November 12, 2014

Richard Armitage:New Guy & Marian Fanvid + RA Manipulates His Photo for a Refreshing Change + Sleepwalker Article(see excerpt/link) + Hallmark Channel--9 Lives of Christmas + Excerpt BOTFA Soundtrack + Thornton Thursday--In honor of North and South 10th Anniversary

Twitter created a new RA photo manipulator--HIMSELF!:)
nous arrivons à Paris,ne vous inquiétez pas je ne serai pas cette tenue ridicule, ça m'a fait rire
Previous to the above manip selfie by RA, he'd sent this sweet tweet to Lucy Griffiths:
: not long to go until the first screening :)” Go beloved long lost Marion
That's all that was needed to inspire this fan's new Guy/Marian fanvid..

Following gif by RA fan Tanni..
Excerpt: The Help’s Ahna O’Reilly and The Hobbit’Richard Armitage are in the midst of filming Sleepwalker, a psychological thriller from writer Jack Olsen and director Elliott Lester ...
For those who have the Hallmark Channel, this is a lovely Christmas romance involving a confirmed bachelor and a single female veterinary student. Uplifting drama, with a hunky fireman, who's adopted by a clever feline that teaches him how to overcome commitment phobia. It will get you in the holiday spirit..

DIA Narration:


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