December 30, 2012

New Interview + Tatts Contest:Thorin vs Lucas(see poll & pics) + Happy New Year to All - Welcome 2013! Thorin Rocks Middle Earth in New Fanvid

Thanks to for following:
This photo accompanied above article. Whoa! Is it time to step away from the stylist;D
Only one thing can improve the Game of Thrones series - RA as a member of cast.
What's one more king, give or take, in Westeros?  This one wears the crown realllly well..

Below tattooed Thorin by following artist:


Musa said...

Hadn't seen that Thorin vid before, thanks for posting that. Love all the images, and the music goes with the subject, though difficult to listen to in some ways.

Amazing all the artwork Thorin is inspiring. I did answer the poll about the tattoos. I'm still a Lucas girl ;)

Wander when the PR will start for Black Sky?

Ricrar said...

Hi Musa, Would wager the rockin' vid was created by a younger generation fan - perhaps won over by Thorin.

Just added my idea of the best improvement to GoT series. It's yet another king for Westeros, but he does wear the crown with more appeal than the others.

It will be an exciting day when we finally have a release date for Black Sky. Expect to be blown away by teacher Gary more so than by that little phenomenon called a twister.