February 25, 2018

Richard Armitage: Wolverine Podcast Premieres Mar 12 + R.I.P. Alice - Emma Chambers, Vicar of Dibley (See tweets below) + Newcastle International Film Fest/Urban and the Shed Crew(see link) + Pilgrimage to Screen at Irish Film Festival(see tweet below)

Paris interview from Jan, 2018..

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Richard mention in a Castlevania 2 article:  "The Trevor of the show is weary, a little rusty, and not necessarily eager to answer the hero’s call to action. He’s also surprisingly funny, with a dry wit that helps keep things light amidst the gore. Shankar credits writer Warren Ellis’s trademark gallows humor and Richard Armitage’s decidedly not-mopey voice acting with helping make the difficult character likable."

NEWS: Pilgrimage to play Mar 3 Capital Irish Film Fest..

PILGRIMAGE starring and will be playing at the Capital Irish Film Festival this Saturday, March 3 at 9:30pm!


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