December 5, 2012

Hobbit Premiere + New Trailer:Thorin Bellows "Hold Your Ground!" + Full THE HOBBIT Soundtrack(see link) + New Hobbit Interview:RA Mentions 'The Spy Who Loves Me' + New 13min Behind-The-Scenes Vid + RA Toronto Interview & Union Station Takeover + EW Thorin Cover + LEGO Thorin + New Hobbit Trailer:Thorin on Mountaintop + New Vid:Richard Armitage Interview on Today Show

What an evening it must be for RA and his lovely mother - immediately after meeting Prince William..
Another important Margaret - this time in his professional life..

Listen to full soundtrack - Misty Mtn is #6:

RA isn't interviewed until last 8min of the following vid.  He mentions that as a child the movie Bambi was sold out so they went instead to see 'The Spy Who Loves Me' and he loved it..

Following snapped at NYC premiere..

Thanks to for this quote from Glamour UK article:
Do you have a go-to red-carpet outfit? 
I do have a go-to red-carpet outfit and it’s a suit that I’ve worn before because it’s Tom 
Ford and it’s a classic black suit, so you can’t fail with something like that. 
Are you a high- or low-maintenance guy? 
When I’m getting ready to go down a red carpet I tend to be as minimal as possible. I 
like to throw some wax in my hair and maybe not even shave, but I will wash my 

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