December 5, 2010

Tailor of Gloucester 1/5 + Richard Armitage Narration:Wild Tiger-An Endangered Species + 10min Game of Thrones Trailer + Generous Fan:'You Can Leave Your Hat On' + Who Do You Miss More Poll?

Part 1 - 15min RA narration of 'Lost Land of the Tiger'  

Serendipity segue--How many tens of thousands are their parents paying for their education? :) hehe..clever..

Until today, never heard the following song - rather appropriate isn't it?..and the understanding and generosity from fan tuttiatavalo are overwhelming..  ;)

Part 1 of 5 - The Tailor of Gloucester...watched these and all the others in this adorable series many times with my toddler niece, who is now 19yrs old..

Bits & Pieces:
TV Guide comments on Game of Thrones:

EW Richard-Watch:  Can't believe after never reading Entertainment Weekly, I've started to thumb through it in case there's mention of Capt America or The Hobbit, etc.  In the most recent edition, the only thing remotely linked to RA is a blurb about 'The Walking Dead' -  his Strike Back co-star, Andrew Lincoln's, tv show.

Evidently, the writer Stephen King provides a column for the mag - not sure if it's every week or sporadically.  His topic this time is 'The Best TV of 2010'.  No. 2 in his estimation is said TWD.  Kings says..

>What makes zombies scary again?  Start with fine actors (headed by Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies), add taut scripts about likable people under stress, and throw in beautiful photography, so that the lush Georgia summer contrasts with the rotters shambling through the streets of Atlanta.  All of a sudden you're talking about that 21st-century rarity, appointment TV.  NBC passed on this series.  Need I say more about why basic cable is now the place to be?<

Also noticed somewhere on-line mention of the fact the principal writer of TWD has fired all the others and plans to hire an entire new staff.  Apparently the most positive and enthusiastic reaction to the series (which has been renewed for 2nd season) was for the first 2 eps which he had written himself.


Laura said...

Honestly. I absolutely die every time I see that last picture. I think it's my all-time favorite. So thanks for making my evening!

Musa said...

RicRAr, great preview of GoT tonight. Love the look of all the characters. (Can see RA in Jamie-like armor!) Feel a Season 2 announcement will come sooner rather than later :)

Anonymous said...

Second pic *swoon*, It's the first time I see that close up with that lightning, John Porter is the (action) man... :P

OML :)

Ricrar said...

Laura, agreed about that pic -- there's a companion to it..will add it asap.

Musa, interesting that you linked the Jaime armor to RA. When the former appeared in the trailer in a drk, sleek leather coat it reminded me of Guy's long, almost liquid-leather wedding costume. Disappointed to see GoT was pushed back to April:(...oh well, Spooks9 dvds should arrive in Feb. That will help bridge the gulf.

OML, I'm really surprised how Lucas is overwhelming John Porter in the 'who do you miss more?' poll. IMO, Porter is more admirable than North was in S9. I prefer John's clear moral compass to Lucas's more recent scrambled emotions and conscience. Of course, Spook's 7&8 did reflect him as more heroic and emotionally balanced(despite imprisonment's toll).

Laura said...

Nope, #6 is still my favorite. It's the 'eye contact'.

Ricrar said...

Then you should enjoy the latest one, Laura. How's that for eye contact?

Have you ever noticed RA's professional progress at learning to seduce the camera in still photos? He definitely has it mastered now but it took awhile. Today he gazes at the lens as though it's JT looking at Margaret as she climbed the steps, or Guy watching Marian pet the horse;)

The last scene was the moment my addiction started:) when my inner voice said "Wow! look how his eyes are burning a hole through her!" ...didn't even know Richard's name at the time.

Anonymous said...

I love John Porter but Lucas break my heart.I'll allways love him.(RA is so beautiful that sometimes hurts).Sorry for my english.

Ricrar said...

Your English is great...don't know which is your native language but my knowledge of it is probably 0. Unless it's French -- then I can impress you with at least a dozen words:) Oh yes, there's one other language that should be somewhat in my quiver, but the only remaining remnants are amo, amas, amat.

If they knew, both the French & Latin teachers would have sharp words for remembering so little after their determined efforts to get better results:)

I agree w/you about Lucas in S7&8, but the writers must've been smoking something:) while penning S9. They took a heroic character and turned him into an emotional basket case all for the love of a woman who really didn't seem to be deserving of it.

I'm determined to remember the stronger Lucas - it's only drama, therefore, we can take from it that which we please and forget the rest. Sort of like the creative license directors insist they're entitled to--sometimes even when relating historic events (in those instances, facts should really trump art). The audience members deserve the same freedom of expression or retention, don't we? ;)

Musa said...

Is that RA as monk or as Thorin?

I think I'm one of those that voted for Lucas.
I've chosen to have selective amnesia about most of Season 9 and love the Lucas of Season 7&8.
With RA playing both, there's no way not to love John Porter and Lucas North - but I miss Lucas the complex hero, the man that loves William Blake,knows all about civets and loves chocolate doughnuts and even manages witty banter with Ros. I miss him :(
Thanks for the Tiger documentary!

Ricrar said...

Musa, he's wearing a monk's hood, but it could very easily be similar to Thorin's costume. With all the Rice/Christ comments, couldn't resist seeing RA in clerical garb.

The leader of the dwarves will no doubt sport either a beard or very heavy stubble. Would prefer the latter, but Jackson hasn't as yet asked my opinion:) By now, all those Hobbit design decisions have probably been made and are already in production.

I do get the 'sensitive' Lucas consideration, but IMO upon reflection, the writers were carried away with a desire to send him off w/a big bang. If a former hero is going to turn traitor to his homeland, he at least deserves a more profound reason for doing so than obsessing over a female who doesn't appear to return the passionate emotional feelings w/nearly as much intensity.

Even liberal elitist Sarah thought she was supporting a greater good for the planet's population by joining her radical group--she was wrong & arrogant in believing they had the right to make that decision for the entire globe, but at least it was a more noble excuse for treason. Lucas's motive in S9 was completely selfish - not a worthy storyline for him, IMO. Perhaps someday, if possible, the character will return to Spooks for redemption. In the meantime my memories will be of the courageous Lucas North of S7&8, who was slightly emotionally fragile - yet strong and determined to defeat evil whenever necessary to protect his countrymen & women.

Have a special place in my heart for John Porter, because he represents those willing to put their lives on the line for the rest of us. Perhaps the personal motivation is the fact my family tree includes many members who have done the same in military service.

Did you notice that Israel bought all 9series of Spooks - believe they'll show it daily. It's beyond me why they receive so much criticism from certain quarters. As a people they really do share Western values and continue to support their democracy despite being surrounded by those trying to wipe them from the face of the earth. Spooks should help keep their minds off the threat & reinvigorate their constantly necesarry 'blitz spirit.'