussed the history of the series. Richard was under contract to do the second series when he received word he had won the Thorin role. During an interview he explained that he had to jump through hoops in order to be released from the SB contract. Part of the deal was that he would appear in the first ep in order to provide some context to the story.

His fans were devastated that he wouldn't appear again as John Porter, other than the death scene. Bummer.

We're currently watching the third Strike Back series on Cinemax. Yes, it's true the two men who replaced Richard are compelling in their own right; however, the show is drastically more violent and laced with too many 4-letter words beginning with F;D That said, it's still far more entertaining than most tv shows.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Thank you, Ricrar! I did not know that. So, I guess I have seen all the RA episodes of Strike Back, then. I was very satisfied with the ending. Were you? Do you mean when the evil boss guy bites it on the border of Afghanistan/Pakistan, the one who caused all the trouble and had Porter discharged in the first episode? That particular line of treason and disarray caused to another person's life was great as a moral about power and corruption in office (military or otherwise).

I'm so sad RA won't be in the rest of the episodes I just got. Wah. Yes, definitely more violent thus far. And much more mixed up on moral statements.

I did love Downton Abbey, early episodes. I haven't seen the current series. Shirley MacLaine is in it? How interesting. I wonder why they picked her.

Would LOVE to see RA as Mr. Rochester. Oh, yeah. :) :)