January 1, 2014

Richard Armitage:'I See Fire' Spreading Like Wildfire(listen to new fanvid & remix) + 2013 in Review

Many new Hobbit promotion pics..
Opening date announced for RA playing teacher Gary Morris in August 2014's 'Into the Storm'
We had/have? hopes for RA as Ross Poldark..
RA's Strike Back series on Cinemax..
Talk of a SPOOKS movie...
Fan of master manips, Maria Donnici continued her splendid expertise..
as opposed to this miserable attempt to say "High Five RA!"..
you belong to the city...
Their loss...
When asked about Batman and Superman, said the former is his fav..
Many Richard III developments...
Continued heartfelt enthusiasm among his army of "well wishers"...
Guy of Gisborne on INSP channel..
Cats and dogs made peace and agreed they're all RA fans..

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