December 23, 2012

GRR Martin(Game of Thrones) #2 Fantasy writer of C20..#1 is Tolkien + 2 New Interviews + Richard Armitage is #2 on IMDb + New The Hobbit Fanvid + Lovely Christmas cReAtions by maraiad donnici:JT w Tree & ra in Tux + Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to All! "God Bless us Everyone" said Tiny Tim

Sincere thanks to for following link:

Evidence of the fact I'd at one time hoped there would be a TV special with the dear departed somewhat *heroes* of Spooks and 24.. 

New interview with many interesting remarks:

Richard Armitage (I)   IMDb website

Richard Armitage was born and raised in Leicester, England. He attended Pattison College in Binley Road, Coventry, and studied at LAMDA (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). His first appearance on the screen was in a small role in This Year's Love, but it was Sparkhouse that gave him... See full bio »


Carolynd1 said...

Looking forward to seeing Richard at #1 on IMDB!!

Sue said...

I must admit I've not visited the IMDB website for yonks!Must have a look.

By the way, it seems our darlin' has been at it again! Yes, he's done another voiceover (or is this an old one, as the actress said to the vicar!)He's advertising the new Vauxhall Mokka!


Certainly doesn't let the grass grow does he?

Ricrar said...

Carolyn and Sue,

I've just added link to a new RA interview. In it he says "everyone grown quiet when Thorin enters the room -- Actually, a bit like me." Knowing his humility, he prob wonders why rooms grow quiet when he enters:D

Thanks for link Sue. Will check it out.

In the new interview, RA also said one of the first things he did in NZ was to take a helicopter ride out to a field. Said to himself "this is Middle Earth" - then he learned to fish. Refers to himself as an angler carrying home salmon. Added that he considered buying a place there. I'd wager he did just that, but of course doesn't want to encourage his currently swelling fanbase to descend on his bucolic paradise.

Another comment in interview is that he and Martin early on had dinner together. Freeman had already read the script but not Richard. Former told latter that he will be very busy. RA said that sent him into a panic.

Patiently awaiting release date for Black Sky. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

Sue said...


I enjoyed reading the new interview about Richard. So, he's a first time angler! I remember when I was a kid going fishing with my mum and dad every weekend. Saw some lovely countryside that way. My dad was a keen angler and I used to be chief maggot stirrer, back in the days when you bought maggots which had been died and were multi-coloured. For some reason when you're a kid you know no fear. I even used to dig worms up in the garden for our fishing expeditions and thought nothing of impaling the poor things on the hook of a fishing line. These days I'm more squeamish. It wasn't the fishing I used to love, it was the peace and quiet, the isolation of it all. I quite enjoyed wolfing down the spoils as well. Cooking them out in the open. Although it wasn't often we caught any salmon, mostly trout (fresh water fishing). Somehow I can't see Richard clonking a poor old fish on the head against a stone, so that he can eat it, seems much to gentle.

I remember RA saying that he had managed to do some skiing while in NZ. Glad he didn't damage those lovely pins of his in the process! Gosh Thorin clumping around in a plaster cast onscreen just wouldn't be the same would it? He's kept those thighs in fine working order I notice! Obviously he's been putting the hours in!

Ricrar said...

RA said in recent interview that skiing is the "massive passion" of his life. If he's as focused on mastering his technique with it, as he usually is with professional skills, suppose there's no need to worry he'll plummet head on into a tree;D

Get the impression he'd be as careful about speeding down a mountain as he is with everything else in life, which is good news for his parents.

Which format were you watching for The Hobbit, Sue? Some fans are expressing preference for the long-time standard 24fps.

Sue said...


I must confess that I haven't been to see TH yet! Shame on me!I think I will watch it in 3D at full pelt though to see what it's like. Someone mentioned that after a while it can affect your eyesight and makes your eyes water (Richard always has that affect on me anyhow, so no change there then!)

Somehow I think releasing a film just before Christmas may well be either a blessing or a curse. The truth is that you're so busy preparing for Christmas and flapping around like a headless chicken in blind panic that everything else gets lost in the mix (including Thorin).

The fact is I have a quite low attention span and the thought of three hours of sitting idle, and my bum gradually going numb in the process, isn't exactly appealing to me.

I think Richard will be an expert skier, as with everything he is a perfectionist in all that he tackles.

Wonder where abouts in NZ he went skiing. As I've mentioned before my family who live in Australia go skiing in NZ a couple of times a year. Just imagine bumping into RA on a ski slope (in my case it would undoubtedly be quite literally 'bumping'! Or maybe that should be more like demolishing him. Ahh..... the thought of landing on top of a spread eagled Richard, somehow gives me a warm glow inside!Wonder why!)

Ricrar said...

Understand exactly what you mean about being preoccupied with Christmas preps, Sue.

Every year the thought crosses my mind that hubby and I should simply take off over the holiday and spend it in some quiet spot--just the two of us. However, once the day arrives and the family gets together for our gift exchange, it always seems worth all the effort.

Now to pack it all away again until next year - that's my least favorite part.

Was told by a fan that Richard mentioned spending Christmas at home with family again this year. I'd missed that particular interview during the flood of them we've received in past 6wks.

I did hear him say he'd enjoyed skiing all over NZ whenever possible.