September 4, 2014

Richard Armitage:The Crucible Will Be Digitally Recorded and Available Online(see link) + Link to An Audience Member's Impression of A Conversation with Richard Armitage

The Crucible Trailer..
Upcoming recorded The Crucible will be available through
Sincere thank you for the following, which is a link to the impressions of 'A Conversation with Richard Armitage' audience member:
An excerpt:
MW: Question from someone who sent an email. Is there a particular part of the play that you enjoy or you really dread?
RA: He mentions lines that are difficult to say although this may have been earlier. There is a part that I enjoy. After act 1, which is the overture, just like in an opera, setting the themes that will reoccur throughout the play. Then there is the quiet of the beginning of act 2. Two people coming to terms with a fractured relationship, the quiet of that moment, it's like the start of something building and I enjoy that quiet moment as they try and work out their relationship.
In one matinee, a piece of carrot was stuck in my throat and I had to try and choke my way through the rest of that scene.

MW: How has this part changed you?
RA: I'm sorry this answer is going to be very disappointing answer to this question but I honestly don't know how it's going to affect me. But I'm not afraid anymore.
This ending was quite simply put and generated spontaneous applause.

Thank you Richard for this interview. It was a privilege to be there.
Starz #Outlander series is dynamic in every way possible, as you can see..

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