June 19, 2015

Richard Armitage:'Sleepwalker' Director Hints at Trailer Release + New Selfie--Dolarhyde's Red Dragon Tatt being Applied + See Poldark ep 1,Masterpiece pbs,Sun + Various & Sundry + Madame Bovary Trailer

Latest selfie is RA having the Dolarhyde red dragon tatt applied..
Richard Armitage for Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones..
RA plays Godfrey of Bouillon in movie 'Pigrimage' Mark Twain mentioned Godfrey in 'The Innocents Abroad'

Be sure to watch ep 2, Poldark on PBS Masterpiece..
Interesting article predicting Jon Snow wargs into direwolf Ghost S6
Sample Chapter from GRRMartin's Vol 6 Winds of Winter:

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