August 1, 2015

Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde + Ep 9 & 10 Reviews(see links)

For those(like me) interested only in Francis/Reba part of Red Dragon(horror at bottom of my reading preferences) here's the crucial Museum and tiger at zoo visit plus Martini afterglow chapters...
serial killer, Francis Dolarhyde..
REVIEW EXCERPT - Digital Spy: Richard Armitage remains incredibly affecting in this role, and his transformation is now made even sadder by the introduction of Reba (Rutina Wesley), a blind co-worker who listens to Francis when he talks and likes him because he doesn't pity her. Their romance is already so compelling that, by design, you're rooting for Dolarhyde to get the better of his demons. 
REVIEW Ep 9 Hannibal:
A Scandalous Lady W trailer--a true story:

Following lovely fanvid will help get Poldark viewers through drought until S2

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