April 1, 2014

Richard Armitage:VOTE for Thorin (see link) Quote:"Good to be in Batman Mix"(see interview vid) + April Calendar + New Photos

Into The Storm website with preview trailer:
My new BFF ;D
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One more,have to sign off.Can hardly wait for 's Aug8 The stormchasers Nite;)
Revisiting an RA fanvid classic:
New series starts Sunday starring Jamie Bell.Record if watching GameOfThrones
Actor Jamie Bell currently has a Q & A on Twitter about his above new series. He was asked if it was difficult to play a rebel against the English crown, since he is indeed British. His reply:
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    You are British. Did a part of you EVER feel strange about playing an anti-British role, or was it a challenge you relished?
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  2. Being British helped. After all, this fight for independence was really a separation of family. A younger brother fighting back
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