May 13, 2011

Newlyweds Request Philadelphia Cream Cheese..huh?really? + Free at Last Friday--Blogger's Back...Toasting It's Return + RA Spooks Interview

John Mulligan looks as tho' he's savoring something in pic above...not sure if it's the food or his thoughts fastforwarding to his ultimate plans for the evening.  Anyway, if he's enjoying a piece of cheesecake while entertaining those thoughts,  we definitely understand that expression.  

Cheesecake...why out of the blue are you talking about cheesecake, you might ask.  I'll tell you why - because, believe it or not, according to a London newspaper the newlywedded Wm and Kate (or must we call her Catherine now?:) included on their deserted-island shopping list - Philadelphia Cream Cheese, of all things *shaking head in wonderment*


Staying with the food theme...we seem to be on a 'roll'...*chuckles*  In the Spooks7 interview below, RA said he can drive and eat 3 snickers bars at the same time.  Something tells me he could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he's actually done that.  OR, possibly that was all he had to eat those days.  The Snickers Diet...3 bars per day...nothing else.  Can we spread them out in order to follow the healthy 3 meals a day rule:) The following is sinful to watch..

Philly Cream Cheese has a new product called 'Cooking Creme.' It's available in 4 different versions:  Italian cheese & herb; Savory garlic, Original flavor and Santa Fe.  Many recipes available here..

Snickers DARK chocolate….oooh, have never had it..

OMG! See link below for the ultimate sophie’s choice…(perhaps a slight exaggeration;)…Is it possible to choose between a Snickers candy bar and a Snickers Ice Cream Bar (if I didn’t know better, could easily believe this is what’s actually referred to as sex on a stick;) The season of the year is what would determine my decision - Wintertime, I’d enjoy the candy bar more…it’s brrrrr outside BUT in July/Aug when the temps are often 90deg or above, the Snickers I.C. Bar is absolutely delicious…nuts, nougat, caramel, chocolate and ice cream in one cold, yummy mouthful….and then another. You can freeze the candy bars as well for one of those sizzling hot summer days…just be careful to let it defrost slightly before that first bite…don’t want any emergency visits to the dentist‘s office;)

                                      First one looks
 almost as good as......
but not quite as scrumptious as second...


MsG68 said...

Glad to have you back up and running!

I have never seen this interview! How did I miss that?!
Thank you for posting :)
enjoyed the Snickers revelation (man after my own heart) and the all-night clubbing! Never quite had him down for that...the man is full of surprises.

Ricrar said...

Ha! MsG...all 3 of us luvvv Snickers bar...yummy peanut & caramel wrapped in chocolate shell. Haha..we seem to be on a sweets theme today. (see cheesecake to die for above) Ah well, we're actually on a sweet RA theme every day, aren't we;)

I just read the entire article and realized I'd never seen it before either - thought I'd read all of them over the yrs. That one popped up at a photo site, of all places.

RA said a few surprising things beginning with having Richard III at a fantasy party - when did he get bumped by Lucretia Borgia? Would the interview be from 2008? Sounds as tho' it's for his first Spooks series.

He also said Sophia Loren would provide eyecandy...haha..isn't she old enough to be his mother?? unusual choice. Why did he say Sophia & Kate Moss could battle it out?...I don't know anything about Kate M.

He said Lucas North appealed to him due to his complex psychology and then he tries to save the world. When did the latter attitude start to get boring to him or was the downward spiral stricktly the writers' idea. Doubt it's the latter...Richard probably planted a few seeds in their minds to assist the character's spectacular goodbye.

The dancing all night part does sound ideal...then a walk on a beach in the moonlight. haha is it obvious I've been there, done that - years before finally meeting my one and only dance partner for life.

MsG68 said...

Kate M was quite a well known super-skinny-supermodel at the time this interview was written...but she's the polar opposite of a young Sophia Loren with her exotic curves (if that's what he means?) obviously covering his fan-bases various sizes to please all :) noticed he kind of plays a little towards whichever article the interview will be published he has said Nigella Lawson and Dawn French are his secret crushes, that (I think) was in a woman's magazine mainly aimed at more middle-aged ladies...he is obviously an intelligent bloke and either thinks about who he will mention to please the readers...or he genuinely likes the curvier girls?? I like to think the latter....
*as another Snicker wrapper hits the floor and a munching sound is heard* ;)

Ricrar said...

teehee...darn! too late to beg for a bite;)

Didn't Richard in one interview clearly state that he appreciates voluptuous female breasts. Sort of remember him leaving no doubt as to his preference - maybe it was the same interview when he admitted to wondering what it would be like to kiss Nigella after she'd eaten chocolate cake.

This food fantasy reminds me of that great food plus eyes devouring orgy in..was it the movie Tom Jones? Hilarious!

Musa said...

Snickers Bar for me!

Hope all your posts and all comments have been restored to you Ricrar!

Thanks for posting the interview, I hadn't seen it before either - not that I've seen all of his interviews. I'm now dreaming of dancing all night with RA in Budapest, or Zermatt, or anywhere he wants to living room...anywhere :)

I wonder too why he thinks Sophia Loren would battle it out with Kate Moss, wouldn't be for the food! I like the fact he likes older women LOL

Ricrar said...

Only thing missing, Musa, is the RA dessert on a stick poll. Will need to revisit that one sometime soon.

Almost time for new ep of Camelot. Hope Hannah Thornton's hand has healed since last wk;) Is her character Sybil?..believe so..Morgan cried when she decided the nun must be punished. So far, the latter is the only one for which Morgan has shown any affection.

Hope there's plenty of Kay screentime in this one. Peter Mooney would've made a very hot Arthur. Why don't they ask our opinion about casting these roles?;) Actually, they did for Game of Thrones and it appears to be working out quite well, doesn't it?

Ricrar said...

There was no need to worry about Sister Sybil in last night's ep. She's not exactly 'a holy woman' - more like Morgan's sinister partner in fratricide.

We can continue our delectable RA banquet in latest post. Phila Cream Cheese has a new product called Cooking Creme - many recipes included in link above.

I'm planning to post RA's 'porridge' interview above - when he listed some of his fav diet items and other revelations.

Joanna said...

Dear RiCrAr,I send you comment but I don't see it here.What happened?

Ricrar said...

Hi Joanna, I don't know what happened, although we have had blogger issues in past few days. A poll disappeared and never returned.

Did you comment on Richard's remark that he can eat 3 snickers bars while driving?

Which do you enjoy more? The Snickers candy bar or their ice cream treat?

Sue said...

Didn't "Snickers" bars used to be called "Marathon"? (He never did do the London Marathon before he was 40 did he?) I must admit I like Mars bars myself, but they are loaded with calories, but no nuts. (In the choccy bar I mean)Lion bars are scrumptious too! I wonder if RA's BMW is full of discarded chocolate bar wrappers?For very long car journeys I'd advise Richard to try chewing a curly wurly they last longer!

Ricrar said...

Funny mental image, Sue, of the BMW filled w/Snickers wrappers:) I'd be very surprised if true. Don't you get the feeling Richard is somewhat of a neatfreak?..not only about his personal appearance which he probably considers a job requirement - also everything about his life in general. He once said his house is an organized mess but can't imagine that's true...think it was only a joke.

Believe we have a Marathon bar as well as Snickers. Not certain since the S has always been a close 2nd after 5th Avenue candy bar for me...Yum! crispy nougat w/peanut butter layer coated w/ chocolate. This blog has suddently developed a terrific sweet tooth:)

Joanna said...

Definitely ice cream(aphrodisiac:)
Great interwiev,is this your personal finde?
"dancing all night long"-fantastic(I'm alvays first on the dance floor:)
"end up in the river"-only once,with my hubby:D
Next day was....I don't wanna feel it never,ever-from that time I'm sort of taxi driver for my family and friends:)

Ricrar said...

Hi Joanna, sounds as though you and your hubby had a very close call after a night on the town. That possibility was the primary reason I'd convinced my new groom years ago that we'd have a far more interesting time at home each wkend - candlelight dinner, chatting about the wk's family & world events(we're both news hounds) and it only takes two to dance to some lively or lovely music. Didn't take long for him to stop thinking about smoke-filled, noisy nightspots. IMO, an occasional night out w/friends is fun but not every wkend.

Sue said...

I must admit I don't like Philadelphia cheese much, it's very bland. I prefer something with a bit of bite to it.


I'm not so sure Richard is a neat freak, I think he can be pretty untidy most of the time. The sort of person who would read a script while drinking coffee and eating, ending up with stains all over the paper. (My one pet hate!) I remember a journalist saying that Richard did an interview and when it was time to take some photo's went off to change into a new shirt (it still had the fold marks where the pins and cardboard had held it in place). My guess is that he had no clean shirts to wear and simply bought a new shirt instead of washing and ironing an old one. (Naughty boy!)

Joanna said...

Hi RiCar and Sue.
Maybe you have right:)
Greatest pleasure for me is that I know nothing about him:)
Wait,I know that he is inteligent,wise and have wacky sence of humor(S.Loren and K.Moss-I pissed myself with laughter:D:D)
Mr.A is great and he plays on us like on his cello;);)

Ricrar said...

Yes, Sue, I remember the journalist commenting on Richard changing to a new shirt - doesn't that indicate he's rather persnickety and wanted to control the circumstances for the photo shoot. His daily routine for Spooks filming sounded as tho' he didn't have a spare mo other than to work and sleep. IMO, his apparent instinct to try to control all aspects of his career is another indication he has a keen intellect. *makes me melt*:)

Joanna, your plays us like a cello comment is funny and probably is true to a certain extent. Although I'd never believe RA is simply using fans to advance his success. He's proven many times that he has a conscience when it comes to showing how grateful he is for our support of his career.

Whenever a reporter has asked him about the legions of women expressing their appreciation for his talents, he always makes certain to say he's thankful that we appreciate what he does. In fact, during one interview he told the reporter "people hire you when you're popular." He has always sent an annual Christmas message to his an early one he said "I'm aware my success is partially down to you." Is it any wonder why his star keeps rising - I'd be very surprised if his growing celebrity changes him in any basic way. His feet seem to be planted firmly on the ground when it comes to the strong seductions of that spotlight.

Sue said...

I think that Richard is conscious that because he is good looking then it is assumed that this is why he is successful, although casting directors aren't usually swayed by this, but rather their acting ability (but looks undoubtedly are an advantage). I think Richard will feel more comfortable as he gets older and a bit wrinkly as he will get more character roles which will be more fullfilling for him as an actor. In a way I'm sure ageing takes some of the pressures off actors.

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