June 13, 2014

Richard Armitage:Battle of 5 Wooly Cardis etc + Hamlet:A Novel Review + Baelish(GOT) Interview(see link) + Batman Memes(see link) + Times Yael Farber Interview + Old Vic Chancing Off Crucible Poster Signed by RA(see below)

Battle of 5 Cardis,etc..

Signing The Crucible Old Vic Poster giveaway..
RA wellwisher in London takes a selfie with The Crucible poster
She couldn't quite reach the tip of the nose--managed a peck on beard:)
Maybe they'll listen to us the next time;D
Clever visual pairing of Thorin and Proctor's fire(by fan Mat Khal on Pinterest)
Interview with Game of Thrones diabolical Petyr Baelish(Aiden Gillen)
Quote: "The craft of acting is something I’m interested in, because it’s not just delivering lines—it’s doing it a certain way, it’s body language, it’s all these other things.
Urban's friend Chop shows more concern for him than his natural father ever did

From The Old Vic Theatre: 
Happy Friday! We have x2 signed posters to give away exclusively to those signed up to our newsletter. Like, share and sign up before midday on Monday 16th June for a chance to win a poster for #TheCrucible signed by Richard Armitage. 

https://www.facebook.com/OldVicTheatre/photos/a.162244797184.98611.116 694452184/10151891069977185/?type=1
 Great search engine: http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/conservative-search-engine/question-2850189/

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