November 26, 2009


We want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. For those of you not in America, we wish you a bright and happy day filled with laughter!
Check out the audio clip over on the sidebar. We are going to be putting a different one up every Wednesday.
Please bear with me, I am trying to find a player that looks good and plays. So you may see more than one player LOL. Any comments on whether it plays or not would be appreciated.


Ricrar said...

This audio gadget works great for me armitage admirer. As always RA sounds scrumptious in that interview. Thanks:)

Ragtag said...

I like the soundbytes idea. Hearing his voice accompanying your website pics is perfect!

Carolynd1 said...

Thank you ricrar and ragtag. I agree, I love to him him talk about anything!

bZirk said...

I also love the audio clips. Of all his assets, I adore his voice the most. It is wonderful!

Ricrar said...

ragtag & bzirk, do you have any fave poem or possibly an RA passage that you'd enjoy having at your fingertips? Simply mention it and we'll be happy to find it, and make it a fixture here for everyone's listening pleasure.
I agree that RA's voice is stirringly rich with delicious depths that often cause this admirer to downright quiver. How many other 'speaking' voices(not singers) have had that powerful an effect on a large segment of the audience? Really cannot think of another prominent person whose appearance was equally as stunning as his vibrant vocal cords. Then add Richard's superb acting skills and we have overkill for the senses - shock & awe in one gorgeous package. We always knew RA was one of a kind, didn't we:)
It's possible he bites his nails, is a neat freak or snores:) but the other strong superlatives cancel out any minor human frailities. Sounds as though I have it bad, doesn't it....that's true but it's ohhh sooooo good:)

bZirk said...

Do you have the proposal scene from North and South? If I remember correctly, he read an excerpt of it. I would love to hear that.