December 11, 2016

Richard Armitage:Watch Clip from Berlin Station Finale + BS on LA Times 10 Best of 2016 List + Sign Richard III Petition(see link) + VoD Among 8 Best Christmas Specials(see link) + Berlin Station Ep 9 Teaser + Today's Secret Note (shhh) from Agent Miller...uh...Richard(read below)

Clip Berlin Station Finale:
LA Times Places Berlin Station on Best TV for 2016 list:
"Berlin Station" (Epix) 
Sleek but not slick contemporary, continental, no-nonsense spy thriller features Richard Armitage, Michelle Forbes and Rhys Ifans as American agents looking to plug a leak in chilly, new-Cold War Germany. From earlier this year, when the CIA still counted.  
Vicar of Dibley with RA as Harry Kennedy among 8 best Christmas specials:
RA revealed in the recent Jane Hotel interview(see below) that he still has a dream of playing Richard III.  Please sign a petition supporting him in that role...
Pucker up for Christmas kiss...
Someone turn on the lights now!!
That's better...thanks!
Don't be concerned folks--current hijinks in WashDC is merely the entrenched establishment being replaced with the duly elected POTUS by "We the people". The high drama makes it vividly clear why it was necessary for we the people to drain the swamp. That's exactly what is happening--the corrupt current entities are finding it difficult to forfeit political power.  That's why we have the Constitution.

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