January 9, 2010


Hopefully the print size in legible for the following.  Ragtag says it contains a SPOILER...everyone with that aversion is hereby warned:)


bZirk said...

"It's all action, but it's not all action."


"A lot of action films let themselves down by being about the action and not the character."

Oh, why do these two statements not surprise me in the least. Is Richard Armitage in this film? Or what? LOL!

phylly3 said...

I am still reading this book. It's getting quite exciting so I won't read the article because of the spoilers. Will comment later, when I'm done!

bZirk said...

I'm reading it too. Well, I started it then stopped, then started, and then stopped again. But I started reading again last night. Drove our HS girls' and boys' basketball teams out of town for games and had to sit for about 4 hours, so yeah, I started reading again.LOL!

Ragtag said...

Amazingly i've kept up my resolve not to read the whole book but to leave something to the imagination.

RiCrAr have you watched 'The State Within'? I don't remember you mentioning it before. I've started watching it because it's directed by the same guy who will direct Strike Back, and it's such a crackle!

phylly3 said...

Okay. Done now. I enjoyed the book. It was a definite page turner and mostly kept me guessing how it would all work out. I don't want to spoil the ending, but I can say that I suppose that because this book most definitely has some sequels that the film version is not just using the plot from this one book, but perhaps some of the sequels as well?
As RA's character starts out in the story as a street person and alcoholic, I can see why RA would look under weight now after playing that role. Perhaps the first pictures of him all muscled up were taken before he lost the weight and were either for the flash back sequences or for the sequel.
I thought at first this was to be a movie, but if it's in 6 episodes it must be a mini-series. Who is producing it? Is it BBC? And if so, does that mean it won't be available to the North American audiences until much later than British ones? I certainly hope not! :(