August 3, 2013

Richard Armitage:"A blonde walks into a building.." and Gives Her Batman Opinion;) + Also Screenrant's Recent RA/Batman Views + The White Queen Trailer, Ep 1 on Aug 10 + UK Daily Star Headline(How reliable are their rumors?;) + August Calendars

Stunning Thorin fanart and the artist's website:
Snobbiest city poll information found in this article:
UK Daily Star says RA is *rumored* to be the next Batman.  Now we need to learn the reliability score of this particular newspapers rumor record:
Honestly, I don't know if movie theaters could handle Armitage and Cavill side by side -- the screens just might vaporize before our eyes..
As I was watching the following vid couldn't help replaying in my mind what RA calls his only joke - "A blonde walks into a'd think she would've seen it" Well, after hearing what this blonde had to say about Richard as Batman, it's obvious she does not live up to the stereotype:
Screenrant website's recent opinion:
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Richard Armitage

No surprise here: Richard Armitage (SpooksThe Hobbit) was already one of our top choices for the character when we made our first list months ago, and as such, we were less than surprised when his name was mentioned among those currently being discussed by the studio. With the kind of looks and build that rarely come with age (except in the case of Hugh Jackman) Armitage has the poise that comes with experience, without the extra padding that usually accompanies it.

At 42 years of age and just over 6'2", Armitage fits the bill on paper, but brings along his classical training, experience on both the screen and stage, and his time with the Royal Shakespeare company to boot. That's the kind of experience that would make even Christian Bale blush.

With size, age, experience and looks that check every comic book fan's checklist, well... let's just say we're happy to hear his name mentioned among those in the running.
Circles within circles trivia: After recently starting the audiobook 'Anna of The Five Towns' by Arnold Bennett, I was amused to find Elizabeth Gaskell included in the following book review.  Found myself disagreeing with the last paragraph below where the reviewer seems to say Bennett was wrong to rewrite 'Anna' as a play with a happy ending, after concluding the book with tragedy "leavened by hints of future hope."  Here!Here! to author Bennett!  There are enough sad endings in the world around us, why insist it must be so for fiction?  That's the reason I've never watched totally dark movies - just reading world news provides plenty of negative vibes - no need to receive them when we turn to entertainment for a brief respite.  The Anna of the Five Towns review:
"Anna has been labelled a romance, a tragedy and a book of social significance. It certainly contains elements of all these things, often in a tantalisingly oblique way. After a hundred years there is still argument as to Anna's feelings for the two young men in her life -Willie Price and Henry Mynors, so completely different in background and character. it is the story of a girl brought up in the extraordinary atmosphere created by a dead mother and a miserly father of an extreme sort, and her reactions to the young men, of whom one was forceful and successful and the other a classic example of one of life's failures without a thought of fighting against ill-fortune. The story is played out against a background of pervading Wesleyan doctrines and customs, grasping materialism and blatant hypocrisy, but throughout there runs a steady though sometimes imperceptible trickle of the milk of human kindness. It has an important place in English literature because its author was putting into practice the precepts absorbed from French naturalism and from the Russian preoccupation with total and unremitting tragedy and despair. The result was the rebirth of an English realism inaugurated by Defoe and Richardson. transposed to a low key by Jane Austen, revived by Charlotte Bronte, refined by Mrs Gaskell and Charles Reade, over-elaborated by Charles Dickens and brought to perfection by George Eliot. The Five Towns stories also contain masterly prose descriptions of industrial landscape and the survival of human dignity despite severe social deprivation.
Anna is almost a do-it-yourself book, which each reader can interpret according to personal feeling. Perhaps the main certainty about it is that it stands firmly on a tragic ending leavened by the enigmatic hint of some sort of future hope. Confirmation of this came unwittingly from Bennett himself when he rewrote the story as a play ("Cupid and Commonsense") and ruined it by introducing a happy ending."
Starz 'The White Queen' website is ready for ep 1 this Sat. Write your own War of Roses family story...
US companies need to get this memorable sound for their tv ads:


Ricrar said...

Comment from Cleo reposted from under the last one.
cleopatraascreenplay said...
Morning, Ricrar! Well, when I get an invite to RA's open house, I will most certainly run right for the food table and stuff myself silly :) :) I look forward to the salmon bites!

What's the story on the black dresses, though? Isn't RA's fan base a median age a little closer to mine? I might certainly wear a little black dress, but it will be a respectable tea-length!

I will be in NYC the week before Thanksgiving for a professional engagement. Will be waiting for that invite! :) :) :) I hope NZ and Greenwich Village are treating RA well, meantime.... Cheers!

Ricrar said...

Of course the little black dresses can always be altered with the wearer's wishes in mind. A twitter follower told me she would turn RA's stomach if she arrived wearing one of those styles;D I assured her any dress with simple lines can be altered to best compliment the female's curves or lack thereof. Even the choice of fabric and it's drape make a tremendous difference in how it best presents any woman.

It was necessary for me to study the topic in depth over past few yrs -- simple lines, choice of color, fabric drape all contribute to the best fit possible for everyone.

Please take a few photos if that special invitation does arrive;D *sweet dReAms are made of this*

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Happy Saturday, Ricrar! Well, yes, I think it may be the combination of 100% Spandex and the big curving behind that caught my attention, on behalf of those of us older than 40 :) :). A more solid fabric is kinder to some of us. :) :) I don't understand the obsession with short these days. It's hard even to find a nice, long, straight fitted dress or skirt. Have to go to Asia for it, really. Ah, for a trip to Bali (and their tailors!).

I have a great source on fresh made local guava jelly, if RA decides to do the guava jelly crepes! Just let me know if you want it....I'll be happy to post....

Alas, though, I am not apt to think to take pictures when I receive my invite to RA's open house :) :). I may have my work cut out for me to act appropriately professional, as a writer, you know....

Love both of the new calendars! You ask us to make these impossible choices! As I have said many times before, I will not choose! I want all of my RA calendars...and rational government, too.

New short story: Ever want to know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? I can tell you!! It's very short. Worth the read. :) :)

Ricrar said...

Actually, Cleo not so much a more solid fabric as one where the drape is very fluid. Those materials include silk, fine gauge knits, rayon, etc.

See the new topic - a historical series out of Turkey. As you know, I'm a strong supporter of the viewing public being taught the history of the human race anywhere on the globe. The fact the new radical Turkish government financed this current tv series triggered a few thoughts about the fact the MidEast seems to be absolutely stuck in an ancient time warp.

See the link to the website giving all the particulars on this new series on the C16 Sultan Suleiman. Thought of you upon first seeing the writeup.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! Oh, yes, I am a fan of the fluid draping myself....silks and rayons, especially....

Series out of Turkey...I came across it at one point when I was doing research on one of the Sultan's wives. A lot of drama in that household, apparently. Wouldn't have wanted to be there, especially as a daughter. I haven't seen the series. Seems some of the earlier centuries may have been better to be an Ottoman Queen, daughter, or son; and some of the later. But who knows.

My new short story about Jimmy Hoffa has Hoffa as Genghis Khan, the first leader of the Roman state, and God, all here to teach the world a thing or two.... It's fun! :) :) And he's very defensive of his daughter...of course, which I like...because I wrote the story....

Happy Saturday! Cheers.

Ricrar said...

Cleo, wasn't the Sulieman period followed by what was called the "Age of Women" due to his wife gaining tremendous power of her own. Thought I'd read there was a backlash that resulted in the harsh treatment of women for centuries afterward.

It will be interesting to see if the series is sold to a US network. Of course dubbing will be necessary, but we watch many movies already originally produced in French, Spanish, Russian - so why not from the MidEast as well.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! I would be interested in seeing the series, although there might be too much drama in it for my more Zen tastes.... :) The pics make it look a bit like the Tudors...enormously popular, I know, but too much drama for me.

Now, RA as BATMAN! THAT would be just my kind of drama! Please, please, please let it be true!!!!! :) :)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Now for the guava crepes. I can't stand RA not having access to that Caribbean delicacy for his (presumed) open house! Can get guava jelly locally made for Ward's Market, 515 NW 23 Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609. They're on google.

Happy Sunday!

Ricrar said...

There must be something fascinating occurring right now as far as Richard's next career move. Is he patiently waiting to get word on a role he really wants rather than accepting one that doesn't really stir his professional passions? Perhaps there is a major role like Batman in his mix of choices, but the studio is not ready to make any announcements for awhile??

Is quava a sweet fruit? If so, email a couple of those crepes up north please;D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! Guava is a mild fruit, I’d say, neither sweet nor tart, but more on the sweet side than the tart side. It has a unique flavor that I can’t describe. It is absolutely characteristic of the Greater Antilles (and I can only imagine, the Lesser Antilles as well, although I have never been there). It is a very Caribbean flavor, to me, unlike mango, which I’ve come across in many hot weather climes. Apparently, guava is native to Central and South America but is now cultivated elsewhere as well. I would be most delighted to send you a jar if you have a P.O. Box. I went to school with the family whose local market these jams are made fresh for, so I can vouch for their local character!

As for the new poll (LOVE the new poll): I have to say, I would imagine Batman as a sort of Sir-Guy-of-Gisborne-Qua-Champion-of-the-People at night, and John Thornton as suave and somewhat hardened businessman -- with a heart -- by day. Perhaps I am wrong on the original comics, but that was my memory of it; you know, a sort of Zoro-meets-1940s-Chicago. I suppose he’s supposed to be a playboy and philanthropist for cover, but he’s also an industrialist hardened by the death of his parents as a youth (shares that in common with Sir Guy, and to some extent with Thornton). I think RA could not be more perfect for that complexity – layers of cover over cover over cover, you know?.....


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar! THANK YOU for putting up the Sir Guy as the Persian Prince photo (with the nice Persian carpet as backdrop to his Dark Knight broody look!).

Can't wait to see him play another Dark Knight -- BATMAN!!! I sure hope the rumors turn out to be true.

Ricrar said...

Hey there Cleo. It seems RA fans are still swarming about the recent Batman rumors. At this point, he could be playing Kermit the Frog next and I'd just be relieved to at least know what it will be.

As for the rug and Guy of Gisborne - it has that medieval look about it, so at least 3yrs ago I thought they'd suit each other. Happy you agree;D Did they even have rugs in medieval era? How long did it take before they realized their feet would be more comfy if they took the tapestries off the walls and placed them on the cold floors.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar! So many Sir Guy photos, so little time. If you keep posting the semi-naked shots chest shots of him, I really am going to have to get a new line on a ventilator soon. Know of any good sources? My old one is nearly kaput.

Fun in the sun at a water park today. Recovering. I spent most of my day in the kid pool.

New comedy idea for RA (re: twitter): Good Neighbors remake with Kate Winslet, updated for current day. They could be the struggling hippy-esque/techie/eggheads fresh back to London from techie central (could be Seattle or Silicon Valley). Struggling to get serious after the reigning norms of those techie mains: the richer you are, the more events you wear Birkenstocks to, and the more often you ride the bus (we're all in favor of public transportation -- it's Green, you know!).

Man, I miss Seattle.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend! Can't wait for more news on Batman, Black Sky, new comedies, Good Neighbors, or any of the above! Cheers!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. On the "Good Neighbors" remake idea with RA and Kate Winslet. Two main themes running throughout the show could be:

(1) Her campaign to bring Bumbershoot and Grunge music to England (i.e., Pearl Jam, etc.); and (2) his inner-Buddhist's struggle to let go of his sandals and force his toes into his new, very formal, pointy, and painful work shoes. She, of course, will never give up her leather hiking boots. :) :)

Ricrar said...

Cleo, Is there anything concrete as far as Good Neighbors being developed into a movie.

I just checked the last rumor about Kate Winslet and RA. Accoring to this blog post, she dropped out for this particular film but Michelle Dockery, star of Downton Abbey wants the role..
Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery is in negotiations to play the lead in the movie adaptation of best-selling novel The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society, set during and after World War II.

Michelle has been offered the role, but there’s no deal in place yet. But various parties involved hope the actress will be available to start preparing for filming after shooting ends on the fourth series of ITV’s Downton in August.

The movie, based on Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows’s tale of a magazine writer who uncovers the story of a book society, established on Nazi-occupied Guernsey in order to fool curfew patrols, is being directed by Simon Curtis. Mr Curtis happens to be married to Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle’s Downton screen mother. Curtis took over as director from Kenneth Branagh, who had planned to make the picture with Kate Winslet. But for reasons too complex to go into here, that potato got mashed.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar!

Details, please!! What is the project RA and Winslet are talking about?? Any ideas? Do we know? Inquiring minds want to know!

As for Good Neighbors, alas, that is purely a figment of my literary imagination. I would be happy to field a proposal should anyone want one! :) :) I thought it worked best as a TV show, can't laugh that much for longer than 30 minutes at a time without breaking some sort of vital internal organs..... Can you imagine all the fun permutations of RA playing the hapless, love-struck, well-meaning husband trying to give up the Green life to make his wife a rich woman, in the face of her (as Winslet) incessant efforts to remain ever true to her natural fibers (e.g., cork, wool, leather, cotton, etc.)?

Cheers! :) :)