November 15, 2009

John Thornton:Guy of Gisborne:Lucas North:Harry Kennedy

Photo display bottom to top: John Thornton of Elizabeth Gaskell's 19thC novel 'North and South' was Richard's breakthrough role in 2004.

More recently, for 3yrs, he played the hugely popular Guy of Gisborne in the latest update of the legend of Robin Hood

Richard's current role is MI5 agent Lucas North seen above as the delectably gorgeous forum header. Never get enough of this modern-day knight and excruciatingly delicious spook. YUMMY!!

Another role that brought him to national attention was that of the Vicar of Dibley's new love, Harry Kennedy. Richard has said it's the character closest to his real personality.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ is for Armitage:)

Besides his more prominent roles, such as masterspy Lucas North and medieval knight Sir Guy of Gisborne                
there were many other RA roles

Left: Sweet John Standring (Sparkhouse)

                   Ian(Ultimate force)            

                                      Paul (Between the Sheets)
Coldfeet's flirty Lee

 Dr Track(The Golden Hour)
John Mulligan (Moving On)  

RA characters demonstrating their excellent on-screen rapport with some of their lucky leading ladies.
Mrs Monet from the visually artistic feast provided by
 'The Impressionists'

Lady Marian played by the lovely Lucy Griffiths

Alona (Between the Sheets)

and Ellie (Moving On)



Ricrar said...
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Phylly3 said...

Nice selection of RA pics! I never get tired of looking at pictures of Richard -- or Lucas, Guy, John T., John S., John M., Dr. Track, Paul, Lee (who did I miss?) Oh yeah! Monet! and kissing yet! BONUS!

Ricrar said...

Happy you enjoyed them phylly3. If you have any photo requests of a particular character or RA interview pics, I'd be happy to check my album and post them:)