March 16, 2015

Richard Armitage:E-Text For Edith Wharton's Summer(see link) + Sleepy Hollow Renewed S3,New Producer/Writer + March 17, The Crucible Download Available + Into The Storm on HBO, Mar 28

Download digital recording of The Crucible at following website:
Sleepy Hollow renewed for Season 3:
Read Edith Wharton's 'Summer' online:
NEWS: 'Summer' role looks like a good possibility after this tweet:
Karen Moncrieff (@KarenMoncrieff) 
Yep. Summer is finally coming. And It's gonna be glorious...@HaileeSteinfeld And heartbreaking. And really. Really. Hot. @RCArmitage

Imagine a younger, taller, Mr Royall than in following..maybe a touch of silver at his temples..
RA's reply when asked why period drama are so popular:

                                                      Things to watch for between now and end of July:

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