November 25, 2009

Answering a Photo Request

Phylly3 commented below that one of her fave RA photos is of Paul(BTS) napping on the couch.

Ooops, shhhhh, he's not asleep yet

Still not asleep...he must be leaving a gift for those RA fans collecting tongue pics

finally, shhhh. While browsing through the album found some of my fav Paul pics

oooh, another tongue plus something for the 6pack abs collectors

Wow! Looks as though Paul returns the warm feelings, phylly3 - good for you....we're so jealous:) Few more with the emphasis on the T in TDH - and a couple songs to accompany your viewing pleasure....just minimize the youtube vid and drool away:)

Visual proof of just how much Richard Armitage appreciates his many adoring fans. *sigh*
Here's the music


Phylly3 said...
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Phylly3 said...

So, I'm like, "Wow! She posted those pictures I mentioned." And I'm scrolling down, down, "What's with the tongues?", down... "oooo nice abs!", then...
"HAhahahahahhahahahahaha!!!" (I almost passed out, I was laughing so hard!" You are a nutbar!
Love the lips picture and the one of Lucas right above it!
And you are so lucky to have his autograph!!! Do you think you could get his handwriting analyzed?! (Kidding....sort of)
Haha! Thanks for the laugh!

Ricrar said...

Ooooh, a 'nutbar' my fav type of candy. Happy to oblige with the Paul pics phylly3. As far as handwriting analysis, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see RA writes his R, A and especially W exactly like me. Desperation to find a common bond on my part, isn't it?:) Amateur analysis of his handwriting -- the fact he makes it a point to write legibly, rather than scribbled script in fan mail, shows his sincerity and down-to-earth attitude towards being a celebrity. *love him*

Never hesitate to request photos - we have something for every RA pic collector and admirer...all piccadilloes from his expressive blue eyes to his long legs, handsome jawline are covered. All anyone need do is ask and you shall receive:)