October 14, 2011

Nostalgic Ian Wylie Tweets + Great New John Porter Vid by Giz the Gunslinger + Talented RA Manips by his fan 'richardsbabe' + Repost: Interview with Robin Hood Costume Designer + Pix

SPOOKS: I've only watched for 3 seasons of the 10 Spooks series yet I found these recent tweets, by Entertainment critic Ian Wylie, rather nostalgic.  The link below is to his blog..

Ian Wylie
...And my final midnight hour with Sir Harry Pearce and co...
15 minutes ago

Ian Wylie
...Spooks: The End. Last ever episode blog / preview http://bit.ly/nrU94z
17 minutes ago

Past Post Jan 2010: http://allthingsrarmitage.blogspot.com/2010/01/interview-wrobin-hood-costume-designer.html?showComment=1318556291454#c2738390689126870277 (See interview below)

Here's an interesting interview with the woman who designed Guy of Gisborne's biker-style leathers.
Conducted and transcribed by Allen W. Wright

Frances Tempest is the costume designer for the first two series of the 2006 Robin Hood TV show by Tiger Aspect and the BBC. She has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Her costume designs have appeared at the National Theatre and the English National Opera. She has received four Emmy nominations and three BAFTA nominations.

..In 2009, Frances spoke at Robin Hood: Media Creature - the 2009 academic conference for Robin Hood studies at the University of Rochester. Her paper was titled "Robin Hood for the Playstation Generation, or Every Age Gets the Robin Hood It Deserves".

This interview was conducted in person in Rochester, NY at the October 2009 Robin Hood academic conference.

..And they really wanted to direct it (new RH series) at a young, masculine -- it was really directed at teenage boys. That's what their audience was. If they could pick up other people along the way, all well and good. But it was to be directed at teenage boys.

AWW: How about the girl audience? It seems that a lot of women liked it.

FT: Robin was supposed to be for the female audience. I don't think he ever achieved that because Guy of Gisborne came along and stole the show. It wasn't meant to be like that but just because of the casting, that's what actually happened.

AWW: I saw that with the "fanfic" discussions. [An earlier conference paper discussed how much of the stories written by fans centered around Gisborne instead of Robin Hood.]

FT: Well, I had no idea because I had never seen North and South [BBC mini-series starring actor Richard Armitage]. I didn't realize that Richard Armitage carried such a big fan base, but he already came with all these thousands of adoring fans. I had no idea about that. And so I clothed him in black leather. Suddenly there were websites all over the place! [Laughs.] I had in my head the image of a racing driver or a motorbike driver - like Alain Delon -- the young Alain Delon. He was going to be a fantastic, sexy racing driver, that was my image for him.
AWW: He also had the duster that was like a western hero, and almost like a regency cape.

FT: It was a cross between a regency cape and Sherlock Holmes and How the West Was Won. I was trying to roll all of those sorts of things into it. Of course, it was tempered - like things always are - by practical considerations. He had to be able to get on and off his horse in it. He had to be able to fight in it. There were stuntmen, but a lot of the actors did an awful lot of their own stuntwork. So all of those practical considerations had to be uppermost.
AWW: You also had the other outfit for Guy, with the piping along the sleeves.
FT: Yes, which was fastened with these wolf's head clips. And then he had wolves on the knuckles -- like knuckle dusters -- on the gauntlets. All I can say is that I spent a lot of time hanging about in motorbike shops in Budapest.
AWW: Guy must have hated his black leather in the summer.
FT: The summers were awful. I mean, it was very good. The boys loved their costumes. They were thrilled when they first put them on. They really got into them, emotionally inhabited them. It was terrific. But that was about March. And by the time August came, they were ... the temperature was over 30 degrees (Celsius). They could hardly move. And Little John in his big leather coat! But he was very good, he didn't try to take it off. Robin kept trying to ... I shouldn't tell you that ... Jonas [Armstrong] kept trying to take all his clothes off, just because he was so hot and to be firmly bundled back into them.

AWW: But Richard Armitage didn't?

FT: No, he loved black leather. He wasn't getting out of that, no matter what. [Laughs.]

AWW: So, what was the design approach to the characters? With Guy, you said it was motorcycle influences.
FT: The brief, as much as it existed -- this conversation with Foz -- was to create a mixture of modern and medieval that a young audience would find a point of reference with or respond to and wouldn't alienate them. The executive producer who I talked to later about the whole process said well, we couldn't have put them in tights because it would have looked ridiculous and I thought "why?". But the boys were terrified of wearing tights.

The following are my fav of richardsbabe's excellent RA manips.  IMO, they're exactly what doctor Track might prescribe during this lonnng RA drought period.  From strikingly handsome to absolutely adorable.  If these examples leave you hungry for more, you can find richardsbabe's art forum at the RA Central website.

How adorable is the following....awwwww *so cute & cuddly* [the baby is as well*giggle*;]

And the one I believe everyone would agree is richardsbabe's masterpiece.  *to die for..a terminal wibble*

If we want to be perfectly honest about Strike Back Project Dawn, we will admit there is one feature that surpassed the first series. The John Porter version is far better than the current series in every possible way save one - the theme song. 
As always, clever and creative RA fans manage to find a way to kick the deliciousness up a notch..e.g..


Musa said...

Thanks for posting the interview --I love the interview with Frances Tempest, really gives you an insight into Guy's costume and what she was thinking. (Did she measure RA for the costume herself! I would have!) RA is sexier than Alain Delon in the leather.
Also it amazes me that the producers who cast RA thought it would be Robin who would be for the female audiences...and not Guy. How wrong could they be!

Ricrar said...

True, Musa, Ms Tempest made very interesting comments about RA's attitude towards wearing Guy's leathers despite the Hungarian heat. Makes me reflect on the RA interview included on the North and South dvd. Richard described JT's costume and said tiny details like a darned patch on the knee made it feel more like clothing than a costume.

Evidently he places more importance on staying in character than his physical comfort - another sign of a master craftsman at work:)

Hope you intend to enjoy plenty of RAR over the wkend. My rest will finally arrive on Nov 12..post the nuptials. I'm still preparing for 8 bridesmaids occupying our house on Nov 11...along w/the bride, hair stylist, photographer. It's going to be a lonnnng day but a very happy one indeed. I'm echoing the bride's recent words at this point, when she said "I'm ready for this wedding to be over!" haha

Now to wash those stemmed glasses for their mimosas...everyone will start arriving about 10:30am on the big day. Bridesmaids will slip into their floor-length dresses, & help the bride into hers..first hair & makeup will be completed. Then photo time at the house, followed by pics at a nearby historic mansion and then allelulia, the nuptial mass starts at 5pm followed by evening reception. Like training for olympic athletes, I'm envisioning the entire day going smooth as silk but know that's not possible. Roll with the tide will be my mantra when the inevitable speed bumps present themselves.

Well, I've written a tome..thanks for listening - good to vent when we have something on our mind, isn't it:)

Musa said...

Ricrar - I think you are as dedicated to wedding planning as RA is to preparing for a role! Sounds to me like you have all planned for everything and I'm sure the day will go smoothly. But even if there's a little thing here and there that doesn't go as planned, I always think that in life that makes for the best stories and the most memorable moments. I advise lots of RA to recover on Nov 12.

Feel free to vent anytime my friend. :)

I think RA missed his leather in Season 3 of RH. There's that great interview in the DVD extras, was it? about his new costume and how it's based on an "American footballer" and he can only get through the doors sideways (those big shoulders perhaps). I actually liked his new costume, but not as much as the black leather - Ha!

Ricrar said...

Well, Musa, my dear niece is about the only person on the globe I'd agree to allow to commandeer our home for this long w/wedding supplies of all sorts and then monopolize almost every room in the house on her big day with her wedding party, etc We love her dearly and are so happy she's met the right man with which to share her life. BUT, when it's time for her younger sister's nuptials, we plan to strictly guests. Then it will be time for the older sister to take on wedding planning duties:) haha We say that now, but you just know we'll do our best to make certain she has a memborable day as well.

Don't miss the clever RA manips posted above. His fan richardsbabe has a remarkable talent for it, doesn't she. Do you have a fav? The one of him holding the baby is so sweet. Wonder who's baby it really is? *chuckles* Looks as though he might be cooing to the little one "say uncle Richard...come on now, you can do it u-n-c-l-e r-i-c-h-a-r-d."

Sue said...

I've heard that comment about Richard not being able to be prised out of his black leather costume. Gosh I bet he was as slippery as an oil slick when he did derobe. Hope he took plenty of talc with him.

Jonas Armstrong was in last week's episode of Body Farm (reunited with the Sheriff again KA). He was playing yet another angry young man (for no particular reason that I could tell). Not much of a part, but it pays well I suppose. I think Richard must be the only one out of RH that seems to have been overwhelmed with work since his d├ębut. He's really gone from strength to strength, with characters which are very diverse.

I love the pictures of Richard, especially the last one where he is lay down and beckoning (well it seems like it to me anyway). The dog one looks quite cute too!

Ricrar said...

Sue, there's a priceless episode of the series 'Friends' when Ross wants to impress a new female in his life. He wears leather pants to her apartment..after about an hour he asks to use her bathroom, and cannot get the skin-tight pants back up..it's hilarious.

I've noticed the bottom half of Guy's snug-fitting costume in RH 1&2 isn't always leather. Eyes just happened to glance in that direction *cough* ;) Believe either Richard must have requested, or the wardrobe mistress advised, that an alternative material be available for some scenes.

JA & KA together again - did Jonas have his long bow along, just in case?:) How is Jonas holding up since RH?..hairwise I mean:) Not that it realy matters, but he was starting to get very thin on top by RH3. I'd always had warm feelings for the actor, because my mother's family roots (same as JA's) were in Co Cork, Irl. In fact the gggf, who first emigrated from there, was another Jonas. And, one of my mother's brothers has the same separation in his front middle teeth as JA's - Also, all her 4 bros were half bald by their late 30s.

Just wish he was so over-whelmed with future work that we'd hear soon about his plans after TH.

That one seems to beckon all of us Sue:) Yummy doesn't come close to expressing the effect of that fantastic manip. If I was free to hang large posters of another man anywhere I wanted, that one would be either on my bedroom ceiling or on the wall directly opposite my bed. *giggles* richardsbabe could proably make a tidy profit by selling poster-size copies of it.

Richardsbabe said...

Hiya ricrar, I just pop up to say thank you for posting my manips on your blog and for all the lovely comments which I really appreciate. With regard to the "Come here" manip, I have to say it´s a cropped version... Glad you like it. Keep up the good work hun, as I really enjoy your blog. Tons of love,

Ricrar said...

Welcome Richardsbabe, It's truly my pleasure to have some of your wonderful RA manips on my blog.

We're amazed at how seamlessly you've managed to make them look. Everytime I gaze at the scrumptious come hither one in particular, I feel as though I could touch that extended hand. *thud*

Very happy to hear you're enjoying my blog. This RA drought period is causing fans to find all sorts of ways to enjoy Richard even more than they did before. I can think of at least 2 forums that focus solely on either his hands & arms or photos take from the back. Many bloggers are really becoming RA specialists - your clever manips are greatly appreciated as a unique specialty. Keep it up as well:)

*hugs* Ann aka Ricrar

Joanna said...

I should only stare with my mouth agape but I can only laugh madly:D:D:D
Thank you.. *giggle*..Thank you..*giggle*..thank you RiCrAr:)
I worship you Richardsbabe:D

Sue said...


Actually when I saw Jonas I was surprised he still sported the same hairdo he had in RH - short and brushed forward. It was exactly the same, even the stubble!I've not seen him on TV much or heard anything about any other roles on stage or off, although many of the other characters seem to have returned to the stage. (Whatever happened to Richard's plans for appearing in a stage comedy? Too busy I expect).

I loved the story about the leather trousers. RA did mention he wore leather trousers all through drama school (I hope he had a spare pair). I remember when I was in my teens wearing some very colourful and odd denim jeans which were extra tight and stretchy (but not much). I used to have to lie down on the bed to zip them up! (Those were the days!). Mind you I still love my jeans and wear them all the time. I'll probably still be wearing them when I draw my pension. Mind you the government over here is making us all retire later so I'll probably be pushing up daisies long before I even qualify for a pension!

Ricrar said...

Joanna, there are two more of Richardsbabe's manips in the latest post. One in particular has another inviting smile, and he's in bed again. haha Well, Richard works hard...a man needs his rest. *wibble*

Good question Sue, whatever did happen to his plans for a play. It seems RA knew for quite awhile that he'd won the Thorin role but union difficulties delayed the start date - which no doubt prompted him to start making professional plans until The Hobbit was finally a go.

I wear jeans as well Sue. There's such a variety of styles - they can be dressed up with a jacket(prefer black ones in that case) or the traditional more casual blue for walks, shopping etc

Had a good chuckle when you described having to lie down on the bed to wiggle into them as a teen. They must have had the snug Lucas North fit - was he buried in them? *sob* haha he'll live forever in our hearts and especially in our dreams. *please God:)* Sacriligious of me to be praying for a dream about a man other than my hubby, isn't it, so we'll just need to make it a..errr,,,never mind;)
*that's what's meant by "a girl can dream"*