June 17, 2014

Richard Armitage:Listen to The Crucible's Abigail(see vid) + New Into The Storm Photos + May/Jun Onscreen Magazine + Poldark Coming to PBS + The Battle of 5 Topcoats

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How many times have you listened to RA's Hamlet:A Novel?
From May/Jun issue of Onscreen Magazine..
Jun 21 is first night for RA in The Crucible.Here is Proctor's Abigail..
Interview with Game of Thrones writers:
and bonus...
Guess who's coming to late Sunday dinner(PBS Masterpiece Theater) in 2015 - Ross Poldark(star is Hobbit dwarf Aidan Turner). Aidan on Poldark set..

Old Vic production provides all sorts of educational information about The Crucible: http://oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/File/2652.pdf

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