November 8, 2012

Hobbit ALERT:Cast on NBC 11/28 + See Theatre Lobby Poster + Richard Armitage is Thorin in The Hobbit

Theatre Lobby Poster:Thorin seems to get top-billing..can't imagine why:D
Years ago an RA fan suggested best caption for below pic:) 
Lucas:"I cannot believe Ros is ogling shirtless pix of me."

Lyrics for above song: "Coast caressed warm wave. I was silent and waiting for something at the pier.
I knelt in front of destiny. I begged love, but could not hold her back.
If someone had lured her away from me. Love flew away like a bird.
She took my heart.
Without your love the sky darkened. If you remember me, call me.
I need nothing if you do not. Your heart does not love me, why did you kill my bright world.
You did not tell me goodbye. You flew away like a bird and took my heart"...Vladivostok2009

Alistair Cooke's 'Letters From America': Listen or download..

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