November 22, 2012

Photos:Thorin's Stylish Return to Middle Earth;D + RAcycled Leather?(See poll & pics) + New THE HOBBIT VidBlog:#9 from Director Peter Jackson + Thorin the Point Man(my view;) on Air NZ Hobbit Aircraft + New Photo from Spanish Mag(see link to interview translation) + New Richard Armitage, The Hobbit Interview

A new photo taken at NZ airport yesterday, triggered the thought of the possibility of some recycled former chaRActer wardrobe items? e.g. the leather jacket--might it be one of the following looking even better than in past production?;D
What's your opinion?(see poll)  
Lucas North posing as courier in Spooks8..
John Porter's leather jacket in Strike Back:
Biker Ricky Deeming:
The Photo:
Is below the same denim shirt as above? (See poll)

Excerpt from yet another interview. Translation provided at 
QUESTION: What did you do during the casting process to impress Peter getting the role of Thorin Oakenshield?
REPLY:..The scene I had to play had been specially written for the casting. It was extremely
 well crafted since it showed different aspects of Thorin's
qualities to explain what the story would be like. I had the chance to spend about two hours
with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens to perform the whole scene for the first
time after which I did it a second time when they gave me some new information. As it turns
out, the day we met I'd finished shooting a show and had hurt my back pretty badly during a
stunt that very morning! Since the bruising was extremely painful I had had to take a strong
dose of pills to put up with it and be able to attend the audition. In retrospect, I tell myself
that the way I had to deal with my pain that day brought me closer to Thorin, who had to
internalise very painful aspects of his life. Things went really well with Peter, Fran and
Philippa in that little room that day. They liked what I did and they chose me, which was a
real surprise..never expected to be picked to play a warrior dwarf!
What are Thorin's defects and qualities? And what's his relationship like with his nephews
Fili and Kili and with the rest of the Dwarves and Bilbo?
Thorin is a truly interesting character. When he's introduced in the film, we learn he's
carrying a very heavy burden on his shoulders. He's Prince of the Kingdom of Durin and must
avenge the disappearance and death of his grandfather and his father, the King. His mission
is to recover his kingdom. He has got very little time to accomplish this huge task and this
great responsibility rests only on his shoulders. If he fails and dies, his family's entire royal
bloodline will be dispossessed forever and disappear with him. The vital importance of his
mission and the tension it creates in him has repercussions with his relationship with the
other characters. When Gandalf asks him to let Bilbo join the team he's gathered, Thorin's
furious because he thinks the Hobbit will be the weakest link of the group and will put
everyone at risk. If Bilbo is a source of anxiety, irritation and animosity at the beginning of
the journey, the rapport between Thorin and him will evolve in a positive way over the
three films until they get to trust and respect each other. As regards his personal story,
Thorin became Thorin Oakenshield after fighting bravely by his late uncle's side. After their
father's death, Thorin's nephews Kili and Fili have grown very attached to him and,
therefore, Thorin has become their paternal role model. Likewise, Thorin's very fond of Kili
and Fili. He knows they've never been to the mountains, that they've never fought against a
dragon or seen their homeland after Durin's people were chased away, but he's indulgent
with them. The way his nephews view the unfolding of the journey is very optimistic and
innocent. Thorin will therefore protect them during this quest and watch over them to makesure their integration to the group of warriors is a smooth one and that they can help
recover that which is theirs: their family's kingdom.
QUESTION:Considering your character has also got a kingdom to recover, could it be said Thorin is
“the Aragorn of the dwarf people” in The Hobbit?
REPLY: There is indeed this similarity between both characters, but Thorin is a lot tougher than
Aragorn. He's cantankerous and often cross... I found this characteristic interesting and, at
the beginning, it was a bit hard for me to determine where it sprang from. I'd say this surly
and aggressive side is something all the warrior dwarves share, but Thorin, on top of that,
can't stand the thought that he's been stripped of his kingdom in such a violent way. In
addition, he's suffered the loss of his rank in the dwarf society, going from the privileged
status of a royal family member to that of a wandering warrior. He's ashamed of such a
decline... He believes that if he confides in anyone, he'll be robbed. That's why he refuses to
reveal to anyone the details of his quest and never shows them the itinerary he's drawn on
his map. At first, Thorin also displays rather nasty behaviour.
..Armitage, who is doing the interview while in New York at the height of Hurricane Sandy – "I haven't got any power or water but I've got a phone line" – is best known to Kiwis for his risk-taking heroic roles in television's Spooks and Strike Back. He's done a small number of movies, including a part in Captain America: The First Avenger.
Armitage first heard about The Hobbit after Sir Peter Jackson contacted the actor's agent. Jackson asked if Armitage could read for the part of Thorin. "I thought, first of all, I'm six foot two [1.8 metres] and Thorin's an old guy. Maybe they want me to read it for a general audition.
"But then when I read what they'd done with the audition speech I realised that they were looking for something quite different. They needed someone who could play a warrior, who could play a young Thorin and old Thorin and also to bring the idea of somebody who could return to his full potential to become a king. That's when I sat down with Peter and we talked through the journey and the arc of the character – and then they offered it to me. I had to pick myself up off the floor."
When Armitage arrived in New Zealand it was his first visit – he hadn't even visited Australia – and there were six weeks of dwarf "boot camp" before the cameras rolled. "But the weird thing about going to New Zealand is that I have never travelled so far from home and felt more at home. If felt so familiar to me.
Sir Guy shares some Thorin character qualities - they both felt their families received unjust treatment with loss of ancestral lands.  Both are growling machines extraordinaire.  The actor playing Thorin mentioned in the past that Sir Guy felt himself "quite majestic" and of course, Thorin is King under the Mountain.
Today's high budget films need every type of excitement they can possibly attract in order to warrant their high production costs and render profit.  Therefore without further ado;D..

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