August 12, 2013

Richard Armitage:Designing Thorin Comments(see link) + New Voiceover(comes with usual warning from me;) not switch accounts without giving it some thought + Black Sky or Into The Storm? Excerpt from Interview With Writer John Swetnam + Dinner + The White Queen:Costume Designers,Reviews,etc + Pres-season Review for Reign Series

Another Batman mention:
Designing Thorin: warf-design-and-the-sublime-skill-of-john-howe/ 
QUOTE: "Thorin didn’t come easy. Because he’s a really important character, we played around with a lot of different options."  

The particular velvety growl you seek can be heard in last few seconds. "To follow is to love" Really? ;D
First of all, thank you to the website for following pic.  Second, had a great chuckle upon seeing this behind the scenes Spooks 9 photo for the first time today. Hardiest chuckle was to see my favorite Game of Thrones character Sir Jorah(Iain Glen) patiently waiting in the background to be momentarily stabbed in the leg by Lucas North, and also to notice USMC(United States Marine Corps) on a crew members tshirt. Or might it be an abbreviation for UK Spooks Muncipal Crewmember?;)..although the color of the tshirt is khaki which would be appropriate for the US Marines. Maybe the tshirt wearer was on-set security? He does look very focused on surroundings. The photo.. 

Interview with Into The Storm(fka:Black Sky) writer John Swetnam:EXCERPT:
How did your childhood as an “air force kid” influence you?
I moved around every two or three years and lived all around the world. I was born in South Carolina and lived in Japan, England, Korea and all over the states, Northern Maine, Southern Maine, Tennessee, Florida and Southern California. I think moving every two or three year is why I like movies so much.
Talk  about your film, “Into the Storm” (formerly known as Black Sky) and where did you get that idea from? And, what made you decide to write about the weather?
Because of Evidence, Todd Garner, a big time producer who has produced 100’s of movies, emailed my agent saying he had read and liked some of the found footage I had done. It was a three word email and it said, “Inspirational, tornado and POV.” I had lived in Nashville and my friends lost everything in a tornado and as soon as I saw those three words, I knew exactly how to tell this story in a very different way.That one’s already done, we’ve just screened it last weekend and it will be probably be coming out next year. It’s a studio picture from New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers. It will be my first, big, big, big movie. Have you seen Twister? It’s like Twister, but with a fresh twist. When I saw it with the audience, it was unbelievable and so big and the special effects are absolutely amazing. The director used to work for James Cameron for 20 years and he’s this genius of framing and effects and I was just blown away. That will be the big one and then..The thing with directing is that even though I never wanted to be a director, I do want to direct, because I’ve gotten to work with some really great directors and I learned so much from Olatunde and Stephen Quale from Into the Storm (fka Black Sky)..
New Series REIGN --EXCERPT:  THE FIRST IMPRESSION | Well knock me over with a feather. Upon watching the cutdown for this unlikely CW offering at the Upfronts, I instantly penciled it in for a short run. I perhaps didn’t “get it,” or, more likely, my eyes had glazed over from the trailers for the network’s myriad new sci-fi shows. But in viewing this pilot in full, Reign just might emerge a sleeper hit (by CW standards). It could be that its stark differences (era, setting) from Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Hart of Dixie and the like will make it “pop,” or that its super-sudsy themes (love! lust! betrayal! infidelity! voyeurism! self-pleasure! wait, what?) will reel in the abandoned Gossip Girl crowd. (For good measure, there is a whiff of supernatural hullabaloo thrown in.) The cast is uniformly fine — Kane gives Mary a root-for quality, but Regbo reads a bit ripe — with everyone amusingly doing some variation on a British-y accent that is neither French nor Scottish. C’est la vie!
Dracula (starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers) aka Henry VIII;) is a forthcoming British-American limited series television drama that is expected to air on NBC and Sky Living  produced by Carnival FilmsDracula will premiere on October 25, 2013, and will air on Fridays 10/9c
Costume Desginers for White Queen:
Really wish all those who insist on acting like primadonnas - by negatively criticizing tiny inaccuracies such as rainpipes and zippers  - would remember it's very easy to be a naysayer.  It's difficult enough to find well done historic sagas without having to listen to nonsensical picayunishness about trifles, when a good one has actually been produced. 
Enjoying the beautifully designed sets for new series The White Queen..
Richard III and Anne Neville - tune in Sat for ep 2, Starz,The White Queen..

Denver Post Review:
Access Hollywood:
NY Times says everyones' faces are too scrubbed and teeth too straight. That's NYC for you - most Americans don't really consider it representative of them -- it's actually almost a world apart from the rest of the USA.  Therefore, we expect them to have polar opposite opinions, and they always live up to the expectation.
From Wikipedia:  Shooting locations for The White Queen:
The White Queen was filmed on location in Belgium, where several landmarks in Bruges andGhent represent locations in London and elsewhere:[20]


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Particularly stunning photos this time around, Ricrar! Thank you, and you are to be congratulated, as always!! :) :) I always like "The Kiss," of course. And those candids on sets are very fun. Gives you a little window to feel like a fly on the wall. Thornton, Lucas, and "The Kiss" all in one post.... What more's a gal to dream of? Sigh.

I put some new songs up on my YouTube site...or, actually, new recordings of old songs. Just go to YouTube and enter "Cleopatra Screen Play," of course!

Hope you're having a nice week! Hot here. A little mowing....


Ricrar said...

Thanks for the kind words Cleo. Have you heard the recent buzz as far as Richard mentioned as having a photoshoot with Esquire Mag? Also a teen and her mum met him on Carnaby St, London. The teen tweeted that the beard is gone and his hair reminded her very much of Guy of Gisborne.

Now, if we could just get something def on his next role, we'd be in RA heaven;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...


Just the thought of RA today, in real life, in his Sir Guy locks...Heaven help us! I am rendered speechless, and that is not easy to accomplish!!

You can sign me up for RA Heaven any day of the week!!!!

Cheers, Ricrar! Let's hope for some good news soon :) :) Esquire Magazine. That's a big deal in the States. Can't wait for the latest photo shoot. Long hair. Oh, Baby.

Ricrar said...

This Poldark Society really wants Richard to play Ross Poldark. Might the C18 ponytail tied back w ribbon be the reason RA's hair is longer?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

And I can see why!! Ah, the ponytail. When do we get to see it?? :) :)

Cheers, Ricrar!

Ricrar said...

Another Batman mention:

Hope we do hear something definite soon, all the speculation is starting to get tiresome. A kiwi claims she interviewed Richard yesterday and asked him about Batman. She tweeted that he said he wouldn't mind playing Batman but he doesn't know how the rumors started. There's some skepticism that the interview took place because she also stated photos were not allowed and it won't be published until Nov.

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