December 8, 2010

Richard Armitage:Spooks..New Vid 'The Water' by JulietD001 + Ooh la la by Principessa + Luscious Lucas North + Colonial Williamsburg - Best Tourist Site to Visit at Christmastime

Therapy for all those who say they miss Lucas North most:(

Perhaps it would help to think of him getting a little R&R somewhere on a tropical island, after all the emotional angst suffered - not only for 8yrs in prison - but also during the last 3 series of Spooks...
                                                Lucas7 seems to agree with that sentiment..
 Maybe he decided to look up his cafe hostess friend in Moscow  - to extend his gratitude for her enthusiastic help and warming lapdance:)...temps can get brrrrr in that corner of the world...
 Definitely need to stop reflecting on his tragic relationships in Spooks 8&9 - 2 girlfriends gone like a puff of smoke - gives new meaning to Hannah's words...
                   If not on a sultry island, maybe he's speeding down a ski slope...
                           There's been a great deal of ruminating about the sad moments..

                                                     Why not try to remember more cheerful times...
Coolest donkey ever...
 A recently published RA quote when he was asked about school Nativity plays:  "My abiding memory is getting mucky hands from going around on all fours as a donkey.  I was never one of those lucky kids who got to play a king, or even Joseph, I was the one making "eeyore" noises in the background.  I seem to remember playing a donkey in two different productions, so I got used to loping around on all fours.  But it probably wasn't my finest hour..."

Couldn't find a British Redcoat...sooooo...Following history is from the Williamsburg website:
At Christmas play and make cheer         
For Christmas comes but once a year
Good bread and good drink, a good fire in the hall
Brawn, pudding and souse, and good mustard withall:
Beef, mutton and pork, shred pies of the best:
Pig, veal, goose and capon and turkey well drest:
Cheese, apples and nuts, jolly carols to hear,
As then in the country is counted good cheer.
Thomas Tusser (c. 1520-1587)
Christmas is come, hang on the pot,
Let spits turn round, and ovens be hot;
Beef, pork, and poultry, now provide
To feast thy neighbors at this tide;
Then wash all down with good wine and beer,
And so with mirth conclude the Year.
Virginia Almanac (Royle) 1765

The two poems, written about 200 years and 3,000 miles apart, demonstrate that Christmas was kept much the same in mid-18th-century Virginia as it was in late 16th-century England.

Englishmen who came to the American colonies brought along their cultural traditions. In dress, manners, and social behavior, Virginia settlers tried to recreate the ambiance they had known back home. Their Christmas, like the English manors', evolved as an interval of leisure to enjoy feasting, visiting, dancing, and games. Even in Virginia's critical early days, the settlers did not forget Christmas. Captain John Smith wrote in 1609 that he kept “Christmas amongst the Savages: where wee were never more merrie, nor fedde on more plentie of good oysters, fish, flesh, wild fowle, and good bread, nor better fires in England then in the drie warme smokie houses of Kecoughtan.” Kecoughtan is now part of Hampton.

Not all English settlers celebrated Christmas. The New England Puritans declared the observation of Christmas illegal. Throughout the Christian world, ways of keeping Christmas have varied over the years and from place to place.

Harold Gill, a retired Colonial Williamsburg historian and consulting editor, contributes frequent stories to the Foundation's journal, "Colonial Williamsburg."
Cheating a wee bit again:)  I started to follow 'realhughjackman' on twitter..he hasn't tweeted since May, but the photo alone is worth it.  IMO, he really has a strong resemblance to RA in this one...the strong jawline, delectable stubble( if there could be a wide divergence;), sexy gaze into the camera..we need to practice that look for our family photos - haha...might not be appropriate...but maybe for special pix for our special someone...o.k. everyone lower your eyes and start smoldering...what must they think to themselves in order to emote that much heat ...perhaps "if I could get my hands on that camera..oh what I'd like to do to it...hold it in my hot li'l hands, and slowly peel off that lens cap and then...*censored* :)  Hugh could take seduction lessons from Richard...not as much intense heat travelling between his eyes and the camera...

 it's the most wonderful time of the year...a season that encourages expressing eternal truths ;)

Following is a new vid which I  hesitated briefly to post here - not that it's not very well is in fact very skillful videography.  Why the hesitation then?

Well, you see some of it focuses on my least fav scene of all in the last 3 series of Spooks - the one in S7 showing Lucas being water boarded.  Why would that bother me you might ask.  The answer is...because it was used as a propaganda tool by foolhardy liberal journalists(the vast majority) - those who foolishly criticize the brave souls willing to place their lives on the line for our protection. The hyped, hysterical  rhetoric was used by liberal reporters on both sides of the Atlantic in articles that quite frankly often contained errors or were filled with misinformation.  They only succeeded with their hysteric articles to help those radical factions in the world who couldn't care less if innocents are harmed, as they wage their ruthless, blood-thirsty war against the West.

I'm not, of course, saying that this well-made, dramatic, interesting vid has the above intentions - only that the waterboarding story when originally published was an over-the-top exaggeration for propaganda purposes - in order to metaphorically club over the head those with the courage and wisdom to keep the rest of us safe from the very real and ruthlessly fanatic terrorists in the world. 

This is a great video entitled 'The Water' by JulietD001 - [Warning:) viewing it might make the gloomy Lucas memories come rushing back - your decision]  It's a very well coordinated  musical background for this one...


Anonymous said...

Ther is a song "Tornado" of Jonsi that is perfect for Lucas.

Musa said...

Thank you for the Lucas therapy :)

Ricrar said...

Listened to Tornado, anon, BUT couldn't understand the lyrics. Will need to find them online.

Pleasure Musa, hope the therapy helped:)

Did you see the Woman's mag quote where RA said he played the donkey twice in school Nativity scenes. As I recall, Christ's mother is usually carried to Bethlehem by said donkey. Just like Richard, isn't it, to help a female on her journey through life;)

Musa said...

Ah...Lucas...such a melancholic video. Oooh La La indeed for the Guy vid. Thanks so much for posting, both new to me. Both good therapy :)

Oh the donkey story - LOL. Poor little RA...I like your version of this story.

Sue said...

I seem to remember in an earlier interview Richard mentioned that at primary school he used to run around in a cardboard box pretending to be a horse (or could that be donkey). Anyhow I'd volunteer to be his backend any time! (That should make him eeyore all right!Amongst other things!)


I like the pic of Richard running with a strategically placed Christmas wreath! Obviously you've got your priorities right! I wonder if (as well as playing a donkey) he might be willing to dress up as Santa? He could certainly slide down my chimney any time! (And so say all of us I bet!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, you're always so willing to assist RA in anyway possible...such a supportive fan..heehee

Musa, can't believe you'd never seen the ooh la la vid before -- I've watched that and the other w/same tune but dedicated to Lucas. They're both yummy.

The strategically placed wreath was a Christmas treat last yr for another fervent RA fan. She really enjoyed it. If you recall, that particular RA angle was realllly highlighted during Spooks8--although not quite so well dressed.*wink*

Sue said...

Just thought I'd let you know that Richard has left the following message on the Richard Armitage online website:

24th December 2010

Dear One and All,

Its that time again, time to get together, eat drink and be merry. 'WASSAIL'. I will be doing quite a lot of wassailing in the next 48 hours make no mistake. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you again for all your support this year, for the kind gifts and kind words which have been bestowed on me. Thank you also for all your generous donations placed on 'just', over the four charities; Childline, Barnardos, Shelter and The Salvation Army you have donated over £8000, and in a year when we are all tightening our belts, thats pretty amazing.

I haven't been as attentive as I would like this year, either on line, by letter or in person; but in a zeigeist of information overload, I am enjoying the silence, and as Oscar Wilde once pointed out:

"I am but too conscious of the fact that we are born in an age when only the dull are treated seriously, and I live in terror of not being misunderstood"

So in a brief moment of terror I succomb, to wish everyone a really thoroughly Merry Christmas. 2010 has been a challenge and next 365 days look like another 'mountain' to climb. I know I say it every Dec 24th, but please 'take a little and give a lot', and resolve to do it better next year, you know I don't just mean Christmas.

Thanks to Annette for sharing this message on her wonderful site. Thank you to all the other who work so hard on their site's all over the world. This is for all of you.

Have a wonderful Christmas, holiday or whatever you are celebrating and Love and luck for 2011....yikes!


PS. I apologise in advance for next year as there may be a slight delay with the return of signed photos and thank you notes; as I may be spending some time on the other side of the planet, possibly wearing a beard.

What a little luv he is!!!! This message seems a little less stilted than last year I thought. It sounds like he's afraid of putting his foot in it at times and offending his fans.As if!! By the way, talking of putting your foot in it, do you think Richard means wassailing as in, going door-to-door carol singing etc. or rather the pagan fertility rites thing carried out on fruit trees to awake them from their winter slumber? (Maybe both!) Personally I prefer the traditional folklore of wassailing with a pint of cider in hand, singing to the apple trees and wishing them a fertile year to come. Mind you as long is it concerns a glass in hand of something potent I don't much care either way!

Just poured myself a nice glass of sloe gin, luvverly! Merry Christmas one and all, hic, hic!!!!