December 4, 2014

Richard Armitage:New Interview When "will produce movie" First Mentioned + Brazil Soccer Selfie + Yesterday's Twitter Interview Provided by link/excerpts) + Paris Hobbit 3 Premiere

Proving boys will be boys:) and that's what we love about them - a recent gift of Brazil soccer shirt turned almost instantly into a selfie posted on Twitter:)

Recent interview excerpt:
Q : Who is your favourite fictional character of all time and why ? #AskThorin
 A : Gollum ! One of my teachers imitated him as well as Andy Serkis #Ask
*He was also photobombed by Gollum in edition of EW:
Q : I See Fire or The Last Goodbye ? #AskThorin
 A : I see Fire #AskThorin 
Off to The Hobbit:Battle of the Five Armies Worldwide Premieres..
Q : Last played song on your iPod ? #AskThorin
 A : One moment, I’ll check… “Pompe├»” by @bastilledan (Bastille) #AskThorin 
Not the same one - it doesn't have a fanvid & this music is powerful:
This isn't the first time Mr A has worn hot pink.....few years ago we saw....

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